Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 2


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And yes reji…itsme_ani.
Hope my story doesn’t bore you all. Let’s go straight into the story.

King Rathore said “Oh, wise old guru I already have taken steps, and since the curse was a mere effect of evil, i think our goddess will help save us. I no more want to continue this talk and for now let us only think about our people’s well being rather than that of the family.” He was the perfect king…kingdom first, family next…

The priest sat down and thought, “King Rathore, you may be happy for now but when your son becomes the pay u will understand.”
The discussion got over. Rathore left with Raina to Amaira. His mind was filled with thoughts… he thought “how unlucky I am. I can’t even give a settled life to my son. Soon i have to find a solution to this problem.”
He entered the room just to see Amaira and Bulbul playing and a smile formed in both Rathore’s and Raina’s lips. Amaira was aware of the curse, but she was also aware of the fact that her husband will never let any wrong happen to their family.

Years passed swiftly, and within a moment 7 years flew away.

In a far away land, during a moonlit night, a big room is shown. A girl of about 18 was lying on her bed. She was sweating badly. Suddenly she got up.

It was none other than our Pragya. But now she is the princess of Chaitanya dynasty, Princess Pragya Roy. Her beautiful face was full of fright. She recollected what she saw…she saw herself holding a wild beast in her lap, and she was bitterly weeping for its death. After that she again saw herself but now with the most handsome guy she had ever seen…to her surprise she also carried a small baby in her arms. This dream was a repeated one and every time she gets this dream she panics thinking of the beast.

Now as this was her usual dream she got used to it. So she wiped her face drank a little water and slept again.
It’s morning now. She is seen getting ready sitting in front of a large mirror. After she finished, she got up. She was no less than the fairy of beauty. She went out and took blessings from her parents.
Here in Pritampur…
Everything had changed. The country had witnessed the death of its mighty ruler and lovable queen. Everyone knew that the Prince had returned, but it had been 5 years since they saw their Prince, now the ruler.
In any event, only princess Bulbul was spotted and she seemed to obey the orders of her brother. Her brother was last seen in an event, where he was presented a proposal to marry the princess of Avanti, princess Avantika.

He seeked the advice of his uncle, minister Raina as his parents were dead just before the day of his arrival. When the proposal was agreed, there was a ball dance arranged. The young king, Abhi was dancing with his to be wife. That was his last sight and no one knew where he went after that.

Ok guys…that’s all for this episode. Actually instead of giving the leads historical names, I gave their own names with slight modifications so that it would be a little comfy to the readers and as well the author and that’s me.
I think it was a bit boring but I will try to give lengthier ones. Bye…Bye. See you all soon.

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