Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 12

Sorry friends for making u all wait. I know its almost been 5 days. I am so sorry. But i have a happy news for u guys. U will get to know it at the end. Guess and then start to read friends. Lets see who gets it correct.
Now, Straight to the episode…..

Vibesh stands angrily. He runs to indran and gives him a tight slap. Mithra fell down. She got up as she gained conscious.
Indran and vibesh were fighting and the king stood there still. Vibesh understood that he could never win fighting against indran. He played a dirty trick.
He bent down and took some sand. He threw sand in indran’s eyes. Everything went black in front of indran. When he opened his eyes…he found that vibesh kept his sword in Mithra’s neck. Vikram, the king, had eloped.

V: ha ha ha… your Mithra is gonna die in front of your eyes just like how my pratya died. Ha ha ha…
I, dont do her any harm. Please leave her i beg you.
V, ha ha ha…i am very happy today. I will not spare her. If you want her alive kill yourself. Ha ha ha…
M, indra…dont listen to him. He is playing his trick. Dont care for me. You have to live. Fight him back. Dont worry if i die. You have to revenge for your parents and pratya. Its not good to die now indra. It would do nothing good.
Vibesh didn’t hear any of these. He was continuously staring indran with rage and waiting for his death. Indran was looking at Mithra for some time. Then…
I, i will do as u say, vibesh. Don’t harm her.
Mithra was keep on pleading to indran. But he never listened. He was searching for sth.
I, dont worry Mithra…if not now, we will surely unite in our next birth.
Saying this, he pressed the knife he had, in his neck. He dragged it from one side to other.
He fell dead in front of her…she saw his life going away from her.

The screen shifts, to show bulbul and purab crying hard, while Pragya is sobbing silently.

Pragya: this is what happened. I dont know what came after that.
Bulbul or Purab had no words. They went to Pragya and consoled her. Everyone’s eyes were shedding tears continuously. Pragya wiped her tears and left from the place.
Bulbul was crying and Purab was consoling her.
Raina: the story doesn’t end here my child.
Bulbul opened her eyes. She saw raina, and went to him…hugged him and sobbed.
Raina: after that a lot of things happened my child.

Seeing indran lying like a lifeless body, Mithra ran to him. Vibesh was devilishly smiling.
He left the place satisfied. Mithra decided to give justice to him. She prayed to our goddess and got a wish that indran will not be born as a beast. But the goddess said that the curse will surely come true. So she also granted a wish that Mithra will be the reason for his curse to break.
Later, Mithra ended her life by jumping in fire as she thought that without indran her life is meaningless and she is really incomplete without him. Vikaram paid for his mistake. He was brutually killed by vibesh. Then, abhirab took over the kingdom. He ruled wisely but vibesh always fought battles with us. For 400 years, vijayagiri and Pritampur were enemies.
Fb ends.

Raina: Only the previous king, RATHORE JALESH VARMA, my BIL, your father, defeated vijayagiri and took it over. You know what happened after that.

In other side…
Abhi is standing in the balcony. He is looking at the moon. Pragya came and joined him.
P: i am very happy to get such a loving soul mate.
A: no, i am lucky to get you.
P: no, it was you who sacrificed yourself for me.
A: even you ended your life for me.
P: you know everything?
A: i remembered it when i was in death bead..

Pragya walked off weeping. He came to her, wiped her tears…and shook his head assuringly.

He took her arms in his. “these are the arms that got burns for me. These are the cheeks which got slaps. Here lies the heart that always beats for me (pointing her chest)”
“no, in front of me lies the soul, ready to die to make me live. What more will i expect?”
Their eyes met. They shared an intense eye lock.

Slowly their lips met too. Soon it grew passionate, deep and intense.

Just then the door opened. They broke the kiss abruptly.
The door closed again. Abhigya became embarrassed.

Outside, bulbul was smiling like an idiot. She was first crying and slowly it changes to happy tears. Purab came and she whispered in his ears. Purab gave her a nice slap in her head “idiot, i said not to disturb them”
Bulbul: No Purab, it took almost half an hour for us to console ourselves. I came to make them better but they were already better. I only made it bitter for them. I will see what they are doing now.
Bulbul went in: i thought to pacify someone but they seem to be settled already.
Purab: shut up bulbul. Di, abhi…Raina uncle is calling you.
Abhigya: we’ll come soon.
Bulbul: yeah, after having their missed kiss.
Bulbul: OK…fiiiiiiine…

Everyone got down.

Raina seeing abhi had tears. After all, he is his son. Yeah, he might be Amira’s son, but he never differentiated between his own child and Abhi. Its true that his family was ruined in the war…but he never felt bad as he got a lovely sister, brother, cute daughter and a son. All this flashed in his memory within a moment. He saw Abhi and Pragya descending down the stairs. All he could do is run to him and fall on his knees. Abhi made him stand on his feet and started shedding tears.

Abhi: is this the way to welcome back ur son??
Raina hugged Abhi the next second. They both got lost in their father son bond.

Everyone (prags, Purbul) shed tears seeing the sight in front of them. Their lips went into a curve while their hands automatically came to wipe the tears.

Raina: i am thankful to u Pragya. you gave me my Abhi, my son back. i owe to u my life and more.
Pragya: no uncle, its my duty.
Raina: i know. I won’t let history repeat again. I will get u married soon and make u the queen of Pritampur, which you were denied before.
Pragya: no uncle…i have a very important duty. I have to save my kingdom and give them their freedom back. i must go.
Abhi: first tell me who was the cause for u to reach here. I will build a temple for him. (he was so serious) this is not just for turning me back to my human form but to make me understand what life really is.
Pragya: i will tell u all that later.
Abhi: no…i want it now.

Pragya shook her head in disbelief and started to narrate…
Pragya gets blessings from her parents. She runs to her brother who is sleeping and splashed water on his face. He got up immediately shouting “idiot,…u will never turn good. Thirundhave maattiyaa??”
They both got ready in their warrior get ups and went to meet their Guru in the forest. They practised all the arts they knew and learnt a lot more. Then they returned back home almost by late evening. When they entered the place, it was so silent.
The atmosphere had a deathly cold silence. When they went to the palace, they came to know everything.
Pragya’s father, the Chaitanya king was lying in a pool of blood. Pragya and Purab rushed to him. He said a secret way so that they can escape. Pragya didnot wish to go but purab gave her strength. Their eyes were red due to weeping. His father encouraged them a lot and got a promise that when time comes, they should save their kingdom. He closed his eyes. They mourned for a long time. They searched their mother but could not find her. They left the palace. But some soldier saw them on the way and her fought with them. It was just a small fight as Pragya and Purab were trained warriors. But the soldier decided to somehow catch them and tried cutting Pragya’s leg. But purab came in btw and got the cut. It wasn’t so deep. However, they fought and escaped again. But the soldier, for reputation…threw 2 dead bodied in fire and said he burnt the prince and the princess. They watched this and ran away.
End of fb…

Pragya: enough?…i am gng.
Abhi: Pragya, must you go??? Cant you stay??? There is no need. I will send Pritampur armies and the kingdom will be yours within a day.
Pragya: no i am leaving. Its my kingdom and its my duty. Purab…???
Purab: sure…your wish is my command.

Before anyone can say anything else, purab and Pragya flew from that place.

Abhi: so stubborn. Let her do what she wants. But i will wait for her.

Here, purab and Pragya came to Chaitanya dynasty. Everything was totally changed. It was a night time. So nobody could see them clearly. They slowly sneaked into the place and went near the first gate.
Pragya: Purab, you know what to do right?
Purab: of course di.

Pragya took her bow and arrow out. She tore a piece from her dress and wrapped it in the arrow end. Purab came with a small pot of oil that he found from nowhere.
Pragya dipped it in there and shot the arrow aiming a particular room. it set fire to the red curtains of that lovely room.

Within a moment “ OH no, the queen’s room is in fire. Run soldiers. Protect the queen and do your duty. “

Everybody ran to that room. Pragya and purab got the chance as now the back entrance was free.
They went in and placed themself in the king’s room. as soon as the fire was put off, the soldiers retired and the king came back to his room while his wife left the palace in her carriage to her kingdom ( for some reason). When he entered, the sight in front of him made him stunned.
“you are not dead?”
“how come Vikram singh?”
“Vikram singh? How dare u call the king by his name?”
“shut up you creep. You back stabbed my father. I wont spare u. Wait for ur death. Dont worry. I will not kill u suddenly.”

But Vikram took a sword and and came to kill her. Within a fraction of second Purab came in between and cut his head off, he threw the body away.

“purab…what have u done. This should not be so simple. He deserved more.”

“But di, i know he was cruel to us, but there would be no difference if we treat him as the way he treated us. We would be no different from him”

“Pragya…u are right Purab. I am proud of u my boy. I didnot think killing him will be this easy.”

“god makes way for those who believe i him and believe themself.”


“dont shout Pragya, i know u can do it, but i cant even leave u for a second.”

“someone is in romantic mood here”

“shut up purab”

“abhi, i have one more duty.”

“i know Pragya, go search for ur mom.”

“there is no need for that”


“yes dear. It’s me and i am only here. Vikram made me his slave for not marrying him but his brother. He never considered me as queen or his brother’s wife. He tortured me. But i know that u will come back one day. Thats why i was waiting so patiently. (tears rolled down her cheeks)”
Pragya and Purab ran to her, and hugged her. They spent time talking a lot. the family had a happy reunion. But missed their father. After almost and hour they consoled themselves. Pragya turned and saw that abhi was standing there smiling.

“i am sorry abhi, i forgot to introduce u to mom. I am so happy. I dont know what to do.”
“no worries Pragya. i know how it would be to miss a family. I am living without them for almost eight years. Dont worry. I am happy for u”
“no beta, u hava a family for urself. Your maa is standing here, ur gonna get a loving wife, u got a brother who will support u at all times. Right, Prarab?”

They with tears in eyes and smile in lips nodded their head.

“Also a father”
“And a sister”
They turned to see Raina and Bulbul standing at the door of the room.
The whole family shared a hug.

After a year,

It is someone’s marriage. The whole palace is illuminated. The world was laughing with joy. The bride and groom are shown and its none other than PURBUL. Abhi and Pragya were running here and there doing a lot of works. Raina called Pragya and she got nice scolding from him for having Virendhar in her arms and still doing lot of works. (yeah, Virendhar is ABHIGYA’S cute little son).

Then everything went smooth. Time arrived and purab tied mangalsutra, and filled bulbul’s hairline with sindoor.

The marriage was over.
And everybody gathered for a send off. Abhigya sent off bulbul with a heavy heart. Purab promises to care of bulbul and says she is no less than his eyes for him. The four…sorry five share a group hug. Purbul ride off in a carriage and the screen shows Abhigya standing with their cute son and waving a bye smilingly.
The screen slowly moves up showing the sky and the sun laughing with happiness.


OK. Thats all for this epi no no…short story. How was my news? How was it? Dont scold me friends. I think some might have guessed right 😀 😀 Yeah, i said i will write till episode 15 but i ended with 12 itself. I think i made so many happy today. If u guys are angry…please do let me know. But dont forget to drop your valuable comments. Dont scold me OK. Plzzzzzzzzz……..
Now, I want to thank all those who supported me.
I want to thank all my friends and the silent readers who wasted your time in reading this 😀 😀 😀
Thank you all those who commented.

Also thank you silent readers. Without u all, i might not even have started this. Thanks for ur continuous support friends. Prathi sis, hari chechi, mukund anna, di, lucky, krishu dear, astra dear, vanshu dear, surbhi di, riya choti, ashika choti, priyanka dear,achu cutie pie, rithu dear, durga darlu, reshma pradeep, reji, lokha dear, sweety, bala sonika, trisha di, emmy dear, monesha dear, shreeya, nirmal, varsha, vaishu, myna…

Thanks friends. Sorry if i missed anyone. Again thanking the silent readers.

Also, a lot of great writers are here. Keep rocking my dear friends. I ended my ss but i dont think i ended my writing.
Thanq so much.

Bye bye???? love u all ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? miss you guys. Dont forget me, OK.

This is Ani signing off???

I also have one more news. I don’t know whether it is happy or sad. So who guesses this??? I will be waiting for ur replies guys. Dont bash me, OK. Keep guessing and do tell me.

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