Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 11

Hi guys…i know i am so late…proving again that i am a very bad lt comer. I said i will post by wed but i am posting it only by Thursday evng. Forgive me friends.

Also this would be a little tragic. So dont curse me for what i have written. I think u will not. But let’s see.

Now, lets get to the episode…..

The episode starts with a girl lying in indran’s lap in a pool of blood.

The girl’s face is shown and it is none other than pratya.
She talks something to indran. He was continuously weeping all the while. She wiped his tears.
Indran was continuously hugging her and crying.
Vibesh’s blood boiled to see his sister like that. He came to them.
P, dont worry indran. I am happy. I may not get a place in your life. But i am dying a happy woman. Happy to die in your lap.

Vibesh became more angry. His eyes were shedding tears. He pushed indran aside and cupped his sister’s face.

V, what happened to u my love. Get up we can go to the doctor.
P, bhai… eve…n u k…know i can’t survive….Then why?
V, shut up. He hugged her and cried. “who is responsible for this state of urs. Tell me, maa. I wont spare them. His eyes were shedding tears while his heart writhed in pain but his mind filled with rage to revenge.
P, it is ind…
She closed her eyes. All others returned.
For almost a hour everyone mourned for her death while indran was sitting like a lifeless statue.
Then, pratya’s parents confirmed that it was indran who killed her as it was the last thing she said.
Vibesh in rage took his sword and placed in indran’s neck threatening him. But indran didn’t budge.
Abhirab ran to his rescue.

There was a huge fight but all the while indran didnot even blink. He was continuously staring pratya’s lifeless body.
I, stop it all of you. My pratya is dead and instead of making her rip…u all are fighting here.
He burst into tears not able to control himself any more. He was continuously crying. Abhirab came to him and they both hugged him crying.
I, abhirab…pratya was always my supporter. I know her from childhood and i cant see the one who was always there for me lying lifelessly…he said between his sobs.
Vibesh also came there. Indran hugged him and poured his heart out. They both shared their sorrows. Finally after all rituals, pratya’s body was to be cremated.

But at that time Pratya’s mom who was not at all satisfied, cursed indran.
“look indran, you might have deceived vibesh and the king with your talk but i know, u were the one who killed my daughter. Whatever may happen, i wont forgive you. You have been so brutal to her. What harm did she do you? She loved you more than herself and is this the gratitude that you show her? I curse you man. U will not have a happy death in this birth. U’ll never get peace and this will not end. U will take birth again, but as a beast, that shows your cruelty. I curse you…curse you. Ur soul will never rest in peace. This Varma kingdom will also never be in peace. Be ready to face all the battles and wars. My son wont spare you all.”

Saying this she committed suicide there itself.
Indran accepted this as his punishment, but he was very sad as he became responsible for the death of two women. He caught the mother’s feet and pleaded for forgiveness. But, she was gone. Indran was full of guilt. He decided to end his life but sth stopped him.

Later, With a heavy heart both the mother and daughter’s corpse was cremated. Vibesh cannot accept this. He left the palace with his father and his soldiers. He was waiting for a time to kill indran and his family.

Next day to pratya’s death…indran was in his room. Reminiscing everything. He was in deep thoughts.
Pratya: “ i…i kn..ow that…you d…don’t love…me. i…ca…not tlk li…listen carefully. Go str…straight into the j…jungle. u’ll reach…reach a water…falls. go through it. U’ll see a torch…just light…it. you’ll get a way that will lead…u…t…to ur…love…”
Abhirab came to him.
Indran narrated everything. Abhirab was taken aback.
A, bhai…dont worry. You go to that place. I will take care of the palace.

Indran flew to that place. He did what pratya said and as soon as he lit the torch, a way opened. He walked through it.

The sight in front of him took life out of him. He saw Mithra…his Mithra tied to a pole with rope. Her mouth was tied with a cloth. Her condition was very bad than that of pratya.
She was standing there unconscious. She was also bleeding. She was so lean, lost a lot of weight. Her dress hung lose on her skinny body. She looked pale, as if all blood was sucked out of her. She had burns in her hands and her face was full of blood stains and tear marks. She seemed as if life was made hell to her. Her beautiful face had lost all its peace and smile.

Indran ran to her. And patted her cheek. He was continuously sobbing, silently. Mithra gained conscious. Indran stepped back and wiped his tears.
“please leave her. I wont do that again. Leave pratya. She didn’t help me. Dont cause her any harm. Do whatever you want to me”

She said all this in one breath. Just then indran cupped her face. Mithra couldn’t realise him for a second, but with his touch, she recognised him.
Indran’s heart pained a lot to see his love in this condition.

She hugged him and cried. He saw how badly she was wounded but she again lost conscious. He took her in his arms, and started to leave the place.

Voice: do you think i will allow you to take her with you?
I, who is this? Tell me. Aren’t you ashamed to call yourself a man? Kidnapping a girl and torturing her to prove that you are a man. Just come in front if you are really a man.
Voice: shut up.
He comes in front and it is revealed to be none other than indra’s father…THE KING.
I, father.
V, shut up. Dont call me father. You lost the right when you fell in love with a maid.
I, father i…
V, ‘father’…my foot. Shut up u idiot. That day itself i decided to kill her, but you saved her in the last minute. Again, i tried to kill her when you kept her in the old temple but within a nick of time you changed her hiding place.

“also i am going to vijayagiri tomorrow, i will return within 2 weeks. Before that, get her killed. Else your bodies will not have heads.”
“yes my lord”
The soldiers move away to show Vikram singh smiling devilishly.
Fb ends…

Another Fb…
“Pratya: honourable king…why cant you accompany us? Take this as your daughter’s plead.”
King thinks, i know pratya u will call me. I was waiting for this moment. As soon as i talk to your brother abt your marriage and the dowry…i will be satisfied.
Fb ends…

I, father…chi….that word doesn’t suit you. You were ready to burry your son’s happiness for the sake of kingdom.
V, yes i am… but now everything is lost…everything!!!!!!!!! if your marriage had happened, i would have been very happy. But that pratya spoilt everything…

P, father (indran’s father…she called him that as he loves him alot) i want to say u sth. Indran is loving someone else. I dont want to interfere in his life. So cancel this marriage.
V, nothing like that beta. You go i will tk care.
Fb ends…

V, But that girl didn’t listen. She was keep on roaming around me and found that i was the one who kidnapped Mithra. She even listened to my conversation.

Fb starts…
The day of marriage,
V, look Mithra…i kept you alive all these days so that you can enjoy my son’s marriage. Just a day, then you can go to your god.
M, do whatever you want but dont try to harm my indran. I am atleast happy that you care a little for your son.
V, shut up. Who cares for him. Do you know one thing, indran is not all my son. I think you remember the previous king and queen. I married the king’s only sister devika and killed them. Devika knew nothing of this. Ha ha…fool. she made me the king with her influence and i took care of their son, indran, as our son so that none gets doubt. After his marriage, i would kill him also, automatically, all the wealth in his name will come to my son as he is the next heir. I was waiting for this time when indran gets married so that he will become the king. If he dies, my son will have no obstacles. And then, i will make my son abhirab the next king. Ha ha ha ha… (he smiled devilishly)
P, king…
V, oh no what are you doing here, pratya???
P, chi…i never thought u were such a creep. I will tell this to everyone. Mithra come with me let’s leave. I will see what he can do.

She started to untie her, but a strong rod hit her head. She turned with shock, holding her head. Mithra started shouting. Vikram gave her (Mithra) a tight slap and she fell unconscious. Then he brutually killed pratya and left the place in hurry to reach the palace in time. He forgot to close the doorway at that time.
Fb ends…

I, i will not spare you. You killed my parents, my pratya and now, Mithra.
Before he cud do anything…vibesh came to that place.

He didnot hear their conversation but seeing indran confronting the king, and holding another girl in arms…he concluded that indran killed pratya for this girl.

He became outraged.

So…how was this? I know many would be angry, so sorry for this epi. see you in the next one. i read it twice and thrice before submitting…forgive me if mistakes are found still coz i am in a hurry.

thanks to all who read and double thanks to all who commented. thanks priyanka dear, trisha di, di, vanshika, krishu princess, emmy darlu, lokha dear, rithu dear, durga dear, riya choti (hope you dont mind) surbhi di, my cutie pie achu, ashika sis and astra dear.
Achu dear, you are too telugu? or do you know telugu? and sorry dear. i cudnt post yestrday. sorry.
Bye bye. And guys, happy news to you all, episode 15 will be the last one of this. Bare me until that alone friends 😀 😀

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  1. Rithu

    I hate vikram Singh the worst king ever..

    1. B_Ani

      thanks for sharing your view dear. its true that he is the worst king ever. lets see what happens to him.

    1. B_Ani

      thanks lucky for ur support 🙂 🙂

  2. Intresting…..Pls update nxt part soon…

    1. B_Ani

      thanks dear. i will try posting soon. keep reading dear.

  3. Amazing ! Ani di , No need to ask me whether u can call like that ! I am happy to be your choti !

    1. B_Ani

      oh, my lovely❤️❤️❤️ choti. thanks for commenting. see u soon in the nxt one 🙂 🙂

  4. Asmithaa

    Yeah me too Telugu.. Yes from a Telugu family and living in TN..

    1. B_Ani

      yes dear. my mother tongue is also telugu. i am living in chennai

  5. Asmithaa

    And wonderful update..

    1. B_Ani

      and thanks for this lovely comment dear. when will u post your nxt one?

      1. Asmithaa

        hmm..that i have many works pending di.. so after completing that i will surely update that.. i think i may update at sunday..

      2. B_Ani

        ok dear. i will be waiting for sunday 🙂

  6. Princesskrisha

    Awesome ani it was wonderful so sad of pratya n mithra wanna see the nxt part soon

    1. B_Ani

      thanks krishu dear. lets see what the remaining story is gonna reveal. i think even it will be tragic. but lets hope for the best ;P ;P
      thanks again. i will try posting the nxt soon dear. when is your B.D?

  7. CuteVanshu

    Awesome epi di…

    1. B_Ani

      thanks vanshu dear. keep reading!!! happy to see your comment 🙂 🙂

    1. B_Ani

      thanks dear. i dont know how to pronounce ur name. can you tell it to me plzzzz.

  8. Astra

    very nice… and ur going to end this???? me too telugu yar…

    1. B_Ani

      thanks astra. and yaa, i planned to end it by 15th epi. that will be the last one. i wont drag it more dear. nenu teluge dear.

      1. Astra happy yar. Inko ff start cheyagane naku msg cheyi.. Ok na…

      2. B_Ani

        sure my dear friend

  9. Super interesting episode yaar really unexpected one…

    1. B_Ani

      thanks durga dear. lets see what is next. and can i call u sissy?

  10. Awesome episode.I was a silent reader but commenting now.Even my mother tongue is Telugu.

    1. B_Ani

      oh, you read it dear. sweet surprise it was. thanks for opening up dear.
      and yaa my mt is also telugu but settled it TN

  11. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. B_Ani

      thanks dear sissy. sorry couldnt call with your name as u are elder. are you ok with me calling you as sissy?

  12. Superrrrrrrrb ani di…..must say wow what a story…only feel sad for mithra,pratya and indran…hope that all the plans of that evil king go into the bin….now it is very interesting di….very curiously waiting for the next part…..u can call me also as choti ….take care di…love u….keep writing……

    1. B_Ani

      thank u so much ashika dear. i will call you choti 🙂 🙂 🙂
      keep supporting dear. and i will post the next soon dear.

    1. B_Ani

      thanks dhiya di. keep supporting and love you di. take care

  13. Honey

    me too telugu luv dis ff

    1. B_Ani

      thanks dear honey sissy. happy to know that u are also telugu 😀 😀 keep reading.
      you r too rocking your epis dear. i read them. they are lovely

  14. B_Ani

    hi guys. thanks so much for this support. as i said already i will not drag this and will end it by epi 15 and will prepond if you wish.
    happy to know many people here are telugu 🙂 🙂 🙂
    and guys…please dont keep too much hope on me coz i may disappoint you. my duffer brain works at times and doesnt at may a times. i will surely try to write better

    1. Please don’t talk like that.You write wonderfully.And continue na pls or i you are ending this come back with a new story …ok na.By the way how old are you ?

  15. superb episode ani dear..feel sad for mithra,indran,pratya and waiting for next

    1. B_Ani

      thanks dear. i will try giving the next soon. keep reading

  16. Honey

    thnk dear,i read all ur updates but can’t comment

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