Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 10

The episode starts…

“look, don’t leave any chance to kill her. Always keep looking for her and kill her immediately if found. Remember, this should be very secret and no one should know this.”
“yes my master.”
“also i am going to vijayagiri tomorrow, i will return within 2 weeks. Before that, get her killed. Else your bodies will not have heads.”

Next day…
Princess pratyanka, is leaving to vijayagiri (actually it was a mistake. In the previous one, i mentioned it as vidaanpur but its actually vijayagiri) to receive her brother, Vibeshwar who is returning after dikvijayam (its a tamil word-fighting battles to win kingdoms to expand their own dynasties)

Abhirab, bhabhi will u take me also with you?
P, oh my pyaari abhi, sure you can come with me.
King, ok pratya its time to leave. Take care my daughter and come soon.
P, honourable king…why cant you accompany us? Take this as your daughter’s plead.
The king first refused but then agreed to go.

Indran visited Mithra frequently. They shared many lovely moments together. Other side, the soldiers were busy searching for Mithra everywhere. Indran frequently changed her hiding place and one day,

M, indra…is this all necessary? I cant see u worried and tensed always. This is all because of me. If i had never entered your life
I, i would have lived a loveless life.
M, then promise me, if not in this birth
I, Mithra…he closed her mouth.
M, let me speak. If not in this birth atleast in the next birth we both should live together, in each others’ solace.
I, i promise. Also, whatever danger comes in your way…it will first face me and then only you. To save you from that i will be ready to give my life too.
M, i too promise you indran. Whatever happens to me, i will always be at your side. The same way, if i can do sth to save you i will not regret to put my life at stake.
They both hug each other reminiscing their happy moments.

A week flew but nothing changed.
Suddenly Mithra went missing one day. When abhi came to the cave where she was, he couldn’t find her. Instead he found blood stains all over the place. He got frightened.
She was nowhere to be found. Indran was searching for her madly. The next week flew in the same way. The return of the king was postponed due to some security reasons and they returned only after a month. For the whole month indran was looking for Mithra but never found her. He wept and wept all day. But nothing can be done.

It was the day of return. Everybody (the king, abhirab and pratyanka) returned. To others surprise, vibeshwar also joined them.

After formal talks and lunch, in abhidev’s room…
I, abhi…mithra is missing
A, what are you telling bhai? Did u search for her?
Indra narrated the whole incident and abhirab got shocked.
A, don’t worry bhai…we will search for bhabhi.

The next day of return, the king made a shocking announcement.

K, tomorrow is pratya and my son indra’s marriage. Let arrangements begin!!!
I, what? but why?

Indran, abhirab and the king had a private talk.
Vikram, i am sorry indra…i have no other way. It was vibeshwar who said this and i have no option coz if i reject this, he will surely take away our kingdom and kill you. I cannot bear that. Whatever happens, nothing should happen to my son. Thats why i agreed.

The day passed like a second. Indran didn’t know what was happening around him. Even abhirab said him to change his mind and live with pratya bhabhi instead of Mithra who is lost somewhere.
Indran was getting ready in his room. He was lost in thoughts of Mithra.
I, where are you Mithra? I cant live without you. Please come back. Though you didn’t return its ok. Atleast let me know that u r safe.
Just then abhirab ran into the room.
A, bhai pratya bhabhi is missing.
I, dont talk like a fool abhi. Its her marriage, she will never miss it.
A, but bhai i searched everywhere. She is missing. No one knows this bhai.
I, i said dont fear. She will be somewhere out. Dont worry…she will be back soon.

Abhi is sitting in the mandap. He is doing the rituals.
Priest: call the bride.
But the bride didn’t turn up. Just then everyone came to know that she is missing.

All searched for her. Indran was left to sit alone in the mandap.
Just then, a girl covered with blood enters the hall. She is limping. Her face, hands, legs…everything is bleeding. She is full of cuts. Someone had stabbed her and she is entering…holding the stabbed knife. Her pain is clearly visible in her eyes. But she was not shedding tears…instead her eyes desperately searched for someone. She fell down unable to bear the pain….but again she stood up and walked forward. While seeing her condition, anyone could easily guess that she was brutally tortured.

Indran was shocked seeing her. He ran to her.

I, oh no what happened to you get up, my dear.

Just then indran’s family and pratya’s family reached the hall after searching pratya. She was found to be nowhere.
Vibesh’s blood boiled after seeing the sight in front of him.

Oh no,…who is that girl? Why is she in this state? Why is vibesh so angry? What will happen next? Stay tuned to know 😀 😀 time to thank. Riya dear, Trisha di, di, vanshu cutie, durga dear, emmy dear, sonika, astra dear, sweety, ashika, lokha dear, prathi akka and achu cutie pie, thanq so much friends. And silent readers if any, hi!!! Thanks for reading 😀 😀 😀 do comment once in a while.
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