beauty & her beast (episode 1)


uys this is one of my fav. Ffs. Written by Angel_B. If u also lyk it thank her.

Scene – 1
There’s a grand palace, with a wide garden and fountain in front of it. Luxurious cars are standing front of the villa. An old vintage villa in backdrop made in marble.
Lots of servants are there in the house, full of artifacts and carpets and paintings and curtains.
Chandeliers worth crores are adorning the house.
A man in black suit enters the house, a servant named Jackson guide him to the hall and make him sit on the couch.
Jackson “You wait here , I’ll let sir know you are here”

Scene – 2
Jackson climbs up a round marble adorned stairs in which he can see his reflection
He goes in front of a grand red door and is about to buzz the intercom when someone sops him
It was Suji , maid of the house and head of all servants
Suji “ Are you mad? Sir is not out yet. He has asked not to disturb him ,unless he says, you know his routine”
Jackson “ I know , but Dr Mehra is here and you know it’s important”
Suji then signals him to leave and buzzes the intercom

Scene – 3
A lavish room with white curtains flowing in the room , big chandeliers and curtains and candle holders. All painted in white and gold.
There was a huge painting of a man sitting in a royal chair and a young boy standing behind him There’s huge bed at the end of room , with royal touch

Clothes of a man and women were lying on the floor around the bed. jeans, t shirts, high heels , black lingerie and bottles of beer
Intercom buzzes
A young man in his 20s’ wake up from under the cover and looks at the watch, he has messed hair and little stubble on his face, he yawned and stretched his beautifully carved body. He was totally and angel’s creation
He is Sanskar Ram Prasad Maheshwari , a business tycoon and bigger Casanova. Girls die to be with him. He is the most eligible bachelor of the town. But that’s one part. He’s the son of a great business man and is ruling the business since very young age. People admire his skills and talent and shrewdness. He does everything for a motive. He is a man whom no one can touch.

Sanskar “Suji, How many times do I have to……
Beofre he could finish Suji tells him about Dr. Mehra.
His eyes widened . He cuts the call and gets up , suddenly a hands comes out of the cover and holds his
Girl “Darling , where are you going , come to me” Sanskar smilingly goes to her and holds her neck “ Darling , don’t you know. Sasnkar Maheshwari uses gils for only one reason. You can’t tell me what to do and what not to. If you wanna come back again. Be a good girl and leave.” Girls was choking by now
She got up collected her clothes and left
shouting “ You are a beast “
Sanskar laughs evilly

Scene – 4
Sasnkar comes down the stairs in a blur jacket and black jeans

Sanskar to Dr Mehra “ How is he” everything is ok ?”
Dr “ Sasnkar there is a good news. Mr Maheshwari is back in consciousness and we are working our best to make him walk and talk . Soon he can come back “
A tear started to build up in sanskar’s eyes but he controlled it and handshook with Dr Mehra
“I will come to see him soon”
Dr Mehra Leaves
Sasnkar “ I waited for you 10 years Dad. We will meet soon”

Scene – 5
A lady doing aarti and singing in sweet voice . she is sharmitha gadodia
She finishes and goes to kitchen and starts packing lunch and arranges breakfast on table Suddenly a girl comes and hugs her from behind She turn around and smiles and kisses her. Then the girl rushes to a man sitting on table and having breakfast and takes his blessings. He blesses her
She was about to leave when sharmistha stops her and makes her sit and eat
They are shekhar and sharmistha gadodia ,

swara’s aunt and uncle Swaralost her parents in a car accident years ago, she don’t even remember them. Swara is shekhar’s sister’s daughter. Shekhar and his wife brought up swara from childhood . They have their own daughter Kavita , who ia almost same age as swara.
Shekhar “ Itni jaldi mai kaha ja rahi hai princess ? “
Swara “ Baba, aaj job interview hai . Mujhe ye jjob kisi bhi halat mai chahiye”
Sharmistha puts her bf o table “ Kyu karn ahai job. Mil jjayegi . itna pareshan mat ho”
Swara “ Ma- baba. Aapne mujhe bachpan se pala hai apni beti ki tarah. Ab mera farz hai na baba ki thpodi mada kar du. Kavita ki higher studies bhi to pur hone wali hai na. Use apna boutique kholna hai. Meri job rahegi to help ho jayegi” saying this she ksse both and leaves Shekhar “ Kitna sochti hai ye haamre aur haamre parivar ke bare mai. Mai chahta hu hamare bad bhi ise aisa sathi mile jo isse aise hi khush rakhe “
Dadi “ han , zindagi bhar hamare sar par baithi hai to kamane de kuch paise ab to. Fir to dahej mai sare paise lene hi hai ise” Dadi did not like swara much.
Swara gadodia , an average looking Marwari girl.

Whose one and only priority in life is her family. She loves her ma-baba and her sister and would do anything for their happiness. Her loss has made her strong and mature of her age. Swara was riding her scooty and was driving fast , as she was getting late for her interview.

Precap Swasan Meet

Credit to: jaf

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