Beauty & her beast epi 6

Scene – 1
Its’ been 6 days since swara was on leave after the incident. Sanskar has himself asked her to take leave and come back when she feels better.
He is disturbed by his thoughts when her design assistant enters to discuss next months magazine cover
Swati “ so sir, what are your opinion about it? Does it need modification or I present it to the team tomorrow”
Sanskar “ it’s good swara”
He then realized what he just said
Swati “ sir?”
Sasnkar “ It’s nice. You can discuss with team. Now you leave , I have an important call to make”
Swati comes out a little puzzled , all the girls crowds her “ what happened?”
Swati “ I think something’s going on between boss and that behenji”
Girls “ are you kidding ? boss don’t even look at her”
Swati “ yean , but he just took her name. he addressed me as swara. I am telling , he has hanged after the night she got kidnapped”
Malini comes there and scolds everyone to go and work , then only Sanskar calls her in
Malini “Yes, sir?”
Sanskar “ where is miss gadodia? And when she will be joining ?”
Malini “ I’ll just confirm sir” Malini calls swara and she says that she’ll join from tomorrow. Sanskar feels relived hearing to it.

Scene – 2
Next morning Sanskar was eagerly waiting for swara, even he din’t knew it why .
“Sasnkar , have some patient. She is your prey, she’ll come . “
He waited for her long day , but she did not came. In the evening , he felt infuriated that she cheated on him, inspite saying she would come she din’t. He asked malini to call her and ask the reason for her absence. Malini informed that she was busy .
He left office in fury and drove home himself , but instead he turned his wheels and went towards swara’s home.but what he saw before reaching her home boiled his blood and rage ran in his eyes swara was hugging Vikram, his arch enemy. Sasnkar went to swara’s room inside and everyone greeted him and offered snacks which he denied. Shekhar told Sanskar how good vikram was, and how he helped his family in past few days. Sanskar was controlling his anger. Shekhar and Sanskar were talking when swara came .she was shocked to see Sanskar there, and the anger in his eyes. She could not understand the reason for it.
Sanskar to swara “ I need to talk to you . alone”
Shekhar and shomi were little hesitant but swara signaled them that it’s okay and took Sanskar to her room
Swara was worried that why he was here and what would he say to her , was he worried for her ? did he miss her? like she missed him all these days ? or did he came cause he is angry? She just could not decide
They entered her room and Sanskar closed the latch of the door behind
Sanskar “ why din’t you came office for so long ?”
Swara “ you asked me to take leave”
Sanskar “ why did you not come tomorrow , when you said you will”
Swara “ baba got injured.. he but before she could continue she saw sanskar coming towards her
Sasnakr holds her hands very tight which hurts her bad
Swara “it’s hurting” , but sanskar does not pay attention
Sanskar “ if anything goes wrong in your life, you come to me, he said it seeing in her eyes, which were terrified as hell. He then takes her duppatta and throws it away, before swara could say anything Sanskar pushed her to a wall from where she could not move and shut mouth very tight so she could not shout for help
Sanskar “you remember our deal right, you break our rules you get punished” he then clears a area on her shoulder and bites her there. As swara could not shout , a tear rolled down her eyes which were red coz of fear “Even if I hurt you, you come to me for relief “ and saying this he kissed the part he just bit. He then wiped her tears and put her dupatta back.
Sansakr was about to leave when swara pulled all her strength and turned Sanskar and slapped him and said “ never. I was right. You are a beast. I will never come to you. Ever. You think hurting me will make you win me . never sansakr maheshwari. I am not your slave or like other girls who want to be with you.You don’t’ know how to treat a girl. Your mother never taught you that “
This hurt sansakr ego bad. The word “mother” woke a beast in him , more than he already was
Sansakr “ 3 days and you’ll be in front of me , begging to me and then you’ll give me what I want and then decide If I should forgive you”
Saying this he left , swara fell on floor and cried her heart out

Scene – 3
Swara came to office , she was exhausted after crying whole night.
She went to Sanskar where a new girl was already taking notes of what he was dictating
Sanskar saw her and said “ ah, miss gadodia is here. Sheila why don’t you type her termination letter , while a share a tea with her”
Swara ‘ You don’t have to anywhere shiela , you please your boss. I anyways came to give my resignation”
Sansakr got furious hearing it , he wanted her to plead to let her stay on job , but she was herself resgining . it was a defeat. He signaled Sheila to leave and then locked his cabin
Saskar again pinned swara to the wall “so you really want to leave this job , which I remember you were so desperate to have”
Swara “ I wanted a job , not a beast to eat my dignity”
Sanskar rembers her hugging vikram “ so I am sre , vikram has arranged something for you. Hsan’t he?” Oh I get it. He offered you his personal cuddly bear job”
Swara felt disgusted and tried to leave , but sansakr’s hold was tight . he pushed her on couch and touched her cheeks “ so if vikram touches you , it’s fine , but when I touch you I am a beast”
Swara “ he is much better than you” Sanskar lost his control and slapped swara which made swara bleed form the corner of her lips , ssanskar then realized what he did . swara left with tears and blood.he wanted to go after her but he dint.
Later that evening he drank too much and went to her home to say sorry for his violent act , but what stopped him was vikram was already there. He was going in when swara stopped him outside only
Swara “ get out of my house. You are drunk”
Sanskar “ I came to say sorry. But I don’t need to. your cuddly bear is already here”
Swara felt disgusted but sansakr was so drunk he could nto walk, so she drove him his home
Johnson ran to take him inside “ I can’t believe he drank so much . he nevr does”
Later that night Johnson to suji “ Something bad I sgoing to happen. It’’s like the last time. He’s breaking again. M worried for the poor girl” suj also gave a expression of fear

Scene – 4
Swara was working in her new office of vikram , when suddenly she got a call . she rushed to the busy market where her mother was shopping . she saw a truck coming towards shomi and was definitely going to crush her. when she saw Sanskar smiling on the other corner of road and saved shomi in the meantime. Shomi thanked him a lot. Sanskar in his signals made swara realize it was day -1 of his challenge. Swara was utterly terrified but she did not share it with anyone .
But that was the day of defeat for sasakr . Vikram has proposed swara for marriage and she said yes. Sansakr went her home to ask about shomi and there he got to know about their engagement to be happening next day. He was devastated , even he din’t know why. Why he felt a sense of loneliness in his heart, as if something precious to him was going away.
Sasnakr then went to swara and hugged her “wait for day -2”

Scene – 5
Swara was shopping with vikram for her engagment next day . suddenly a news flashed in the tv.
“shehar ke jane mane hotel mai , kuch young ladkiyon ko deh vyapar ke silsile mai pakda gaya hai “ and then swara gets a call from kavita “ she was crying , swara save me . I came here for a modellign assignment and they arrested me for.. and she cried badly . swara understood everything
Both swara and vikram rushed to the hotel. They saw kavita there , she rushed to her and hugged swara
Swara “ kavita ye sab kya hai ? and . then she seea sansakar coming form behind
Kavita “ swara, police arrested me in the raid, and I called you. Then only Sanskar was passing by ad he gave me bail. Agar aaj Sanskar sir nahi hote to “
Sanskar “ oh come on kavita. Tum ki swara ki sister ho. Swara meri ex employee hai . Btw tum fashion designer ho na , Why do’t you interview with our firm. We need talent like you”
Kavita was on 7th heaven , she was getting offer form top class fashion house that too of Sanskar maheshwari’s
Police comes ther and asks kavta to do some paper work, vikram accpomapnies her . now swara and Sanskar are alone
Swara “ you are so eveil. You made that raid right”
Sanskar put both his hands on swara’s shoulder “ you are so smart darling and he winks” she winced in pain “oh does my love mark hurts. Ooh lemme see” swara discards his hands , “ you really want me to continue ? you can save your baba
Swara “what are you gonna do now?”
Sansakr “ accept my offer , or wait for it ‘ he left indicating her end of day -2
Scene – 6
It was swara’s engagement day. But she was worried about sansakr. Whole day has passed but he did not do anything
Swara was walking up and down in her room when vikram entered
Vikram “ Swara , I know it’all too fast. But you know why we are doing all this”
Swara remembered the day when sanskar hit her. that was the day when vikram proposed her
Vikram “ swara, I liked you from the day I saw you. You were so lively and fierce. I want that swara back, I want to protect that swara forever. I love you , will you marry me?”
He then propsed this to her family and they agreed to it. Swara was nto sure , but dadi’ taunts and ma and baba’s approval made her accept the proposal. Afterall vikram was a good guy and loved her. It was time to payback to her parents
FB Ends
Swara gives a smile to vikram , when kavita comes and takes vikram away
Engagement was abut to start in some time when vikram got an urgent call. He left immediately. 2 hours passed but he did not came back. Everyone got worried .
They got a call from hospital , vikram met with an accident and was in ICU. Everyone ran there. Doctor declared he had a major head injury and because of that , he got in coma.
Everyone got in shock but that was not end of it
Shekhar got a call , saying a fire has broke in locality of his shop. His heart jumped a beat, swara and shomi stayed with vikram whereas kavita and shekhar went to see their shop. To their surprise both bulidings besides their’s were brunign but not their.
Shekhar informed all this to shomi.
Swara who was stunned by all this activity received a text “DAY-3”
Swara knew who sent , she somehow got on her feet and went
to his home

Scene – 7
She directly entered in his home, he was drinking as usual and sitting as if was waiting for her.
Swara “ why did you do all this? Why are you behind everything I love. Pehle ma, fir kavita , fir vikram and baba. Tum kaise janwar ho. She sits on floor saying all it “
Sanskar comes to her and sidts besides her “ I told you already , all this can end . all this will stay between me and you “
Swara looked at her with her kajal smudged eyes “ what do you want?”
Sasnkar got up and said “ Marry ME . be Swara Sanskar Maheshwari”

swasan wedding

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