Beauty & her beast epi 5


Scene -1
It’s night after swara returned from sanskar’s house and was thinking about the job she has taken up.
Kavita comes in the room and sees swara a little tensed
Kavita “ hey , what happened ? why ar you upset?”
Swara “ Nothing , it’s just some work thing”
Kavita “ share with me you’ll feel better “ swara does not responds to her , so kavita starts to go away when swara holds her hands and brings her close and make her sit beside her.
Swara then tells her everything , how she lost her job, and searched for other but did not got any and so after seeing her parents condition she decided to take up this job with Sanskar maheshwari. And she also told about today’s interview
Kavita hugged swara and said “ swara , you are elder than me , but I never treated you like one. But you know what. I know whatever youll do will be good for all of us. And don’t worry about this job. He’s just a strict boss , don’t piss him off and you’ll do great. Maybe he’s a good man afterall “ she chuckles and leaves to sleep
Swara gets up and thinks “ Or maybe he’s a beast”

Scene – 2
Next morning , swara gets ready to go to her new office. She does not want to be late and hence goes office half an hour ago.
And to his surprise sansakr was already there , before anyone else got to office she went inside his cabin
Sanskar “ morning , miss gadodia. You are very punctual I like it. So would you like to start now or wait for actual office hours to start?”
Swara “ I can start now”
Sanskar “ Good. So your first job everyday is to bring me a strong
cappuccino from the XYZ store” and yeah don’t be late . now off you go”
Swara comes out of cabin and looks at time. It’ll take her 20 min to go and come back , she was annoyed but her level raised when she saw the line in the shop
Swara “ he did it on purpose. I’ll definitely get late” she somehow got the coffe and returned to office.
Staff” oh ma’am , is late on first day and she brings a coffe for her and laughs. Swara do not listen to them and go to sansakar’s cabin
Sansakr was busy on phone and hence signals her to stand there and wait. By the time he finishes the coffee gets cold and he throws it in dustbin
Swara gets very pissed “ agar pina nahi tha to mangwaya kyu?”
Sanskar looked at her in surprise “you are questioning your boss?” he goes near her and then his minds tell shim “ not now szanskar it’s just first day. Hold it “
“miss gadodia, why don’t we move to other work , there’s file room in the basement . I want each file to be sorted according to the year and date. You bring up all the files in the room next door. Sort them and then send back again to the basement . am I clear”
Swara nodded in yes and went to basement and was in shock and her head spinned a little . there were hundreds of files and it would take her day to finish It. “ ,Mr beast , you are doing it purposefully ryt. You are taking revenger of your ego hurt. But never mind . I’ll finish it “ swara starts working on it and she gets
very tired by the end of day.
It was 6:00 pm , so she decides to leave now and goes to sansakr’s cabin to inform him
But she forgets to knoeck and enters to see a girl and Sanskar kissing each other , she suddenly closes the door and rushes out and meets malini
Malini “ hey wat’s wrong ? why are you running behenji?”
Swara still panting “ wo Sanskar, that girl”
Malini starts laughing “ don’t worry . she is laila. Sansakr’s earlier secretary. She left fr US so he has to recruit you.” She sees swara tensed “ don’t worry behenji/ he’ll never kiss you. You are not his type who can satify him” and saying this she leaves
Swara then leaves for her home thinking about what malini said
For coming week , swara was busing sorting the files and whenever she went to sansakr’s cabin , she always found him flirting with some girl or the other. I n fact she has seen almost every girl with him by now. She was feeling relieved that she is safe till now.
But actually , it was something else. Sanskar was laying a trap for swara. He wanted her to feel inferior. As he spent time with every girl except her. he wanted her to feel vulnerable , so that then he can strike his game .and it was working .

Scene -4
Swara came to office today but Sanskar was not there . it’s been 3 days . She asked malini where he was and she sad “ you are his secretary and you don’t know?
Swara felt bad as malini was right. She was his secretary but other people knew more about sanskar’s schedule than her
She finished her day’s work , when she got a message form Sanskar , unknowingly it made her smile
“ I need ahuja and son’s contract file. Drop it at home , when you leave”
Swara was excited to go to sansakar’s house , afterall he missed his teasing for 3 days.
She went to his house and directly to his room , as sansakr has orders Johnson to let her in . the door was open so she just knocked and went in , where she saw Sanskar giving a peck to a girl on her cheek
Swara gets embarrassed and was about to leave when Sanskar sees her “ oh miss gdodia, you are here. Don’t worry , malaika was just about to leave “ that girl leave the room and goes
Swara “why don’t you close doors while doing private stuffs and may I know why you did not came to office 3 days. I am your secretary and you did not even tell me” she kept the file and was about to leave when Sanskar holds her hand and turns her around and pulls her close to him and twist her hand at the back “ did I ask you to leave ? and r u worried for me? You missed me?”
Swara tries to free her but in vain she lowers her eyes and says “ why would I miss you. You are my boss , I just need to know “
Sasnkar brings her more close which makes swara’s heart beat crazily “ r u jealous swara “
Swara was mesmerized to hear her name form sanskar’s mouth for the first time , she dared to look up and into his eyes. They were magical brown eyes. She felt so dizzy and lost in his eyes but she again came back in sesnse with sanskar’s word
“are you jealous miss gadodia, thati spend time with all other staffs and not you?”
Swara reacts “ why would I be jealous , mr maheshwari. I come her to work ad not spend time with you”
Sansakr gives a crooked smile which makes swara’s heart skip a beat “omg, he’s so handsome “
Sanskar holds swara in her arms and throws her on bed and holds both her arms very firnmly “ so you are saying that you don’t care if I come close to you ?”
Swara says faintly “ NO”
Sanskar then sneaks in her nape and his breathe drives swara crazy. He was smelling so sweet
Suddenly she notices Sanskar looking at her lips and she understand what will be his next move, she tries to push Sanskar but all in vain and the she again loses herself in his charm
Sanskar leans forward towards her lips when suddenly his phone rings
He gtes up and takes the call leaving swara still in shock and ecstacy , swara then gets up and is about to leave when Sanskar says “ it was you punishment for not asking me where I was for 3 days “ don’t repeat it
Swara leaves there with a beating heart
Swara reaches home and is thinking about whatever happened between her and Sanskar today evening.
“Why I wanted it to happen . why his touch was different ? why it felt so relaxing ? why was I drawn to him? Omg what am I thinking ? he’s my boss nothing else

Scene – 5
Swara reaches office and Sanskar was there as usual. Form today he has asked her to sit in room next to his and create reports for al his client meeting and other meetings
Late in evening Sanskar called swara to her cabin to dictate her today’s meeting agenda , while swara was writing she did not notice that a stack of files on the shelf was about to fall on her but Sanskar notices it , he runs towards her and both fell on ground and they have an intense eyelock.but then sanska abruptly got up leaving swara dazzled
Their s*xual tension grew between coming days, Sanskar wanted to make sure , swara is comfortable with him for his plan to be successful. He made sure whenever he tried to get close to her somebody interrupted her. so she can feel incomplete.
A project had come up in a city neary and Sanskar had to go for it
Sanskar asks swara to come along with him, swara hesitates a bit as she thinks what will she tell her family
She comes home and tells this to kavita who very cleveryly proposes a solution “ come on swara, date with boss, how can you miss it . you go I’ll cover for you” swaragets excited to hearit and says Sanskar that she’ll come .
Sanskar was hppy as well, finally he gets to implement his plan

Scene – 6
Swara goes to office from where sansakr picks her for the meeting .
They drive off in the car and there is silence between them. Then Sanskar starts to talk about the meeting and it’s details . in the meanwhile they reach the venue.
The meeting happens and the clients are very happy and hence they hoist a prty for the deal that has happened. Sansakr sees swara tensed and gos to her
“What happened miss gadodia? Missing someone ? had a date with bf?”
Swara nods in no “ actually it’s late and my parents would be worried “
Sanskar comes and holds her by her shoulder “ come on, don’t be a bore. Enjoy the party. You’ll reach home safe”
Swara tires to ask sansakr to leave for home but he refuses evrytime and makes some excuse
She then looks at time , it was 10:00pm , she gets a call from kavita that shomi was asking about her and advises her to come back if possible,
Swara now gets restless and decides to leave , she looks for sanskar but could not see him anywhere, so she calls a cab and leaves for her home.
After 15 minutes Sanskar notices that swara was missing , he calls her but she does not pick. She then asks the party manager about her. finally receptionist tell them that she ordered a cab and left
Sansakr gets furious “ are youmad? You let a lonely girl go alone in a cab at this time of hour on this deserted highway”
Wthout wasting time , he takes his car and leaves , he drives as fast as he can
After driving for around 15 minutes he sees a man lying on road injured, he rusehs to him and finds out that he was the cab driver of swara. Few men attacked them and took swara with them in his cab. Sansakr gives him money and asks him to go to hospital he gets his cab’snumber and dials to plice station to track the car.
After an hour police tracks the car and Sanskar rushes to the venue. But there was no one. Car was standing on the road but no sign of any man or swara. He gets out of car and shouts “ swara…….”
He looks around everywhere but no sign . police comes there too
Sansakr” Inspector find her . no mtter what . she is important”
Police “ I understand mr maheshwari. I think they might have taken her in the forest . we should search there”
Sasnakr also comes with them and they all search for the goons and swara
Finally after an hour of search , Sanskar finds a cottage . ther’s dim light inside and suddenly he sees a man coming out of it .
He sneaks near to hut and tries to see inside. There were two man inside and swara was helplessly lying on floor scared and she was bleeding on her forehead . sansakr gets furius seeing it. Without thinkin anything he goes staright towards the hut ad punches the man outside so hard he faints.
He entres inside and seeing him swara rushes to him and hides behind him. 2 men come towards her and he stops them and says “ Only I have the right to hurt her” his burning eyes made the goons scared as hel.. then police comes there too and arrests the goons
Sansakr tell them that he’;; handle tha case and they need not bother swara for it .
Swara sees sansak with scared eyes and hugs him

Scene – 7
Sanskar drives swara home , it was 2:00 am now. Swara was getting out of car when she asks sansakr “why did you say only you have right to hurt me?”
Sanskar leans over her and asks “you want to know?” he leans further and further making swara very nervous . he then unlock her seat belt and let her go.
Swara feels relaxed. In the meanwhile her family member comes out and hugs her. goon have called them told them to give ransom money. Btu sanskr had talked to them and asked not to worry.
They thanked Sanskar a lot for saving her child, while leaving for home. Swara turned back and gave a smile to Sanskar and Sanskar could not stop himself from smiling back

Scene – 8
It was 4:00 in morning while dropping swara home. Suddenly Sanskar gets call from dr mehra
“Heis talking and first thing he said was Sanskar”
A tear rolled down his eyes. He took his car keys andleft to meet hi baba

In hospital
Sanskar rushed to see his baba . both of them could not stop their tears. Ram Prasad was continuously taking his son’s name and sansakr was just acting like a child
Ram then said “ sansaka , something has changed in you. You look happy “
Sanskar “ off course baba , I am happy . I got you back, we are talking “
Ram “ no beta. Something else is there. You care for someone and there’s a peace in your face”
Sansak “ nothing like that baba”
Father and son talk a lot and then sankar decides to bring Ram home in next weeknd
While retuning , he was thinking about whole swara incident . he has never cared about someone before specially a girl. What was so difernt about her
The evil part of sansakr tells “ she will cheat you Sanskar” don’t change” sasakr smiles and wards off his eveil self

Swasan Marriage

Credit to: jaf

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