Beauty & her beast epi 4


Scene – 1
Alarm rings and its 7:00 am
Swara gets uo and gets ready , she is having breakfast when kavita comes to her and whispers “ you don’t have interview what will happen”
Swara thinks as even she does not know
Shomi “ kya khusur –phusur ho rahi hai , chup chap nasta karo”
Swara takes blessings from shomi ans shekahr and leaves for her office
All her way she is thinking about what will happen now. Suddenly while entering office she collides with someone and he is none other than Vikram
He smiles and say s” Hi swara, and you look tensed again”
Swara “ hi , no it’s nothing . btw aap yaha kaise?”
Vikram “ I am going USA for a week, some project to handle . so bas yaha ka schedule dekhne aya tha”
Swara wihses him good luck for his project and leaves . vikram sees her leaving and smiles

Scene -2
Boss – Miss Swara, first you fail to bring interview of Sanskar maheshwari and second you are blaming me of knowing about your s*xual harassment” are you out of your mind?”
Swara “ Sir, mera wo matlab nahi tha. But mai us insan ka interview nahi la sakti , he’s not worth it “
Boss “ what?? He is not worth it? Aap unki worth batayengi muhe”
HE is higly pissed he calls his secretary and asks all the girl staff of his office to assemble in his cabin
Boss to everyone “ Kya apa sab inhe batayengi ki Sanskar maehswari ki worth kya hai ?”
Girl 1 – He’s the biggest business tycoon”
Girl 2 – Any bosy and everybody wants to work with him or atleast have connection with him”
Girl 3 – he is soooo hot and handsome ….. and rich
Girl 4 – if I would have to take his interview , I would do anything to be with him
Boss orders everyone to leave and says “ agar ab bhi aapko unki worth samajh nahi ayi to miss I am sorry. But we can’t keep you with us anymore. You can leave “
Swara was choked to hear this . she had lost her job in a week?
Swara “Sir, Please . you can’t fire me for not “understanding” his worth “
Boss ‘I AM FIRING YOU because you did not complete your

Scene – 3
She comes home disheartened but she does not tell anybody about her firing. she thinks to find another job before anybody gets to know.
She gets a call that night from an unknown number
A girl “ Am I talking to miss swara gadodia”
Swara “yes”
Girl “ we have a job offer for you”
Swara gets excited and asks where and what’s the role
Girl “ it’s at maheshwari and sons ltd. And the role is of Sanskar maheshwari’s PA”
Swara gets angry and replies “ tell you mr boss That I am not interested. Ill die out here but never accept his offer “
Girl “ take your time ad reply us back in one wekk” and cuts the call
she is fuming in ager “ how dare he , how did he got my no? pakka office me kisi ladki ne ded ya hoga”
Girl to sansakr “ she rejected “
Sasnakr “ no worries darling , she’ll accept . give her time. One week won’t be easy for her” and then he kises the girl on her neck and both go inside the cover

Scene – 4
For a week she looked for job but no luck , as news spread like fire that she rejected an interview with Sanskar.
Swara waling on a road “ what the hell. Thik hai bahut bada businessman hai but bhagwan to nahi hai. Pehle uski wajah se meri job chali gayi aura b koi bhi mujhe hire nahi kar raha . it’s been a week aura b to gharpe bhi sabko pata chal jayega, when I won’t gt my salary. Kya karu mai”
she goes to her home and goes to room and sees kavita sitting on her bed worried
swara “ what happened ? why are you so worried ?”
kavita “ swara you know I have completed my fashion designing course now and I want to start my own boutique. So I thought to do some modeling assignment to earn some money before doing my dream job. But it seems nothing is working . either you have to be rich or have good contacts to meet these people who can give me a chance”
swara feels bad for kavita “ don’t worry kavi. Why don’t’ you start working under some designer before getting your own store. This way you’ll have experience and will earn some money as well.”
Kavita “why din’t I thought of it before. Let’s go to ma-baba and talk to them and see if they can help me lend some money for my prototype designs “
Both sisters go to their parents but stop outside their room
Shekhar “ shomi. We had loos this year as well. I needed money for renovating the shop, to attract more customer , with new shops coming each day , they are attracted towards it”
Shomi “ don’t worry shelhar , everything will get fine. Maybe this year we’ll do good. You can take loan“
Shekhar “ I tried shomi , but no body is ready to lend me , seeing my losses. We have to marry off our daughters also. How will we do shoim”
Shomi consoles shekahr and both the girls comes to their room
Kavita sits on bed sadly and starts looking for some modeling assignment ,s wara goes to her “ don’t worry. You keep your designs ready. I’ll give you my salary for the prototype” and then both the sisters hug

Scene -5
It’s morning and swara call the number
Girl “ hello”
Swara “ Hi , it’s swara gadodia here “
Girl “ Hi, hold on for a second”
The girl rushes to Sanskar and informs him dat she has called , he signals her to talk further
Girl “ yes miss gadodia. We are pleased to hear form you again”
Swara hesitatingly “ ummm. Is the job still open. I would really like to interview for it”
Girl “ Ok miss swara , you can come to maheshwari and sons office at 11:00 am for the interview”
Swara sees the time and it’s already 10:00 am andshe does not even knoew where it was and before she could ask that the girl cuts her call
Swara rusehs to get ready and reaches the office

Scene – 6
Swara reaches the offie in time , she somehow finds is and is panting while entering he office.
Everybody is stunned to see her. she was wearing a kurta and salwar and others were in short dresses , even guys were very smartly dressed. People gave her looks , she someone maages to reach the reception and asks about her interview. Receptionist tells her to go to mialin’office
Swara “may I come in ma’am?”
Mailini” Sure , darling come in. she gets up and gives swara side kisses. Swara feels little awkward but reciprocates it. “
Mailini then interviews her and then asks her some personal questions about her family and if she has any boyfriend . swara gets nervous to ehar all these questions
Suddenly Malini gets a call and then says to swara” swara you have completed this round but next round will decide your job here. Mr maheswhari wil take the interview . I will let you know the time and venue”
Swara thanked her and was about to leave when Malini tell sher “ and please don’t wear behenji type clothes. You are working for a fashion firm now . be classy”
Swara leaves from there and goes home and is eagerly waiting for malini’s reply
At around 6:00 pm she gets a text “Reach maheshwari mansion at 8:00 pm
Swara “ itni late , wo bhi apne ghar pe. I don’t’ know if I should trust this man”
However swara tells their parents that she has to meet her firdn and hence she is going there

Scene – 7
Swara reaches the mansion and was mesmerized to see it , but it also gave her some creeps .
She goes inside and sees Johnson there. She gave him a smile but he does not respond.
Johnson “ sir is waiting for you in his bedroom “
And he signals her to come with him. Swara heart was beating very fast “you are stupid swara. You know what kind of man he is . what if no . it’s just an interview and he won’t do snything , relac”
Johnson “ you can go inside”
Swara hesitatingly goes inside and sees sanske talking on phone
Sasnakr “ Dr Mehra, is he ok now? How can you let such a careless nurse near to him. I told you already no lady staff near him, I don’t trust anybody”
Swara was looking at a tensed sanskar for the first time.
Sasnkar looked at her and asked her to sit and then finished his call
He then sat near to swara on the couch and handed her a glass of wine “ oh , you won’t have it. I know”
And then drinks himself , he then asks her few question and swara answers them sincerely. sanskar then gets up ND SAYS TO SWARA “ congratulations miss gadodia. I have selected you for the job”
And they shake hands “but, you have to follow few rules of mine”
1) You’ll always stay with me , unless I ask you to leave
2) You are my PA, hence you’ll do only my job, not of others.
3) Always come to office , No leave
And last and very important
4) Never say NO to me
Sansak rthen goes very close to swara, which makes swara freeze and then goes to her ear and whishpers “else, I’ll punish you. Punish you bad’ and saying this he bites her lobes giving swara goosebumps
Sanskar then shows her the gates and signals her to leave . swara rushes from there and sees a girl entering sanskar’s room at same moment.
Swara was rushing down the stairs when she realized she had missed her phone upstairs. She dared to go there but she had to. She rushed to his room and heard some noises coming from inside.
Sanskar’s voice “ you have been a bad girl to me and now you know I’ll punish you”
swara could not dare to hear more , she found her phone outside the door took it and rushed to her home

Swara’s first day of torture

Credit to: jaf

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