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# BB Part -3
Hey Guys, Here I am with the next part . I just love to write this FF , hope you guys enjoy too
# Angel_B
Sanskar has thrown a private party at his house and his main motive was to insult swara in his party
Swara receives an invitation in her office
Everybody is very excited for the party and swara Is not able to understand the reason, She asks on eof her colleague “Who is this sansakr maheshwari and why are people so excited about it”
Girl looks at her in amusement “ you don’’t know Sanskar maheshwari ?” you live in this town ryt.
He is most wanted guy of the town rich as hell and handsome as carved by god himself “
Swara thinks to herself “why would such a rich man would call everyone for a private party without any connection” and hence decides not
to go

Scene – 2
Party starts and Sanskar was waiting for just one person but even till the end she does not come He calls Johnson “ Are you sure , she received the invitation? “
Johnson “yes sir , I personally delivered it to her office “
Sanskar signals him to leave
He was infuriated and pissed as he lost his chance to insult and take his revenge , but he was not going to stop and soon he got his opportunity.

Scene – 3
A week has passed since sanskar’s invitation ,
Peon notifies swara that boss has called her
Boss “ So Miss swara today is the time to prove your worth in the company”
Swara “ Sure sir, let me know the job”
Boss “ Tonight is a conclave of all business men in town and you have to go there to cover it for our magazine. And yeah most importantly cover the interview of Mr Sasnkar Maheshwari”
Swara “ Sure sir. I won’t let you down”
Boss signals her to leave but then stops her andsays “ Umm , wear something modern ok’ swara was wearing salwar suit and she wondered why he said that
Swara went home to change in jeans and top , she wore a blue denim jeans and a white shirt and put on some light makeup
She informed everyone at home , as she will be late. Everybody has confidence in her , so they allowed her however dadi did not leave the opputunity to taunt her “ Yeh ladki , ek din ghar ki izzat jarura nilam karegi”
But shekhar signaled swara to ignore her and go, swara smiled and then asked kavita also to cme with her. Both got excited and left for party

Scene – 4
Before they could go inside the venue , kavita sked swara to wait and she came back in s hort dress, swara was surpised to see her in that attire
Swara” kavita , ye kya hai ?”
Kavita “ oh come on swara. It’s a big party , kya pata mera kuch kam ban jaye” and she winked
They went inside , guards checked their id
It was a lavish party , lots of press and media , men wearing suits and tux and women wearing gowns and dresses , everyone holding alcohol in their hands and lots of lights and sound.
Sasnkar was standing in one corner of the hall and suddenly someone came and whispered in his ear “ Sir , she is here”
Sanskar looked at entry and saw swara “ welcome Ms Gadodia. Today I’ll get my revenge and donn’t worry it’ll be sweet”
Kavita got few friends of her in the party and hence she went with them while swara covered the party and took few pictures and interviews and now it was time for Sanskar maheshwari’s interview
Swara then went towards the room reserved for
Sanskar, she saw lots of girls standing outside the room and she was confused as what they were doing there
She moved towards the room as suddenly a man in suit came towards her and stopped her
Man “Excuse me ma’am , where are you going ?”
Swara “ I want sanskar maheshwari’s interview” hearing to this all the girls started to laugh and swara could not understand why
Man “Why don’t you wait in the line ?”
Swara “ Line , ? for what?”
One Girl “ darling , we all are waiting to get his interview . we all are journalist like you. But he’ll chose just one”
Man left form there
Other girl “ oh leave it, she is anyways not going to be selected . look at her” they share a laugh
Then swara looked at all the girls , they were all wearing short s*xy dresse and swara looked at herself and thought” oh so dat’s what he meant when he said wear something modern. He thinks wearing a dress matters. I’ll talk to him later”
A man comes from inside and announces “ So today , journalist who gets the chance to get an interview is and he takes a bowl full of chits and pick one and says “ Swara Gadodia”
Other girls feel dejected and they leave

Scene – 5
Swara enters the room , it was a huge hall , decorated with leather furniture and with a large bookshelf at the end and in front of it was standing a man with his back toward her
Swara goes near to him and says “ Hello Mr Maheshwari . I am here to take your interview for the XYZ Magazine” she sees that he has signaled her to sit on a leather couch in the side of the hall
He then speaks “ have a drink” she sees a wine glass kept side of sofa , but she says “ Thank you”“Can we do this fast. I have to leave”
Sasnkar “ oh , so you are more busy than me?” and laughs
Swara “ No I din’t mean that….. my family would be worried”
Sasnkar turns to her and goes near her but swara is shocked to see him and stands up “ you? You are Sanskar maheshwari?
Sasnka rmakes her sit on couch again and says “ Why, I can’t be?”
Swara thinks as he knows her and is smiling as well it’ll be easy to get done
Swara” no . I …… can we start? “
Sanskar ” what’s the hurry? And saying this he extended himself over swara , swara got scared but he picked the wine glass and came back
“So miss gadodia , you want my interview? “
Swara ,” Yes,… Sir (she said that hesitatingly”
Sasnkar “ ok , do me a little favour and you’ll have your interview”
Swara “ and what’s that ?”
Sasnkar points to a door and says “ just to that room and you’ll know”
Swara hesitatingly goes and looks back at
Sanskar and he signals her to go
Swara opens the door to fins a bedroom , with a king size bed in centre and alcohol all around she suddenly turns back and finds Sanskar very close to her . he hands her a wine glass and comes very close to her and bends down to her ear and says “ spend a night with me and you’ll have everything you want”
Swara “ what the hell are you saying? I came for an interview. I should have known you “
Sasnakr “ come on dalring , if you want antyhgin froms anskar maheswari you have to return the favour right “ and he winks
Swara pushes him back and throws the wine on his face and runs from there
Johnson comes with tissue and handing it to
Sanskar “ how did you know it’ll work sir ?”
Sanskar laughing evilly “ coz it will Johnson , these are girls with big ego. And I will lover to crush her’s”

Scene -6
Swara searched for kavita and askes her to change as they are leaving
While waiting someone spots her and comes to her , it was vikram “ Hi , what aree you doing here? Any problem?
Swara gets happy to see him “ Hi, I want to thank you for the job and then tells him why she was here “
Vikram gets little serious to hear sanskar’s name and asks” did you get the interview?”
Swara remembers everything that happened and tell “ no “
Vikram again feels good and says “ Swara, just a advice . try to stay away from the man. “
Suddenly kavita comes and interrupts the two
Swara introduces kavita to vikram and then both the ladies take the leave . Vikram sees them leaving

Scene – 7
Swara an fkavita in their room
Kavita tease swara “somebody was seeing you leaving”
Swara’ what are you talking ?”
Kavita “ bholi mat ban. That vikram definitely likes you “
Swara “NO”
Thn both the sisters engage in pillow fight and laugh and sleeps

Swara gets fired

Credit to: Angel_B

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