Beauty & her beast epi 2


Hey Guys, Thank you all for amazing response to the first part. I know Sanskar is very rude and full on Casanova, but he’s a “beast” remember.
And according to story he’ll change in the end. I have already mentioned before, it’ll be a very intense story, as Sanskar has a dark history
Anyways , so stay tuned and keep commenting.
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Episode 1 Here

Scene – 1
Sanskar is in his lavish Mercedes, he is sitting behind reading magazine and driver is driving.
Suddenly at a traffic light , his car takes a sudden brake.
Sasnkar “ what’s wrong Johnson ? (Johnson is his personal driver)
Johnson “ sir , ek lady aa gayi car ke samne “
Sasnkar “ paise do aur khatm karo . I need to reach there soon”
Johnson comes out of car and sees an old lady lying on road , she got few scratches on her hands and legs and all her stuffs have scattered on road. Johnson takes out his wallet and gives some money to lady and asks her to get medical aid and was about to leave
Suddenly a girl comes running from side and helps the lady to get up and shouts at Johnson
“Aapko dikhta nahi hai , ek bechari budhi aurat ko thokar mardi and then giving her money. Shouldn’t you be taking her to hospital”
This was obviously our sweet and caring swara
Johnsons looks at girl “ We know these people do this stunts everyday just to get money. She got it. Now you also leave young lady “
Sanskar who was waiting for Johnson shouts at him “Johnson , come soon. We have to reach there by noon”
Swara goes to Sanskar window and knock but he does not lowers the shield
So she opends the gate and drags Sanskar out of his car which stuns sansak, he is fuming with anger
Sasnakr “ How dare you touch me? Do you know who I am and how costly this suit is? “
Swara in equal anger “ and do you know how costly her life is?” pointing towards the lady
“ameer ho to kisi ko bhi kuchal doge aur paise dekar sare khun maaf “
Sanskar naughtily smiles and says “I got it. You know who I am and you are doing all this so as a favour you can sleep with me “
Swara slaps Sanskar and looks at him disgustingly
Sasnkar’s anger is on 7th state. No one in his life has dared to even come close to him and this girl slapped him in front of 50 people . he froze like a statue for 5 mins , until swara made the lady sit on her scooter and they both leave
He then looks at her leaving and says “ We will meet again and you’ll pay for it”
Scene – 2
Swara took lady to the hospital and because of that she got late for her interview
She reached the venue but it was already over, she got very disappointed and was coming out of office when suddenly she bumped into someone
“Are you okay ,miss” he picked up papers and saw her resume “so you came here for job? How did it go?”
Swara “ it din’t happen”
The guy asked her why and she told him everything , he was impressed by her honesty and her concern for the lady
“Do you mind waiting here for few minutes. I’lbe back soon” and saying this he went inside
Swara was in a dilemma but she thought if he might do something for this job. She waited for long but he did not came , “you are so stupid swara.. why would a stranger do anything fro you” and she gets up and was about to leave when someone calls her from behind
“Miss swara gadodia , aapko sahab andar bula rahe hai”
Swara goes inside and her interview is conducted and is finally selected for as the associate editor for the magazine company
(swara has done her MA in English literature) she gets very glad and thanls her boos
Boss “ don’t thank me miss gadodia , thank Mr Saxena . He himself recommended you”
Vikram Saxena , Saxena and groups ka standalone varis. Hot and handsome as our sansakr. Both are business rivals and have personal ego issues as well
Swara goes outside and searches for him , but she could not find him.
Scene – 3
Sanskar reaches a hospital , he passes through a large garden where many old people are enjoying and recovering . He meets dr mehra and they both go to a room
It was well lit room full of flowers and books and very sooting environment
Nd on the bed was Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari
10 years ago when Sanskar was 14 , he fell form stairs and got a heart attack at the same time , as a result he went in coma and hasn’t recovered yet, till yesterday when he came back in sense and can now listen to things around but still needs time to speak and walk and be normal
Sanskar calmly goes and sits near to him. He looked very stubborn and rude . he holds his hands and lowers his head and we see a new
Sanskar, a softer one. Tears roll down his eyes and he looks at Ram
“Dad, please come back soon. It’s been too long.
We will go fishing together and then Sanskar remembers his good time spent with his father
And then something else strikes his memory , some dark memories which he has locked away
and then anger rages back in his red eyes
And he looks at Ram and says “she will pay for it. Everyone who hurts me and you will have to pay for it”
Scene – 4
Swara happily comes bck home and hugs sharmistha and shekhar
Swara “ Ma – baba , mai bahut khush hu finaly I got the job and then she explaisn everything to them , her encounter with Sanskar and then the interview and everything
Both shekhar and sharmishtha gets very happy
A voice comes form behind “ aur apni behen ko jara bhi pyar nahi ?” It was kavita , shekhar’s own daughter
Swara goes and hugs her
Kavita “ congrats swara. I knew it . you deserve it sweety” and both the sisters share a laugh It was night and after dinner girls were talking in their room
Kavta asked swara to tell everything about how it went
Kavita “ seems like this vikram guy likes you
Swara “ kuch bhi . he just helped me coz he’s a nice guy. I don’t even know him”
And then kavita teases her
Kavita then goes to sleep and swara remembers all the instances that happened today
She compares the two men she met today
Sanskar and Vikram
Swara thinking about Sanskar “ I hope we never meet again”
Saska rin his room on a call” Great so you got all the details. Send me on mail”
He looks out the window and says “ We will meet soon Swara Gadodia”’
Sanskar throws a party and Swara goes there

Credit to: Angel_B

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