Beauty and the beast (anupre) part 2

Hello everyone! This is aliya back with another part! If you have not read the first part than please do so or else the plot might confuse you. Let’s start!



“Prerna get up! We’re going to be late for school” She hears a voice say as she woke up terrified of who it might be. She slowly opens her eyes to reveal her older sister Shivani, making her sigh in relief. Shivani looks at her worried.

“did I scare you?” Shivani whispers.

Prerna was about to say no when shivani added “and be honest” making Prerna nod yes.

Shivani hugs her sister making Prerna tense.

“i’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to” shivani says as she breaks the hug.

“it’s okay” Prerna whispers as she bit her lip.

Shivani nods.

“well than get your lazy butt up and let’s get ready for school” shivani says before leaving.

Prerna sighs as she grabs her teddy bear and hugs it seeking comfort and calmness.

“i hope he doesn’t show up” prerna says as she then gets up and walks straight into the bathroom, making sure she locks the door.

She comes face to face with her bathroom mirror. She cringes at the sight of herself.

“i’m so ugly and unattractive. Nobody will like me” she thought as she gets her razor and rolls up her sleeve.

She than places the razor onto her arm before dragging it along her arms as blood comes out. Prerna sighs in relief. It had been two days since she hadn’t cut herself and she needed to feel some relief. Cutting a few more times she than went to get showered and dressed.

She decides to wear something loose but comfortable as she wears a knee length dress with tennis shoes and a jean jacket before walking downstairs to see her parents in the kitchen. Hearing footsteps divya and shekar looks up to see their daughter walking downstairs. Shivani comes over as she went to say goodbye to her parents.

“see you mom. Bye dad” shivani says.

“bye shivani, take care of yourself and prerna” divya says.

“and make sure she eats” shekar adds.

Shivani nods as prerna comes over and hugs her parents.

“bye mom, bye dad” prerna whispers.

“bye sweetheart, have a good day” shekar says.

Prerna nods as shivani gives her the bag. And with that shivani drives to school.


Shivani and prerna arrive to school as they wait outside for the principal. Prerna is constantly taking deep breaths. She was scared. Scared to see new people, afraid of what they might say about her. Scared that navin would be in this school and waiting for the perfect moment to grab her and take her away. Prerna was so deep in thought that she jumps up in surprise when shivani places her hand on her shoulder.

“it’s okay. I’m here. Everything will be okay” shivani says. Prerna nods as than shivani’s phone starts to ring. Shivani rolls her eyes.

“it’s mom again” shivani says while taking an exaggerated sigh.

Prerna giggles making shivani smile before answering her phone.

“mom, three calls for my first day is little over-doing” shivani says.

“everything is fine…prerna’s fine. Everything, except a pen, oh my god actually forgot a pen! Okay, okay, I got to go, love you…” shivani says as she disconnects her phone and looks at prerna.

“do you have a spare pen I could borrow?” Shivani asks.

Prerna checks her bag and sighs.

“no. I don’t have any pens” prerna says.

Shivani was about to say something but the principal came over. Prerna quickly sees him and slightly hides behind shivani.

“the Sharma’s correct?” The principal asks.

Shivani nods as prerna looks at the ground as she plays with the end of her jean jacket. The principal looks at shivani.

“my sister’s just really shy” shivani says to the principal and he nods as he understands.

He than leads the girls into the school and into the English room. Prerna’s heart begins to quicken as the principal looks towards the class.

“class, these are our new students, shivani and prerna Sharma. Please do the best to make them feel welcome” the principal says before leaving.

“why don’t you girls take a seat” the teacher says.

Shivani and prerna nod as they walk down the class to see two empty seats beside each other. Prerna sits down and is biting her lip while looking at Allison to see a boy with black hair and light skin turn around and give her a pen. Shivani looks at him surprised before whispering “thanks…”

Prerna turns towards the teacher when a boy with buzz cut hair hands her a pen. Prerna looks at him before slowly getting the pen.

“t-t-thank you” she nervously stutters out.

“no problem” the boy whispers before turning back around. She than carries on listening to the teacher.


Shivani and prerna were walking down the corridor trying to find their lockers as prerna hides behind shivani so that she wouldn’t grab attention from being the new girl.

“ah, here’s my locker. And your locker is over there” shivani says as she points towards the opposite direction where the boy who gave shivani a pen looks at them. Shivani blushes before looking back at prerna. Prerna looks at the boy before looking at shivani.

“do you like him?” Prerna asks.

Shivani blushes, confirming prerna’s assumption.

“kind of, but I don’t even know him” shivani says.

Prerna was about to speak when she notices a girl with dark brown hair coming their way making her quickly hide behind shivani. Shivani looks at prerna confused before turning around.

“this shirt is totally killer. Where did you get it?” The girl asks.

“my mom was a buyer from a boutique back in mumbai” shivani answers back.

The girl smirks.

“and you’re my new best friend.” Making shivani smile.

“my name is shivani” shivani says.

“anjali” the dark brown replies. Anjali than notices someone cowering behind shivani.

“and whose this?” Anjali asks. Prerna peeks over shivani’s shoulders.

“this is my younger sister Prerna” shivani says. Prerna loops her arms around shivani’s as she looks at her.

“h-h-hi” prerna stutters as she nervously looks at anjali. For some abnormal reason anjali felt a calm and peaceful aura radiating off from prerna as Anjali’s eyes soften.

“hi prerna” anjali says.

Just than anjali’s boyfriend Rahul comes over and kisses anjali.

“hey beautiful” Rahul says. Anjali giggles before looking back at shivani and prerna.

“so this weekend, there’s a party…” anjali starts out.

“a party?”

“yeah, Friday night, you should come” Rahul says.

Shivani felt prerna tense as she replies “oh we can’t, it’s family night on Friday…but thanks for asking.”

“we?” Rahul asks before he notices prerna hiding behind shivani. He shrugs it off as he looks back at shivani.

“you’re sure? Everyone’s going after the game.” 

“you mean like ball?” Shivani asks.

Rahul scoffs.

“ball is a joke here. The sport here is football. We won national championship last year” Rahul gloats.

“because of the team captain!” Anjali says and kisses Rahul.

Prerna stood behind shivani, feeling uncomfortable by the scene.

“we practice in a few minutes. If you don’t have anything else to do…” Rahul trails off.

“well, I was going to…” but anjali cuts shivani off.

“perfect. You’re coming!” So after a few minutes Rahul leaves to get ready for football and while shivani and anjali were talking prerna sneaks off to go to her locker.

She than sees the buzz cut guy who gave her his pen earlier and decides to give it back. She walks up to him and taps on his shoulder making him turn around.

“hey” the guy says. Prerna bit her lip as she hands him his pen.

“t-thank y-you” she whispers.

The guy shrugs.

“no problem, happy that I helped” he said.

Prerna nervously smiles as she notices the guy shivani has a crush on.

“y-you’re the g-guy my s-sister likes” prerna stutters out.

The guy looks at prerna surprised.

“she likes me?” He asks.

Prerna nods.

shivani’s crush shakes his hand with prerna.

“i’m Rohan” he says as he shoves his friend who is intensely staring at anjali.

“and, um, I’m Aditya” Aditya introduces but you can call me adi says the guy with buzz cut hair.

Prerna looks at the ground.

“prerna” she whispers. Rohan for some apparent reason is able to hear someone’s heart rapidly beating. More precisely prerna’s heart as he looks at her confused. Prerna notices Rohan’s intense staring.

“i-i have t-to go. Bye” prerna says before she runs back to shivani, who was unaware about prerna’s temporarily disappearance. Shivani turns back to prerna as she smiles.

“come on prerna, we’re going onto the fields” shivani says. Prerna nods and latches onto shivani’s arm as her, anjali, and shivani went to the football field.


The girls arrive onto the field as prerna watches the players get ready for training. Shivani and prerna sit on the bleachers with anjali. Rohan sees her, as they smile to each other.

“trivedi!” Prerna hears someone shout as she than notices a man who she assumes is the coach.

“yeah.” Rohan calls back.

“you’re in goal!” Rohan looks at coach confused.

“but i’ve never played…..”

“i know, score some shots will bring confidence. It’s a first day thing!” The coach states.

“what about me?” Rohan asks.

“try not to take any in the face” coach says before shouting towards the team.

“let’s go!! Come on!!” Rohan sighs as he grabs his helmet and went over towards the goal.

Prerna rests her head on top of shivani’s shoulder when shivani asks anjali “who is that?”

Anjali looks at Rohan.

“him? I’m not sure who he is…” anjali trails off.


“he’s in my English class” shivani answers.

“his name is rohan” prerna says as shivani and anjali glance at her.

“how do you know?” Shivani asks.

“i-i was going to my l-locker and he was t-talking to his friend and i wanted to g-give his friend his p-pen back because he gave it to me in English c-class” prerna stutters.

Shivani and anjali nod before noticing rohan take a ball to his head. Anjali rolls her eyes at him as prerna and shivani watch the scene unfold. Rohan than gets back up as he tries again. He stops a lot of spectacular shots. Everyone looks at him surprised and impressed.

“he seems pretty good” shivani says.

“yeah, he is!”

Prerna looks onto the field to see Rahul coming up against rohan. Rahul tries to scare rohan and shoots, but rohan stops the ball. Everyone applauds, even anjali, but Rahul shoots daggers at him.

“he’s my friend! He’s my friend!” Prerna hears someone shout as she than notices Aditya near the benches applauding.

She slightly smiles as she than felt a presence behind her and turns around to see nobody. She held shivani’s arm for dear life, afraid navin is right behind her. But the truth is, he wasn’t. It was a certain brown-eye werewolf.


Anurag was walking around the woods watching his beloved mate prerna. The fact that she’s an sharma completely shocked anurag. After the horrendous fire that killed his family, anurag taught himself to despise the Sharma’s. He swore to himself that he would never make the same mistake twice. But when he saw prerna for the first time all his hatred went down the drain. By that I mean, his hatred for the Sharma’s has not melted but for prerna, it is. even though he couldn’t even hate prerna even if he tried.

He remembered the first time he saw prerna in the woods with her abusive idiotic boyfriend. How dare he try to take advantage of an innocent young girl! Anurag remembered tackling him before taking him away to beat him up. But turns out that person was a werewolf as well. In fact an alpha and fought anurag before punching him unconscious. When anurag awoke the werewolf wasn’t around as he left. Anurag was outraged in anger.

Calming down he went to find that girl to see that she left. Using his werewolf senses, he was able to track down prerna to a hospital and overheard the doctor telling shekar sharma that prerna was raped. Anurag was shocked.

So ever since than he has been watching over her every spare chance he got and made sure that her ex-boyfriend was no where to be found. Anurag considered it luck that he found out that prerna was moving to London, but also a tragedy since his sister, nividita, was murdered by the alpha. And thats why anurag was here. To find out who the alpha is and get justice for his sister.

While anurag was thinking, he heard voices as he than walks towards a source. He walked to see two guys. One with light skin and the other with a buzz cut.

“once a month?” Rohan exclaims.

“huh-huh. On the night of the full moon” Aditya says as he imitates a wolf howling. Rohan, who was very serious, hits him.

They start to look for something on the ground.

“you’re the one who heard a wolf!”

Aditya laughs.

Anurag looks at them with his eyes widen.

“so he’s the beta” anurag thought as he watches more of the scene.

“it’s not funny, there’s seriously something wrong with me!”

“i know! You’re a werewolf! Okay, obviously I’m kidding. But if you see me trying to melt all the silver I can find it because Friday is full moon” Aditya says as he looks around for something, what anurag assumes was the inhaler he found last night.

“i could have sworn it was there. I saw the body, the stags running…i dropped my inhaler.”

“maybe the killer moved the body.”

“if he did it I hope he didn’t take my inhaler, this thing costs like eighty rupees…”

Thats when Aditya turns around and sees anurag who is looking at them while walking to them. Aditya warns rohan who stands up.

“what are you doing here? Huh? This is private property!” Anurag exclaims.

“hmm…sorry man, we didn’t know” Aditya says.

“yeah we were just…looking for something…hmmm forget it…” rohan says.

Anurag rolls his eyes as he takes the inhaler and throws it to rohan before walking away. Rohan and Aditya leave along with anurag but while walking back to the basu house, anurag once again stops as he hears someone whimper and their heart racing. Anurag was tracking this person down when a girl comes running who he recognized to be prerna sharma, his mate. Prerna sees anurag as she runs towards him and falls onto him making them both land on the ground with her on top of him. She hides herself in the crook of his neck while anurag just holds onto her in a cuddling position.

“p-p-please h-help me. The-the dog was ch-chasing me” prerna says completely terrified.

anurag’s eyes soften at the sight of her as he looks around to see a large German shepherd running their way. Prerna whimpers as she was so concentrated on the dog that anurag saw the opportunity and flashes his blue eyes and growls, making the dog stop and sit down. Prerna’s eyes were covered by her small hands inside the crook of his neck when anurag parts her away from his neck and looks at her face.

“the dog stopped” anurag gently says as prerna slowly uncovers her eyes to see the dog just sitting down.

He than whistles for the dog to come over as prerna’s eyes widen and hides herself in the crook of anurag’s neck again.

“hey-hey. He won’t hurt you” anurag soothes over as the dog comes and anurag pets his head. He than looks back at prerna to see her looking at the dog.

“do you want to pet him?” Anurag gently asks. Prerna furiously shakes her head.

“he won’t hurt you. I promise” anurag says and slowly holds prerna’s hand with one of his hands and unconsciously places the other hand on prerna’s waist. Prerna whimpers as he places her hand on the top of the dog’s head and slowly rubs its fur. Prerna watches fascinated as she starts to smile which made anurag smile.

He smiles as prerna was petting the dog’s head. Prerna felt the man’s intense stare as she looks up at him into his eyes. She couldn’t help but stare at him. One word to describe him was….handsome. with his spikes black hair and brown eyes, prerna sees that he recently just shaved and couldn’t help but wonder what he’ll look like with a beard. Probably even more handsome she thought. Once she realizes she was staring at him, she blushes and turns away. Thats when she notices he was holding her waist. She panics and anurag clearly sees why. He quickly removes his hand from her waist.

“i apologize. I didn’t mean to hold you like that” anurag says. Prerna bites her lip.

“its o-ok” she whispers as she watches the dog runs away.

He than looks up to see clouds forming as he knew it was going to rain soon.

“why don’t I drop you home. It’s going to rain” anurag says.

Prerna looks at him nervously. Should I trust him? What if he’s like navin? Those are questions that are running through prerna’s mind.

“i-i don’t even know you. Y-you’re a s-stranger” prerna whispers. Anurag thought for a moment.

“well, we don’t have to be strangers” anurag says as he walks up to her.

“my name is anurag” he says. Prerna looks at up at him with her big hazel eyes.

“prerna” she whispers.

Anurag smiles.

“a beautiful name for a beautiful girl” he says making prerna blush.

“why would he say that? I’m not beautiful” she thought as she awkwardly rubs her wrists.

“c-can I p-please go h-home now” prerna stutters out.

Anurag sighs but nods.

“of course, follow me” and with that anurag leads prerna towards his black camero. He opens the passenger seat for her.

“thank you” prerna says.

“no need to say thank you” anurag replies as she gets in.

Anurag than gets in himself and drives her back home. There was nothing but comfortable silence as prerna stares outside her window. Keeping an eye on the road, anurag sneaks a few peeks of prerna while she is staring out the window. At first anurag didn’t believe in love at first sight. But once he saw prerna, he was mistaken. She was kind, caring, beautiful, short but not too short. She is perfect to him and he couldn’t believe that she was his. Reaching to where prerna’s house was, anurag drops her a couple of houses away.

“i’m leaving you here so that your dad doesn’t know that you rode home with a complete stranger” anurag says. Prerna looks at him.

“we don’t have to be strangers” prerna says before running out of the car.

It took a few seconds to process to anurag what happened before he smiles and drives away.


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