A beautifull love story -shivika episode 8


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Episode 8

Anika get up and see shivaay sleeping and think when he is sleeping he look cute okk handsome but when he is awake he is still same kanji aankho wala bagad billa but now he look cute and stare him continuesly then shivaay get up and see her staring him then he pull Anika hand toward him and she fell on him and she is top of shivaay they are very close Air can’t pass between them Anika is melt toward shivaay

Shivaay : So Mrs. ANIKA SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI why are you staring me like this

Anika : No no billuji i am not

Shivaay : why are you scared i am your husband and you have right on me to see me and i have right on you

Anika get up and say no you donot have right and smile and shyly go from there shivaay also smile

Shivaay : This girl really mad she love but can’t accpect this

Anika run shyly and unknowningly hit Ishana

Ishana : Ahh anika how’s your first night i am sure my jiju donot let you sleep

Anika feel shy
Pinky also come there

Pinky : what happen

Anika : Aunty vo vo

Pinky : What Aunty i am not your Aunty i am your mom now call me mom

Anika : Mom

Pinky smile ishana tease Anika

Secne 2

Anika and shivaay come to breakfast

Dadi : Anika how’s your sleep

Anika unknowingly

Anika : dadi it is good but billuji donot let sleep me

Anika realise what she said and shivika embrasse

Anika : i mean dadi he hit me with his leg thats it

Everyone laugh at them

Rudra : What is in your cheeks

Shivaay : what is it

Rudra turn shivaay cheek its lipstick mark On shivaay cheek

Anika is shocked everyone laugh on them

Ishana : Jiju and dii its only first day after your marrige and you are very fast

Everyone laugh on them

Shivaay sign anika what is it it anika explaining him in signs put hand on her cheeks but he doesnt understnd than she put hand on her lips and thn cheeks

Shivaay takes wrongly way ( brcuse you gyez shivaay is too much naughty in my ff )

Shivaay : come on Anika in room

Anika embressly follow him nd all laugh on them

Shivika come to their room

Shivaay : Wht are sign me now you do what you want to do i am all yours if you feel shy then i close my eyes then you cn do kiss

Shivaay close his eyes Anika take him to mirror

Shivaay : what are you doing Anika

Anika : i show you mirror open your eyes

Shivaay open his he gets a big shock

Shivaay where this you never kiss me but they stop

In flashback

Anika come to washroom she is all ready to go but suddenly she slip on shivaay and they fell on bed anika lips toych shivaay cheeks and then they have passionate eye lock as always

Flashback end

Shivaay ; What they are thought about me how can i face them

Anika : And how can i


Sahil entry Ishkara love start and a twist come in oberoi faimly

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