A beautifull love story -shivika episode 6

Episode 6

Gyez i think many pepole are not intrested in my ff please tell me if i continue or not and thanks to all who supported me and comment on my ff and all silent reader and i request you all silent readers please give me ur opinion you like or not and llease tell me you want that i write ishana and omkara love story please tell me ya i only concentrate on Anika

Today i have a surpries for you all read

Episode 6

Anika held a press confrence
Anika : Billuji i am very scared be here with me

Shivaay : i am here always for you donot stress yourself you are very brave you know how to fight with world you can do it ….

Anika : Thankyou billuji

Anika hug him emotionally and shivaay also hug her infect shivaay is very happy

Anika : donot leave me alone billuji

Shivay : Never i love you so much

Anika realise what she is doing she break the hug come to stage ( she come very stylish cloths she is doing a makeover )

Shivaay look at her continuesly and smile

Anika come to stage witj attitude shivaay also he give her so much strength

Anika : I would like to thank my mom who is no more in this world 20 year ago she start this compney …. My mom take this compney very much height she become one of richest compney in world but when Mr. Raichand come in mom life evrything got changed he is very cruel unfortunatly he is my Father and i hate her and now i am return Now i am the new boss of this compney

Everyone clap for Anika

Anika go to Mr. Raichand

Anika : Mr. Raichand i tell you not dare to hurt my sister than you see my bad side now you understand i snatch everything from you now you are on road i just hate you

Mr. Raichand : i will surly come back

Anika ; i will seee

Mr. Raichand try to slap anika but some hard hand stop his hand and he none other Anika hero shivaay

Shivaay : donot you dare to slap Anika i will cut your hand

Mrs. Raichand come there ( Anika step mom)
Whole media come there

Mrs. Raichand : what relation you have with Anika You know what society call this type of relation

Shivaay shout : Mrs. Raichand i f you say anything than i will cut you tounge

Media start question to Anika : what relation you have with Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi

Secne 2
Oberoi mansion
Whole faimly watch tv

Ishana is crying

Om : Donot worry ishana there is bhayia he never let happen anything to Anika donot scare

Ishana hug him tightly om also hug her and give her strength

Dadi : donot know what they want my Anika

Tej : mr. Raichand is so cheap i never thought about him like this but he is very cruel and his wife

Secne 3
Press confrence

Shivaay see a temple he goes there come with sindoor (vermilion)

Shivaay fill anika hairline with sindoor

Anika is shocked

Shivaay : Now you got your Answer now she is my wife Anika shivaay singh oberoi Noone have right to Question to her

Reporter : shivaay singh oberoi marry to c.e.o of Raichand industries many time come news of there Affiar but nothing is confirm but now they are married

Dadi rudra omkara ishana smile

Anika is shocked with sudden change of in her life she tought that she is not Anika Anymore she is Anika shivaay singh Oberoi how can he do this with me i want my Answer Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi i want my Answer Mr. Oberoi

Shivaay is shocked with Anika behavior because he know that anika also love him but why she doesn’t accpect she is not saying him billu she is shivaay singh oberoi she is never say this

Shivaay : Anika i can’t see anyone say anything to tou i cant bear this this way i can shut everyone mouth

Anika is crying
They come to oberoi mansion
All is happy because shivaay perpose Anika but now they are married

Dadi : Anika i know its difficult for you but please try to accpect this relation because god make relation not us and your and billu relation made by God and please accpect this relation not for billu for me please Anika

Anika can’t say no to dadi she nod in yes

All are happy


Anika in shivaay room first time after marrige shivika nok jhok

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