A beautifull love story -shivika episode 5

Episode 5

Anika come to soumya and she is blushing very hard

Soumya : Anika di you come from shivay bhayia room

Anika donot respond

Soumya ; Its mean i am right so what do bhayia i also want to listen di what he do with you you blush so hard

Anika : Nothing i am confuse yar what i do you know Soumya billuji humiliate me he insult me and i donot know i love him or not but i know one thing there is something i cant bear anyone say anything to billuji i cant see billuji in any trouble i donot know its love or attraction

Soumya : I know its true love you love shivaay bhayia alot you cant see him in any trouble you know Di…. true love come in life once when love we take it granted but we have to understand this feeling before der na ho jaye

Anika : I think ur right

Whole faimly sit in hall including Anika and shivaay anika isnot looking to shivaay but shivaay look her continuesly
Than one girl enter in oberoi mansion she is very beautifull and wear a Beautifull Bridle lehnga and Diamond Jwellary she come and hug Anika

Anika : Ishana are you alright and what you wear bridal lehnga why and what are you doing here What happen what Mr. And Mrs. Raichand do with you

Ishana : They forcfully do my martige with a Goon and i ran away from my marrige

Everyone is shocked in oberoi mansion

Shivaay : But why are they do forcefully marrige

Ishana : Bhayia because they know Anika dii love me soo much if they hurt me than dii hurt more than me they are doing this deliberatly

Anika in Attitude

Anika : but they forget one thing I am Anika And i can do Anything i will Take them on road i will snatch everything from them because today i am the owner of Raichand industries
3 year ago they do deal with me if i left house than they happily take care of ishana like her own daughter because they won your custody i give them warning if they do anything wrong with ishana i will snatch everthing i donot live them ab maine unki sari tadibaazi nahi nikali na to mera naam bhe Anika nahi……

Ishana : What that tadibaazi

Shivaay : its Anika word

Anika give look to shivaay

Ishana hug anika

Anika to dadi : Dadi i want half day leave i have to snatch everything from Raichand

Dadi : Go and win your fight because you are true

Anika : Thanks dadi

Shivaay : i also come with you

Anika : why

SHivaay : because i cant leave you alone if anything happen to you than what should i do
You accpect or not but i love you so much

Ishana come : dii i accpect him to my jiju you also accpect him your husband

Anika emotionally look toward shivaay and stare ishana

Anika : ishana you became very naughty

Shivaay : my would be sali sahiba say right

Shivaay and ishana give hifi to each other

Anika : okk billuji you can come

Ishana go to other side she hit om

Om held her in his arms they lost in each other eyes

Ishana come in sens

Ishana : Thankyou

Om : its okk i hear about you donot worry everything will be fine

Ishana : thanks and whats your name

Om : omkara

Ish ; okk

They go in other direction

Anika held a press confrence and she announce she is the C.E.O of raichand industry and confess her love to shivaay infront of media

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