A beautifull love story -shivika episode 4

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Episode 4

Shivaay : will you marry me Anika i love you so much

Anika is crying tia and all faimly member
look shocked except om and rudy

Shivaay : please reply Anika

Anika : No i cant do this

Shivaay :but why i can see love in your eyes for me so why are you run from reality Anika you have to confess

Anika ; No

Anika rums from there all members are shocked tia also

Tia : what is this shivaay baby univers donot forgive you what you did with me shivaay baby i never forgive you

Shivaay : i M sorry tia but its true i love Anika

Tia and guest left from there

Pinky : shivaay what is this what you do i know Anika save your life but it doesnot mean you gave her your life

Shivaay : i didnot do this because Anika done so much for our faimly i do this because i love her and i cant marry tia

Pinky : i m happy in your happiness but she reject your perposel

Dadi : No Anika not reject shivaay but she reject shivaay singh oberoi who always insult her who always say her about junk linege blood line If there any good girl she refuse perposel because she love shivaay not shivaay singh oberoi now Shivaay you have to confess her feeling (tumhe Anika se Qubool karvana hoga ki vo bhe tumse pyar karti hai )

Shivaay : yes dadi thats why i love her so much

Shivasy go to Anika house

Shivaay : Anika why you refuse my perposel i truely said i love you but you run run away

Anika : wow billuji now suddenly you realise that you love me but what about my blood line you say i am junk so how can you marry a junk you know what billuji i reject your perposel and firstly your girlfrend is Mallika (surbhi jyoti ) then Tia and now you want to try me i am not like your hifi society i am from middle class and i love to live a relation which never end where only love exist not any compromise you compromise because i save you and now my respect at stalke you know what billuji i have many reasone to reject your perposel and i left from job

Anika try to leave but shivaay pull her closer and ask

Shivaay ; you think this about me you donot realise that i changed anyway you tell me when i come close to you fonot you feel anything

Shivaay come close to anika she start melting she close her eyes shivaay try to kiss on her lip but she move away but shivaay come and hug her from back Anika start melting in shivaay arms and shivaay also observe this

Shivaay : Now say you love me

Anika : No

Shivaay kiss on her shoulder

Shivaay : Now

Anika donot want but say : No

Shivaay start come more close to her

Shivaay : Now

Anika cant say anything she is just lost in gr8 SSO arms she donot want to come in real world but she come in sense and push shivaay

Anika : i quit from job

Now shivaay is angry

Shivaay : you cant Quit job because some day ago you sign on contract paper that you cant quit job until my marrige is done and it doesnot happen jab tak tum haa nahi karogi

Anika : you show your bagad billa attitude and i come but i donot say yes

Shivaay : you cofess your feeling in one week

Sahil : Yes SSO I am with you i know Anika di love you but she is very stubborn she donot say i love you to you so easily

Shivaay : yes i know you dii is so stubborn but your jija is not less stubborn i am equal to her and champ we will meet tommorrow

Sahil ; bye SSO

Anika : what are you talking you are his side leaving your Anika di

Sahil : No di i am you happiness side

Shivaay reach oberoi mansion

All faimly in hall

Pinky : you come with my bahu or not she say yes

Shivaay : She donot say yes but i wonot leave her until she say i love You to me

Dadi : but i think she Quit job

Shivaay : No she cant do this shivay tell to her faimly

Next day Anika come to oberoi mansion

Anika to herself : donot take stress do your work and go to house

Anika see shivaay she change her direction but shivaay come infront of her

Shivaay hold Anika hand and pull to her roon

Shivaay : So Panika now accpect that you love me

Anika : No

Shivaay come close to Anika and he can listen her heartbeat she close her eyes she is melting in his arms shivaay is also lost in her beauty and going to kiss on her lips but she slowly push shivaay and run from there shyly

Precap: Shivika moment and ishana entry

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