A beautifull Love story – shivika episode 3

I am excited for today’s episode before that I want to thank all my friends who supported and commented on my story. I am feeling happier and best seeing your comments. There was days when I was reading others ff and wondering how others would feel if really only read and not compliment and support them. Now being an author thought me how each comment enlightens and inspires us to give much better and lovely episode next. So thank you all and also silent readers too and I will feel much much better if any silent reader also felt like me and starts commenting to all ff’s. So this episode is dedicated to all my readers. Love you all and keep inspiring me.

Scene 1 – In road

As virman left in swara’s car, swara has to go home in laksh’s car. So laksh first suggested dropping her and then going to his home. Swara also agreed. They both got in the car and drived towards swara’s home. The climate at that time was cloudy as it was past 6 pm it was little dark. When laksh was crossing a park swara shouted to stop and asked him to buy her an ice cream. Laksh didn’t agree but swara told him to do as per master says and pulled the car car making it go off. She then opened the door laksh also followed her telling her to give the keys but swara avoided his pleadings and moved towards the ice cream stall. She went there and ordered 4 ice creams. Laksh felt now I know why she is like this. If a person eats like this then no doubt in why I felt her heavy and left her to fall that day. But soon he changed his mind seeing what swara did. Swara walked to the other side of the road and gave the ice creams to the poor children’s sitting in the road. First they neglected but then they smiled and accepted ice creams. Then she asked about them. Laksh was simply standing there staring at swara and wondering how caring she is. Swara talked and played with them for some time. She then waved them bye and moved towards laksh and shaked him to bring him back from his dreamland.

Now laksh himself went to the ice cream stall and bought two icecreams. He hand it over to her and asked whether they can go on a walk in the park. Swara agreed and they walked inside the park enjoying their ice cream and planning about how to make virman confess. As it was late it started getting cold so swara shivered due to cold. Laksh saw her shivering and handed her his jacket. Swara just stared at laksh and wondered how can a sadu show this much care to others. She felt she was wrong in judging laksh. They then walked to some distant and returned. Now laksh felt cold so swara suggested sharing the jacket. First he neglect but the swara pulled him and they both are now near to each other in one jacket. They felt each other’s heart beat which is now syncing same rhythm and eyed each other and they had an eyelock. But it was broken by security who told them to leave the park as it is time to close. Then they drive towards gadodia mansion.

Scene 2 – In gadodia mansion

When swalak reached gadodia mansion they were shocked see the entire gadodia family is sitting in the entrance waiting for her. They had a angry look on their face. When swara came out of the car they stood up at once and marched toward her with angry face. But seeing laksh getting out from other side of the car brought a smile on their face. Swara came towards her family with puppy face but they walked past her and went towards laksh. They all hugged him and asked him to come inside their home. Laksh also loved their caring nature and walked inside. Swara who is still outside came what is going on here look and went inside to be shocked to see the scenery in front of her. Shekhar is waving the newspaper as a fan to laksh, swayam is massaging laksh’s arms and janki is feeding him snacks. Totaling they all are pampering him so much that he could even get high suger and bp. So sweet na. Swara saw laksh’s state and thought to stop them.

Swara: maa, papa, swayam leave him. You all are sweetly torturing see his face.

They all saw laksh’s face who smiled at them. Then shekhar told.

Shekhar: Janki can you smell something burning due to jealous seeing how we are taking care of our son in law.

Janki: haan ji I smell someone is burning. It is because we never did that to her na but he is our son in law and we are taking care of him like our
son na that’s why.

Laksh couldn’t understand who they are mentioning as son in law that’s when he realized they are pampering him that means he is their son in law.
He felt what here also same drama. God where have you sent me.

Swayam: Also jiju must be tired bearing you and your punishment the whole day so we are just refreshing him. Why do you feel jealous in this? Go to your room.

Swara didn’t pay any heed to them she just dragged laksh and went towards her room after apologizing on her families behalf and some chit chats. Laksh went out of gadodia mansion. The entire family cam enear the entrance and sent off laksh waving bye to him with tears. laksh felt blessed to have such in laws.(ps: laksh started feeling for swara.) Swara then gave all a glare and told them to stop their drama and went to her room after dinner. She went to her room and smiled thinking what all happened today and how caring laksh was. She thought that if it was love(ps: swara too feels for laksh) Then slept peacefully.

Scene 3 – At maheswari mansion

Laksh entered his house smiling which is noticed by all. He went directly to his humming a tune. All smiled seeing that. Everyone had their dinner and ap told ragini to give dinner to laksh. After finishing dinner dp and ap went to their room. Sanskar also went to his room planning something. Ragini took the plate of food and went towards laksh’s room. She saw laksh already slept and woke him up making him to eat some bites. Then after finishing he hugged ragini and thanked her wishing good night and slept again. Ragini smiled at his act and covered him with blanket. Then she wished him good night and left from there. When ragini was walking towards the stairs to keep the plate in kitchen sanskar dragged her into their room. Ragini got panicked first but then pat sanskar’s shoulder and gave a angry look. But sanskar pulled her in his embrace.

Ragini: sanskar leave me. I was going to keep this plate in kitchen.

Sanskar: wait ragini.

With that he called servant and handed the plate to him and turned to ragini who is still giving an angry look to him.

Sanskar: oh ho my wife is angry on me. I just want to surprise her by giving her the gift I bought but I think she doesn’t want that.

Hearing the word gift ragini’s face turned bright. She hugged sanskar and asked for her gift. First snaskar refused but seeing her pout face he smiled gave her present. Ragini opened her present smiled widely. Sanskar gifted her diamond pendent with ragsan written in a heart and beautiful pair of stud. Ragini loved that gift and kissed samskar’s cheeks. Sansar gave a pout seeing which ragini smiled and pecked his lips and but sanskar pulled her and that kiss gone wild. They poured their love towards each other and finally he lifecd her carried her to the bed. The episode ends with the moon which is glowing bright hinting us the start of swalak and also ragsan’s love.

Precap: swalak’s plan to unite virman and also some swalak moments.

I hope you all like that. As I am having exams here after I will try my best to give updates once or twice in a week if I got time and also my keyboard is not working as my lap has touchscreen i managed to drag and drop thus epi from my word. That’s it for today and wishes me luck for my exams. Also all the best to all my readers for whatever you all are trying to achieve.

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