A beautifull love story -Shivika Episode 15


Hii gyez i am back with my ff please gyez comment on my ff and i donot know you gyez like this or not but please i request you all silent reader please comment on my ff and thanks to all and now i start Omkara love story also so tell me shall i start omkara lov eor not

Episode 16

Shivaay anika come to room

Anika in mind : I think i tell billuji all truth i donot want to lie to him he love me soo much

Anika : billuji i want to tell you something

Shivaay : yes what

Anika : Billuji i tell you that i donot remember anything after falling from cliff its true but after five year suddenly my memory come back then i thought that you cheat me with tia then i thought i take my revange from u and i come with this intention but when i hear your conversation with tia then i understand you never cheat me please forgive me billuji you away from your daugter 5Year because of god but 1 year because of me please forgive me i donot know how to ask forgiveness from u i cant meet my eyes to u

Shivaay : Anika i always taunt u about blood linege status i always give you reasone to hate me but you always give me reasone to love you you know in all thease six year i live like a lifeless body but its not ur fault its my fault you have no mistake Anika but i am the one who always do mistake donot ask forgiveness i donot know anika what happen that night between tia and me but i know one thing that i love you so much no one can take ur place in my life and that tia never

Then Anika hug shivaay shivaay also hug her shivaay take Anika on her lap and place on her bed and then he also come on bed then he start to kiss Anika on her lips then Anika also kiss him anika hand go in shivaay hair and they have passionate kiss and then they sleep in each other arms


Anika getu up and she shivaay sleepbin her arms then she kiss on his cheeks and try to get up but shivaay pull her close
Shivaay : anika donot go lets sleep some time more
Anika : its already late and now i have ti ready also
Shivaay : Okk but i have one condition

Anika : What

Shivaay : one kiss

Anika :No shivaay its already late
Shivay pull her closer and more close than he try to kiss on her lips but suddenly someone knock on door

Shivaay : Now whocome bad timing he/she come after some time

Anika : let me open the door
Shivaay :No he/she go after some time
Then they hear sound

Mamma mamma dad dad open the door

Anika : Its ur daughter shaitan ke nani

Shivaay : Donot call me daughter that

Shivaay : yeah beta i am come
Shivaay open the door anshi come

Anshi come to bed
Anshi :Dad you also come
Shivaay :Okk my princes
Shivaay come on bed and they start playing
Anika smile to see her daughter and her billuji

Secne 2

Om ; Anshi lets go to garden
Rudra : o i also come

Shivika : Where are planning to go
Anshi : Mom dad please come with us
Shivaay : anything for u princess

They leave

Shivika sit infront sit of car and om anshi rudra backsit
Shivaay drive car and he hit a girl and they shocked

Secne shift to oberoi mansion

Dadi : Now oberoi mansion happiness is back i am great grand mother now i wish to see om and rudra child and i wish someone come in their life

Jhanvi : Donot worry mummyji someone surly come we donot know she come

Pinky : I want to ask you something i have a Rishta for prinku

Jhanvi : who is he which faimly he belong

Dadi : Tell pinky

Pinky: Actually mummy ji its Anika brother vihaan Malhotra he is handsome mature and big buisnessman we can talk for prinku marrige

Dadi : Yeah you are right pinky i talk to Anika about this matter

Secne shift shivika
Shivaay om rudra Anika come out of car
Om turn.girl and he is shocked to see her

Who is this girl and Anika past and shivika moment

Gyez guss who is this girl tell me through comment

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  1. Jazz1

    Good one

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    Shivika romantic moment is superrrrrrrrrr

  3. Gayathri.visu

    Hi, Rithik. I’m a silent reader.. I like your ff and good going. Keep it up….so start om’s love story plz…plz…….And update soon.

  4. Ishqkum

    Wow super Dr excited for next one .shivika scene awesome

  5. I love father and daughter relationship u showed very lovely in ur ff????. I like ur ff so much keep going and I hope u post next episode asap????

  6. Awesome shivika moments..I think the girl is ishana

  7. Nansshivika

    Its awesome rithik loved shivika scenes and anshi too waiting for ta next part don’t know its ishana or not but I think we should move on as vrushika is out of ta show its upto u rithik episode rocks

  8. Ayath

    its awesome rithik..shivika was superb

  9. Razna

    Its Very nice rithik….thanku for such beautiful episode…and shivika part was awsome……and plZzz update upcoming episodes fastly……..
    And waiting for oms love story also….

  10. Akshaya

    Continue yaar. Loved that shaitan ki nani

  11. i simply luved it

  12. Nice episode…. I think the girl is ishana …. Waiting for next episode…. update new episode ASAP…….

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