A beautifull love story -shivika episode 13


Hii i am back with my ff please gyez tell me you like this twist or not because here too much episode of shivika love story so i want to a Love revange track how’ s it please tell me in comments

Episode 14

Shivaay anika take round around the fire and then shivaay put mangalsutra in Anika and then he is not intrested in marrige with tia he start remember his and Anika marrige how he put vermilion in Anika hairline then he put vermilion in Anika hairline without see her

Pandit : from today you both are husband and wife

ALL faimly member shocked to see Anika in place of tia All are shocked tia come running from behind

TIA : who the hell is she

Anika turn toward tia tia is shocked to see anika

Shivaay cant utter a word he have mix feeling emotion joy happines sad love

Rudra: anika di is back its mean shivaay bhayia is right

Om : yeah shivaay your trust won your love won
Dadi : My anika is back i am soo happy today where are you my child we all felt that you are

Anika complete sentence and say : Dead

Dadi : yeahh beta but my billu never Believe that you are dead

Anika :I know how can my billuji believe that i am dead because he love me so much am i right shivay singh oberoi

Shivaay : yes Anika i love you so much where are you i found you in every country every city but you donot me i loce you so much how can you stay away from me all thease years

Anika : Actually billuji When i fall from.cliff after six month i come to out of coma


Anika come out of coma she come to know that she is pregnent i donot know who i am then A man come doctor take him outside

Doctor : I think she lost her memory

Vihaan : but doctor i found her in forest and. I dono know where she belong
Doctor : If we tell her now than she lost her life we cant tell her to this her
Vihaan :i lost my sister in a accident now she come as a my sister
Vihan come inside and tell her that she is my sister …. she have a accident so she lost her memory

Anika : where is my husband

Vihaan :He go out of station

Aniak: okk
After six month Anika gave birth to a girl

Then i as Naina malhotra and anshi start to live with vihan
Flashback ends
After six year i back my memory then we come here and i got to know that you are going to married with tia then i broke so i thought that you wait for me six year then i go to tia room and i hi t. On her head and come in place of tia because its my right

Is anika saying truth ya its a trap for oberoi and shivaay and Anshi entry

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  1. I am waiting for ur ff and I loved it.???.I hope u can post next episode asap

  2. Ishqkum

    Plz update next ASAP I loved it

  3. Nansshivika

    So short yaar but it’s very interesting and fab

  4. Nida

    It’s great and interesting

  5. Really rithik very very interesting ff????

  6. Priyanka_22

    no no no plzzzzz
    no revenge track rithik
    plz clear all misundrstandingz bw dem

  7. Awesome…but vry vry short..can’t wait plzzzzz updates fast

  8. Tulasi

    Hey dear…intrestnggggg….i luvd d twist a lottt….suprrb yaar

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