A beautifull love story -shivika episode 12


Hii gyez today i have much time i cant pass so i woll write 2 episode for you and i know you all feel its like jab tak hai jaan but no gyez its a diffrent story and you gyez see in this episode and yeah i alsp want to tell you that i love so much jab tak hai jaa ff and continue i think its ff Maya and pragya continue its really superb

Episode 12

Naina : you know why cant she go there because there shivaay singh oberoi and i want to go alone but now i have to go with her and you know i am going there to destroy shivaay singh oberoi and i burn in revenge of fire all six years my daughter live without father i never forgive him he is my culprit and i want to punish him

she walk from there

vihaan : I know Anika you say what you want but your heart donot believe what you saw 6 years ago and your reavenge cant fulfil because you love him soo much

Secne 2

Naina Anshi and vihaan land in Mumbai

Naina : After so many year but here nothing change this city have something in it when first time i came here for my dreams with pain and today i also come with pain but for Revange
Anshi : Mumma its beautifull

Naina smile to her

They go to hotel

Secne 3

Shivaay sit Quitely in his room and Some lady come

Shivaay : Why you come here you know i donot like Anyone come my room without knock

Its tia

Tia : shivaay baby why are you shouting me

Shivaay : Donot call me that

Tia : What

Shivaay : shivaay baby you know we have no relation u are only my responsiblity and nothing more i donot know what happen to that night what not but in my life strome come and everything go in my life without my knowledge

Tia : Donot stress yourself shivaay baby you know i donot like yu upset i know you accpect me someday

Shivaay : It cant happen because in my heart always Anika not in this birth she is in all birth she is only mine and none can take her place she is precious to me

Tia in mind : you can say what you want but she never come i send her to god house now she cant come and tommorrow is our marrige and after that everything belong to me

Shivaay : I marry you only for my mom happiness it doesnot mean that i forget Anika and i love you

Tia in mind :Who want your love i want only your money

Shivaay go to Office and Naina also come there

Shivaay start meeting with vihaan

Vihaan show his degians and shivaay like them

Vihaan : So yu read and sign on this perposel

Shivaay start to read but Naina come to infront of him suddenly he see naina but than she disappear …..

Vihaan : Mr. Oberoi what happen

Shivaay : Nothing and he sign on paper without reading

Next day

Tia go to his room and start to ready for his marrige but suddenly someone attack on her head and she falls unconsious and she is naina

Pinky ; Oh my mata my bahu is so Sanskari ahe hide her face behind duppatta and now my shivaay find like our standard girl not Like cheap roadside girl Anika yu know tia my shivaay is diamond and vo Anika is roadside darbage

Naina node in yes

She come to mandap and sit beside shivaay

Shivaay lift her duppatta and without see Fill her hairline with verminlion and then see he is shocked to see Anika and also all faimly member

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  1. Wowwwww????
    precap is awesome

  2. Razna

    Its very nice rithiq….and now we can witness anika ki revenge!!!!!….keep it up…..

  3. Precap nice

  4. Akshaya

    Wow awesome. Your ff is catching fire

  5. Ishqkum

    Wow that’s so nice

  6. Nida

    Uf uf uf fire ? fire ? it’s amazing great ? best superb

  7. Nithu

    Omg lovely…wonderfull…a sweet revenge love story…

  8. Nansshivika

    Hey u made a new turn and i am SK impressed its so interesting writing for the next part

  9. Mukta

    Shocking but the precap is just awesome!!!

  10. Jazz1

    Awesome. Looks like in next episode something will surely explode don’t know what but have feelings that something big will happen

  11. Wt about Anshi???will she meet her dad????

  12. Rithik

    You can see in next episode

  13. Anusree

    Awesome ff yaar by the way I am a silent reader first time commenting on some ff as this one is really awesome just luving it

    1. Rithik

      Thankyou so much please comment gyez its really encourage and its mean alot

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