A beautifull love story -shivika episode 11


Hii gyez i am back with seasone 2 as many pepole say that i donot change my ff name so i donot change it reamin A beautifull love story -shivika and thanks to all you likes my promo and all silent reader i request you all please comment on my ff

Episode 11

6 year leap

Shivaay talk to Anika Photo on full wall and her room full of Aniks photos
Shivaay : 6 year Anika its enough you give me punishment of sin which i didnt do why Anika please come back but i know its also my mistake i always taunt you i always say you that you roadside cheap middle class but please Now i regret please comeback Anika i search you in every country i beg you Anika come back

Om come to shivaay room

Om : Shivaay please donot give punishment to yourself its fate game it doesnt your hand After what tia do with you and Anika and now you have to Understand That Anika is No more in this world

Shivaay : Om i know Anika is alive and i will found her and Om please its not tia mistake she misunderstood us but its my responsibility to understand her but i didnt do this

Shivaay get up from bed and he go behind Anika

Shivaay ; Anika please listen to me i donot know how this happen you know me right

Anika : I believe you but what i see today now i know you are cheater shivaay singh oberoi i never show you my face

And she run away shivaay also run behind her but A truck hit her and she roll down to the cliff …

Shivaay is shocked and go behind her he and police found her everywhere but she didnt find nor she no her body

Flashback End

Om : But now you have to understamd that she is no more in this world

Shivaay : I know she is alive

Secne 2


A big building shown Malhotras

A lady come out of car and then gaurd inform staff that mam arrive

Suhana (secretry) inform all staff get back to ur work if you donot have any work then sit act like you do any work All sit and start work

Lady Enter in office

Suhana and all greet her but she go straight to her cabin and noe her face is shown her face similar to Anika singh oberoi and suhana enter in office

Suhana ; Mam we have go to India tommorrow we have urgent meeting there and they say please be on time so we have to board flight today

Lady ; I am Naina malhotra and i do what i want i donot hear anyone and you get it go from here

Suhana left then A six year old girl Enter in Naina cabin

She shout mumma mumaai donot know i want to meet mumma and break her phone

Naina come here Anshi why are you shouting come Here Anshi

Anshi : I donot know Anything i want to meet my dad today in school everyone tease me that i have not Any dad please i want to meet i donot know Anything

Naina : Shut up Anshi i have many work and i board a flight to india i habe many work so please be Quit

Anshi ; Mumma when i ask you this Question why you alway go quite

And then Vihaan enter

Vihaan : We all go to india you also want to go india i am right Anshi

Anshi : Yeah mamu i also want

Vihaan : So go and pack your bag

Anshi go

Naina : Why you say her about india she cant come and you know why

What happen to Anika . is naina is Anika ya Anika is really dead all mystery open in next episode

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  1. Priyali

    too much suspense rithik… loved it. pls pls update nxt part asap

  2. Nithu

    Dnt feel bad its some what similar to jab tak hein jaan…but i really njoyed ua ff…its too gud..

    1. Rithik

      Its starting and i think you can get many thing similar to jab tak hai jaan but in next episode you can know diffrent from jab tak hai jaan and its my promish and i know its first episode so you feel like that but next one is anything more

  3. Nansshivika

    Good one

  4. nice episode…. waiting for next…

  5. Ishqkum

    Quite interesting

  6. Hey plz dont do this

  7. Shivu

    waiting for d next episode

  8. Ssn


  9. Priyanka_22

    Owsum rithik
    Update soon

  10. Tulasi

    Hey rithik…i agree wid nithu….i mean mostly todays epi is like jab tak hain jaan dear..i hope u ll not make d stry so……waitng for d revealation…

    1. Rithik

      I know gyez you all feel like this but in next episode you have Answer of all Question and you know what in next update this ff is not similar to Any of here and thanks tulasi you are so sweet you always comment on my ff

      1. Tulasi

        ??? luv u my dear….i m waitng for ur next epi…

  11. Pinkyyy

    Interesting continue soon dear

  12. Very very very interesting

  13. Razna

    hii rithik….hw r u…. and todays episode was really nice…i really loved it……lets continue it…..and pls update the next one very fastly…….

    1. Rithik

      I am good and u and i already update but site not post yet

  14. Nice… Eagerly waiting for next….

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