A beautifull love story -shivika episode 10


Hii gyez today my ff take a shocking turn i think you gyez not accpect this but this is my story and finally it come to on real track so please tell me u like this twist or not

Episode 10
TIA : Ohh today is karwa chauth celebration in oberoi mansion i am sure anika also keep fast for my shivaay baby and she snatch my shivvay from me i will destroy her

ANIKA ; please shivay break your fast i cant see you like this

Shivaay : Why

Anika : i cant see u like this

Shivaay : Okk i cant see you like this so you also break your fast and i have reasone i love you

Anika :I will never break my fast

Shivaay : Same

Anika go to out of room but shivaay catch her and held her waist and come close to her and he is surpries she didnt backout vry first time

Shivaay is going kiss Anika anika also but someone voice come shivaay anika what are you doing come fast moon id come.

Anika : lets go moon is come

Shivaay : ☆ But my moon is here infront of my eyes ☆anika☆

Anika shy and run from there

They come

Anika see shivaay from channi than moon Shivaay drink her water and then some sweet and anika also do the same and the break each other fast

Anika come to room and lock from inside she decorate the room with orchides and Roses
Shivaay come and knock the door

Shivaay : Anika please open the door what r u doing

Anika : Wait for sometime billuji

Shivaay wait impatianely and in every two minut he knock on the door

Anika open the door shivaay come inside he see all decorated room and he ask you did this for me

Anika : offcourse i did this for you

Shivaay come close to anika and held her waist by his hand he ask why anika come near his ear and say I love you and give a kiss on his cheeks and shyly go from his hig than shivaay hug from her back and say in her ear i love you so much and bite on her ear and than he turn her and going to kiss on her lips and he kiss on her lips she also start kiss and they intimate their marrige

Next morning

Shivaay phone ring

Anika wake up and say shivaay you phone but shivaay is no mood to get up and he pull anika from him nd hug her

Shivaay : Anika i want to sleep some time more lets sleep more

Anika ; now stop billuji its morning

Shivaay : Wow anika raat ko to tum soo much naughty you give me many bits see

Anika shy and say : I think today someone have very importent meeting

Shivaay : Oh shitt i forget he get up and attend calll

Shivaay : Hi

Tia : hii shivaay baby i am.tia please donot cut the call i cant leave without u please come here i will leave this world forever please shivaay baby

Shivaay in mind: i think i should not tell anika about tia she feel bad and go from there without talking to anika

Anika is suspicious

Shivaay reach tia home someone inject shivaay from behind and tia come now shivaay is now my control if i say shivàay sit than he sit and i say run he run now i will destroy you Anika

Tia take shivaay to her room and open his shirt and say shivaay baby say you marry tp anika for Your reavenge and she sign someone who is recording video shivaay say i marry to Anika for revenge and she sleep with him and shivaay is unconsious ( So nothing happen between them )

In night

Anika is worried about shivaay hs donot return home since morning
Anika receive a MMS and she see she is shocked in mms shivaay confees he marry to Anika for revange She call tia

Anika : What the hell what you think yourself i donot believe on this fake video

Tia : i accpect this type of recation from u if you donot believe than come my home see

Anika break her phone in anger ruder see this

Rudra : Aaj anika bhabhi bahyia ki Aatma kaise aa gayi

Om : shut up rudra its serious

Anika come to om she ask car key but om i will come along with you she snatch key and run

Sge reach tia house and see shivaay sleeping with tia and shivaay also get up and see tia beside him and anika standing on door he is shocked


6 Year leap

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  1. I like the episode n d twist

  2. Anu16

    Omg… How ridiculous can tia be… 6 years leap… Post soon

  3. Nice update dear

  4. Nithu

    Nyce…but feeling bad for shivika..

  5. Nansshivika

    What a twist rithik waiting for the leap and yes shivika scene is so romantic its really so good . post next one asap

  6. Akshaya

    Twist so nice naughty

  7. Priyanka_22

    Tia is such a b**** man
    Poor shivaay 🙁
    Anyways it was awsum rithik
    And 6 yrz leap ???
    Don’t you think its too much ??

  8. Mukta

    OMG….. what a twist!!!!!! Shocking…… post the next one asap……

  9. Sat

    Hey rithik sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes
    Please forgive me ok
    And ha the epi is truly awesome
    And shivika scenes are too good
    And that Tia
    I really wanna murder her
    And now I am eagerly waiting for the leap
    So please post it ASAP

    1. Rithik

      Donot worry and i forgive you i know your exam and how’s you exam going

  10. Shocking episode &6 years leap waiting for next episode

  11. Nida

    It’s okay ? but they will separate ??

  12. Nice keep weitting klike this

  13. Priyali

    Tia Tia Tia….. I just wanna hold u by your stupid neck and throw u into your “universe”…. so that u never come back …..
    Rithik u really are a very good writer..

  14. Tulasi

    Omggg….dis tia koo kya kare yaaarr….omg 6 yrs leap…..waitng for it soooo much….post it soon…i luvd shivika scenes…shivaay became soo naughty….??

  15. Gud hruthik

  16. Ishqkum

    Gud wat is this .I am waiting for next update

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