A beautifull Love story – shivika episode 1

Hi gyez i am rithik and i am big fan of shivaay and Anika i want to write a ff on shivika i am new here so please tell how’s it in comments its encourage me more
I write this ff when shivaay om rudra save Anika from goons and shivaay apologies to her

Episode 1

Anika come to oberoi mansion

Shivaay is very happy to see her in oberoi mansion and want to spend time with her but she is not giving any attention to him

Shivaay : Anika what happen why are you behaving so weird

Anika : you donot know why i am behaving like that

Shivaay : i say sorry so much difficulty and you did not forgive me thats not right

Anika : wow for yohr appology i forget everything you break anyone heart and say sory thats not right i know you are shivaay singh oberoi but you have no right to break anyone heart i am here jus because of om and rudra

Anika want to left but shivaay catch her and come close to her and say in her ear

Shivaay : I am sorry Anika i know i am rude stupid senseless but you are here for me ehich thing i do wrong you are to fo this right i donot know why i am effecting so much by your ignorence but i cant bear it anymore i am really sory

Shivaay hug her anika struggle to free herself but end up to hug shivaay

Shivvay is smile and going to kiss her anika also losse herself but she come in sense and slowly push shivaay and run away

Shivaay : what i am going to do
And smile thought for moment

Anika also blushe and smile thought why iam blushing its so weird i have to still angry on him and i am smiling
Shivaay also smile and blush in his room

Some faimly come in oberoi mansion and say Anika

Everyone is shocked to see this faimly

Shivaay : Raichand faimly what they are doing here

Shivaay go say : Mr. Siddharth Raichand what are you doing here

Mr. Raichand go to Anika and say : so you are doing thease cheap thing you are with shivaay singh oberoi last night have you forget you shame

Everyone is shocked
How dare you to talk to anika like that and who the hell are you to asking this

Anika : i will tell you he is my so called father by mistake

Anika argue with siddharth raichand and shivaay anika spent some emotional moment


  1. sadia

    it is awesome rithik plz continue ur writing but it is very short ff plz try to make it lenghthier and shivika scenes rock

  2. Nandini

    Awesome yaar in real shivika scene is due to drug dose at least by ur ff we can enjoy plz post next one asap rithik and make it lengthier and once again epi was sweet and short

  3. Angela

    Intresting and like shivika’s movement. And next time bada likhna bcoz it was so intersting that i cant wait for d next 1

  4. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Rithik sorry Yar for the late comment. I think you know me, hope so, the author of ishqbaaz ff by Sat. Actually I loved the episode, they both blushing thinking about each other, and shivika hug was awesome. It is awesome and astounding. And Yar, just waiting for the shivika emotional moment. So please update the next epi ASAPπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  5. Aarya


    |Registered Member

    Wow….it is interesting …..lovely shivika moments…. But it was too short….plz update the next epi that toooo a big one ..plzzzz ritvik…. ( puppy face)😊😳😜

  6. Tany


    |Registered Member

    good start i jusst hope the amount of shivika scenes keep increasing as i m waiting to read the next and yes u r welcome to ishqbaaz family and post the next one asap with more .. shivika scenes….

  7. pooja

    awesome shivika moment plzzz post next part soon I can’t waitttt plzzz
    and plzz make the next episode big one now plzzzzz

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.