A beautiful tale of love – EPI 8

hi guys again here thanku for cmnt and silent reader too and sorry for not cmnting actually i am not well

next morning
twi woke up but kunj is still sleeping she call him but he did not wakeup now twi got irritated she got an idea she took jug full of water and she throw all water on kunj he got up with a jerk

k: what the helll??? twi are you out of yoir mind
t: yeah now get up every one is waiting for us
k: ok fine i am going to washroom
t: ohhh… hello 1st i will go
k: no i will
t: no me
k: me
t: me
k: i said na me
t: even i said na me
k: ok i am going to guest room

kunj goes to guest room while twi to washroom

twi pov
yr he is so nice and humble even he left his bed for me kon krta ha asa but i also come to his home after lefting my home my bed twi he is not a good person he is just doing all this for him so his family should be happy i don’t wanted to marry him he is my biggest rival i just hate him but i also do all this for my family
pov end

after sometime she come out if washroom wearing beautifull red saree which has golden embriodrey on borders with sleevless golden blouse she does light make up with bold red lipstick she left her hair open she is looking breathtaking suddenly kunj come into room he got memrized after seeing her but she did not notice him she is trying to tie her dori of blouse kunj saw her strugling he go closer and put her hair on side he is not in sense he tie the dori his hand touch her back making her out of control lunj kiss her bare back and then her shoulder but suddenly he gain sense he goes back
k: tw…twii i am so..soo.sorry i just lost my sense
t: its ok kunj and finish the awkwardness she say btw anyone can lost his sense after seeing itni hot and beautiful jo hon
k: what you say?? you and beautiful churail lagti ha
t: you… but bebe call them
k: aya bebe now come twi we will fight later
t: ok

both goes down stair they took blessing and twi goes to kitchen in kitchen she prepare kheer, butterchicken and vasvan(i dont no spellings) all eat bf and praise twi all are very happy

kunj talk with babaji

k: babaji whats happening to me?? why i always lose my control when twi is near me plz tell me
b: its all happening bcz u are falling for her
k: no way she is my biggest rival i hate her
b: its ok if u dont wanted to recognize your love my child but one day you have too
k: ok but not now ok bye i am going love u babaji u are the best
b: ok bye love you too

kunj goes to his room and just thinking about twi and his talk with babaji

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  1. Nice one??

  2. Presha

    Kunj nd babajii talk was ???
    Love u..
    Post soon

  3. Cheena2001Cp

    It was LOVELY ….???

  4. Nice episode
    Twinkle line ????anyone can lost his sense after seeing itni hot beautiful jo hon me ?❤️❤️❤️???????
    Post soon

  5. Awesome

  6. Fatimaa.

    It was cute and lovely..
    Loved twinj moments…
    Love uh?

  7. SidMin23

    Small yet beautiful scene of twinj and twinkle line ?????

  8. Supriya18d

    small one but cute one…. luv it

  9. cute & lovely episode dear??

    post soon dear??

  10. Ramya

    Awesome nisa amazing
    Kunj ko utane ka tareka was super

  11. Baby

    uff super cute ♥
    loved it alott
    romance n twinkle’s dialouge….osm ♥
    n also babaji’s n kunj’s talk cute ♥
    love u alott……..♥

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