A beautiful tale of love – EPI 11

i am so so sorry guys actually my czn come to my place from saudi arabia so i am hell bzy sorry guys for posting late and thnk u soomuch for cmnt i am smiling like manic and my is saying that u got mad here is epi so maybe today hero ki entry hojaya no more epi lelo

a dark room is shown where a boy is sitting in a corner drinking and mumring something lets go closer he is kunj

k: why i belive that blo*dy maya bcuz of her i lost my love and my baby yeah my love i love her but she hate me to the core of her heart for what i did with her

fb shown
after that day twinj start living normaly but kunj is behaving strangely twi ask him but he did tell her
one day kunj is in garden and twi come to him running and she is hell happy but she got world biggest shock kunj is kissing a girl twi push kunj and slap him hard

t: how dare u haan what are u doing u did not think of me ohh… yeah u think i don’t love u then u can do anything kunj there us know love but there is something name trust but u broke ny trust I HATE YOU kunj sarna i hate u and she run from there crying

the other girl recealed to be maya she hug kunj and sob kunj console her both goes to maya house kunj try to leave but maya pull him and kiss both got intimate in moring twi is sitting on floor her eyes swollen
here kunj is sleeping with maya both wake up
k: i love u jaan
m: i love u too

maya phone ring nd she goes kunj goes to washroom but he hear maya and got shoked maya on phone
m: yeah work is done kunj is in my trap and also left twi now we can snatch all his property and she turn her phone fall when she saw kunj with his bloodshot and full of anger eyes
k: how dare u bcuz of u i hurt twinkle bcuz of u i broke trust of my family now i am going its all over never ever show me your face i hate you you are betrayal
m: kunj plz listen
but kunj did not listen and goes from there kunj come home and goes to his opps.. their room
kunj is feeling some unknown pain something diffrent he ignore this and goes to washroom to freshen up actually to cry his heart out after some time he come out and sit on floor beside couch
fb end

that was the worst day of my life my love betray me,i hurt everyones emotion
now it enough i want my twi back i am coming my SIYYAPA QUEEN

guys sorry for short bcuz guest are still at my place and more revealation is coming

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice post soon

  2. Presha

    Loved it

  3. amazing

  4. Aamna_2690

    Amazing Episode Nisa??
    Loved it??
    Poor Twinkle??
    Kunj didn’t did Right??
    Sorry For Commenting after a Long Time?
    I was not Well??
    Sorry Will Comment Regularly Now?
    Post Soon??
    Love U❤❤

    1. Lovey_kz

      tq amna for cmnt plz tell me about u

      1. Aamna_2690

        Hey Nisa!
        How r u?
        Well U wanna Know about me?
        Well U may Know My Name is Aamna..
        I am 16 Years Old..
        Engineering Student..
        I am From Pakistan U know..
        This is My Last Year Of FSC degree..
        Then will be heading toward’s my graduation?
        Well If U wanna Ask anything Else U can?
        And If U don’t mind Ur short Intro?

  5. awesome episode nishu

    plzzzz post soon dear????????????

  6. Ramya

    Awesome one dear

  7. Baby

    ohhh god osm ♥
    nisa loved it soo mch ♥
    love u ♥
    enjoy ♥

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