A beautiful tale of love – EPI 10

hi guys thank you for cmnts on promo and epi too here is next epi

a mansion is shown it is revealed to be taneja mansion a girl is shown she is wearing a top and a floor length skirt she is sitting in her balcony drinking her coffe nd she is reading newspaper she has a baby bump she is reaveled to be twinkle

what the hell everyday many girls do sucide bcuz of rape,bcuz her husband ditched her even i am dit..ditched by my hub..hubby she said and she has tears in her eyes but she compose hetself she call the maid and say
t: did mom eat her bf?
m: yeah
t: ok u go

it has been 1 years i left him i always saw him i just wanted to go to him and hug him tight i wanted to tell him how much i love him but the scene always come infront of my eyes that time i don’t love him but now i relise my love but i have to control my emotions for my baby placing her hand on her baby bump and she goes to flash back

fb shows
twinj are happy with eachother company they become good frnds
one day both goes to a party twi is wearing black off shoulder dress and kunj wear black tuxedo party is on full swing everyone is enjoying all are dancing twinj dance alot kunj goes to bar and order a drink for him he is drinking when twi come there and snatch the drnk form him kunj is shock bcuz twi gulp it in a go and drinking continusely kunj trying to stop her but no use and twi made him also drink forcefully now both are out of sense they are talking like child
t: kunj i am feeling so tried
k: ok lets go to a room

both goes to a room they sit on bed twi speak
t: you know kunj your are so hot and s*xy
k: even you know you are so beautiful and your juicy lips
t: and you have also that pink lip
k: can i taste them pointing toward lips

twi nod her head both lean closer and their lips met nd they share a wild liplock both broke the kiss and kunj give love bite on twi neck and she moan he kiss her shoulder she throw his blazer and shirt aside and kiss her bare chest kunj gigle he slide her dress and kiss her stomach after some time screen got blurred Nd two bodies become one
fb end

t: that night was tge best night of my life that was a mistake but still i love that mistake but i hate that kunj sarna

same fb
next morning both twinj wake up at same time their heads are spining and they have sever headache they saw there position nd both are hell shocked they a full naked wrapped in silk blanket

t: ku..kunj what happened last night? she said in trembling voice
k: even i don’t remember twi we both are drunk and come to this room after that i don’t remember anything i am sorry twi but i am not in sense
t: its ok its also my mistake we both are drunk just forget all this

aftet that they change and goes to sarna mansion
fb end

hope you guys like it so from here the twist start so this why twi is pregnant but why she left kunj and hate him so much even she love him to know more stay tuned and SWEETIPIE where are u no cmnt i am worried

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  1. Brilliant episode ❤️?
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    Loved it..
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    Amazing and waiting to know the story and post soon.

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    Fabulous. Epi luv it post next soon

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    Awesome nisa amazing
    It’s really shocking episode
    Super nailed it

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