A Beautiful Revenge (Flashback)

Hey frds h r u all ?
Its me angle as I forgot to mention about tia so I came back with flashback of “A Beautiful Revenge” so let’s start

Flashback Of A Beautiful Revenge

(This Flashback Start After Consummation Of Their Marriage)

The flashback start with aayan wake up and saw mahi sleeping peacefully aayan get up and gone in washroom he get dress up he gone down to make bf while aayan was making bf mahi wake up and saw aayan was not there she wear aayan’s shirt and came down and saw aayan making bf she came in and said
Mahi:good morning
Aayan looked at mahi from head to toe smiled and said
Aayan:morning my s*xy
Mahi:why r u making bf
Aayan:why I can’t make bf
Mahi:because u don’t know cooking
Aayan:don’t worry I’m making while watching video and I know u must be tired so saying this he show his mobile and mahi laugh at his cute gesture and said
Mahi:awww my cute hubby saying this she kiss his right cheek aayan stop and turn to her he pull her closer and said
Aayan:i think u don’t know where to kiss ur hubby
Mahi:let go
Aayan:not before taking my kiss saying this he came close to her lips and kiss softly and when mahi response he kiss deeper after sometime both released because it become hard to breath both smile at each other and aayan said
Aayan:u r looking much more s*xy in this shirt babe
Mahi:shut up Aayan please
Aayan:awww my s*xy is shy saying this wink and then mahi said she will do rest of the work but after changing but aayan stop her from changing and said
Aayan: don’t change right now u r looking s*xy babe change after bf
Mahi:no aayan
Aayan:please babe saying this he made a cute puppy face and mahi laughed then aayan said he’ll help both made bf and had bf then days passes like that its been 1 an a half month aanoor r really happy together both were making bf together both were busy just then door bell ring Aayan said he’ll see aayan open the door and saw tia standing at door and she said
Tia:hey aayan
Aayan get angry and said
Aayan:what r u doing here
Tia:what do u mean what I’m doing here this is my house also
Aayan:no its not ur house its my house
Tia:what’s wrong
Aayan:I know everything whatever u did with mahi u tried to kill mahi how can u do this
Tia get tense and said
Tia:what r u saying aayan I didn’t did anything
Aayan: don’t lie now
Tia:I…I’m no…not..lying
Aayan:then why r u stammering huh
Mahi came out of the kitchen and said
Mahi:aayan come bf is ready saying this she came in hall and froze in her place seeing tia on door tia looked at mahi in aayan’s shirt she was shocked and said
Tia:what is she wearing is that ur shirt
Aayan:that none of ur concern just get lost
Tia came in to mahi and said
Tia:what the hell how can u touched my aayan saying this she grab her arm and push her mahi was about to fall but aayan came and hold mahi at the right time and said
Aayan:mahi r u ok did u get hurt u r ok na
Mahi was so scared and because of sacredness she faint aayan tried to wake her up but he didn’t he immediately call the doctor and after sometime they came doctor was checking mahi and aayan and tia was out Aayan came to tia and said
Aayan:if anything happens to my mahi I’ll kill u
Tia get shocked and said
Tia:what r u saying aayan you’ll kill me for her
Aayan:yes if anything happens u r gone and if nothing happens even then u r gone because I’ve already called police
Tia:what police for what
Aayan:because u tired to kill my mahi saying this he turn and door bell ring as door was already open aayan ask them to come in and tell them everything they arrest tia and was going just then doctor came out aayan run to her and said
Aayan:is mahi alright she is fine right why she fainted like that
Doctor:calm down Mr aayan ur wife is fine it was due to sacredness in fact its a very good news
Aayan:good news
Doctor:yes ur wife is pregnant
Aayan was overwhelmed and tia was shocked then aayan run inside and came toward mahi he hug her mahi him him back and mahi said
Mahi:what happened
Aayan whisper
Aayan:mahi we r going to have a baby
Mahi separate aayan and said
Mahi:r u serious
Aayan nod and doctor came inside she give aayan a chit and said
Doctor:give her these medicine of vitamins she need it
Aayan took the chit and thank her she left and aayan said he’ll just come he came out and police took tia and assure aayan that she’ll get the punishment aayan also told them about vyom and they said they’ll help him after they left aayan came back and saw mahi was not there he call her and she came out of washroom and said
Mahi:I was just getting ready
Aayan:u know I’m so happy today
Mahi:me too but
Aayan:she is arrested now and police said they’ll help vyom also
Aayan saw mahi little upset and make her look at him as mahi look up aayan kiss her forehead and said
Aayan:I want a baby girl just like u
Mahi:and I want a baby boy like u
Aayan:ok what will we them
Mahi:if its girl then Maya
Aayan:and if its boy then Maan
Both smiled and then had bf then days passes like that and they get to know that now vyom’s mom is fine and he is getting married to the girl he loved then
After 5 Years
Aanoor were sitting on bench holding hands then after sometime 2 cute little kids came running to them the girl hugged aayan and the boy hugged mahi the boy said
Boy:mama look Maya took my chocolate
Girl:no dad Maan was not giving me
Mahi:maan bad manners what I teached u sharing is caring and she is ur sister u should share with her
Aayan:and Maya u should asked him first na
Both the kids looked at Aanoor and then Aanoor said
Aanoor:say sorry to each other
Maan and Maya came face to face and maan said
Maya:me too sorry aging this both hug and and aayan hug mahi then they came home Aanoor made dinner together and make the kids eat and then send them to bed when they fall asleep Aanoor had dinner and came in their room mahi came first and as Aayan entered he locked the door and hug mahi and said
Aayan:love u
Mahi:love u too
Aayan turn mahi and kiss her forehead then eyes and cheeks then he looked at her lips and mahi closed her eyes aayan leans down and kiss her deeply then he took her to bed both lie down aayan pull blanket over and switch off the light and both get intimate and then

Both Lived Happily Ever After ?
Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the flashback of “A Beautiful Revenge”
sorry for this but I write this because I forgot to mention about tia and vyom so here it is hope u like it and yeah one more thing about my new story “Desires” it will be a short story of 10 episodes and after it’s end I’ll start the season 4 of “Arya” hope u guys don’t mind so tell me how’s it till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

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