A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 9)


Episode 9
The episode start with mahi wake up in the middle of the night because of her saree Se couldn’t sleep she get up to change she came near cupboard and took a white legging and pink kurti she put her clothe on dressing table and start removing her jewelry she removed her earrings then necklace when she was removing her bangles suddenly she was warp in warm hands she look up in the mirror and saw a smiling aayan she smile seeing him and aayan said
Aayan:why r u still awake
Mahi:actually I was sleeping but woke up because of this saree as its not really comfortable so I thought to change aayan start removing her bangles and while removing said
Aayan:what’s the need to wear anything saying this he looked at mahi and wink and mahi hit on his stomach by her elbow and said
Mahi:u r so shameless aayan
Aayan:only for u saying this he turn her and said
Aayan:so like my idea
Mahi:no saying this she push him and was going in washroom but aayan pull her backward her back was touching his front and he said
Aayan:don’t go
Mahi:I’m coming after changing na let me go
Aayan:I can help u if u want
Mahi:no I don’t want any help now let go
Aayan:but I want u that too really badly saying this he kiss her neck and mahi closed her eyes and aayan said
Aayan:mahi u r making me crazy for u saying this he kiss her shoulder mahi turn to him and both stare each other aayan came close and mumbled on her lips
Aayan:ooh mahi I can’t handle it now I just can’t stay away from u I can’t tolerate this distance between us I can’t tell u how much I want u how much I want to love u saying this he softly put his lips on her lips and kiss her passionately and when mahi response aayan’s hold become tight on her waist and mahi’s hand moved from his chest to shoulder and then around his neck both were lost in each other forgetting the world around them then both released and stare each other lovingly mahi hug aayan because of shyness and aayan said
Aayan:mahi would u trust me if I say that I didn’t betrayed u and I always loved u and still do
Mahi broke the hug and looked at aayan and said
Mahi:I already trust u aayan
Aayan:I love u mahi
Mahi:I know saying this she hugged him again and aayan said
Aayan:not fair u should say I love u too
Mahi looked at him and said
Mahi: let me go and change
Aayan:I told u na there is no need to wear anything saying this he came close to kiss her again but mahi stop him and said
Mahi:enough of ur romance now and don’t forgot tomorrow in night is out flight so
Aayan:why don’t we extend our stay here
Mahi:I’m bored seeing u everyday I want to go back and I want to stay with everyone saying this she run in washroom and aayan said
Aayan:u wait come out I won’t let u sleep today
Mahi shout from washroom
Mahi:then I won’t come out saying this mahi laugh and aayan said
Aayan:ok I’ll see till when you’ll stay in washroom saying this he lie down on bed and wait for mahi after sometime mahi came out and saw aayan sleeping she smiled and came toward bed she lie down beside aayan and was about to turn to other side but just then aayan pull her closer came on top of her he entwined their hands and said
Aayan:I told u I won’t let u sleep today
Mahi:u cheater not fair
Aayan:everything is fair in love and war saying this he give peck on her lips and mahi said
Mahi:u can’t think anything beside romance can u
Aayan:what to do my wife is so s*xy that I can’t stay in my control
Aayan:yes saying this he kiss her neck and mahi closed her eyes she didn’t stop him this time and aayan said
Aayan:I love u babe
Mahi:I love u too
Aayan looked at mahi and mahi blushed and aayan said
Aayan:this is what I wanted to hear from a long time
Aayan:a lot saying this aayan hug mahi and both doze off

Next Morning
Mahi wake up and saw aayan staring her lovingly she smiled and aayan said
Aayan:good morning s*xy
Mahi smiled hearing “s*xy” as he used to call her like this before then she said
Mahi:morning saying this she get up but aayan hold her hand and said
Aayan:where r u going
Mahi:to take shower after that we’ll go for bf please I’m hungry
Aayan:sure jaan
Mahi:thank u saying this she gone in washroom and get ready she came out in bathrobe and aayan saw her she was looking for her clothes aayan smile seeing her in bathrobe and came behind her and whisper
Aayan:u r testing my patience love saying this he hug her and mahi turn to him and said
Mahi:go and take shower I’m already really hungry
Aayan:me too but
Mahi:but what
Aayan:but I’m hungry for something else saying this he bite her ear shell softly and then moved hi lips down and kiss her neck and was kissing continuously and mahi closed her eyes tightly and whisper
Mahi:aayan please stop na not now
Aayan:why he said in between kisses
Aayan:r u afraid that u might lose urself saying this he looked at mahi and mahi lower her eyes and nod in yes and aayan said
Aayan:then who is stopping u
Mahi:aayan u r forgetting today is our flight and we haven’t finished shopping
Aayan:we’ll shop later right now let’s finish this na
Mahi:u r so
Mahi:no shameless go now take shower and let me change saying this she push him in washroom and get reairport Light pink lace dress after sometime aayan came out and get ready both came in restaurant and had bf after bf both complete shopping and then came back both came and after sometime had lunch after lunch both sleep off and then wake up in night had dinner changed and left for airport then sat in flight

Next Morning
Both reach home directly aayan ring the door bell and tia open the door and saw aayan holding mahi’s hand and get jealous suman saw them and welcome them they came inside and then had bf after bf suman ask them to take rest as they must be tired and both came in room changed and sleep off

In Night
Everyone had dinner and then gone in their room mahi came in their room and gone in washroom to change then mahi came out from washroom and lie down on bed after sometime aayan came inside and gone in washroom he changed came near bed and lie down beside mahi but was not able to sleep as he was not feeling sleepy just then mahi turn to aayan and he said
Mahi:no its ok I was awake but what happened to u saying this mahi get up and sat on bed and aayan said
Aayan:nothing just not feeling sleepy saying this he turn to mahi and put his head on her lap and mahi caresses his hair and said
Aayan:don’t know saying this he hold her other hand and played with her fingers then both talk and aayan fall asleep in her lap mahi looked at him and then fall asleep like that

Next Episode:Tia Becoming Frd Of Mahi To Separate Aanoor And Aayan Getting To Know Tia’s Real Face…
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 9th episode hows it tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

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