A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 8)


Episode 8
The episode start with aayan was hugging mahi from behind as she was crying he was holding her tightly after sometime he said
Aayan:mahi I’m before he could say anything else mahi cut him in mid and said
Mahi:I’m sorry I shouldn’t have reacted this way actually I was scared because I don’t know this place and I can’t trust anyone here except u I was just tense because u were not even answering my calls and u never did anything is this ever I really am sorry for shouting at u and spoiling ur peace saying this she wipe her tears and run inside and was going in washroom but Aayan came running behind her and hold her hand and said
Aayan:mahi I’m sorry please saying this hug her and said
Aayan:sorry babe I’m really sorry please don’t cry I didn’t mean that saying this he broke the hug and mahi said

Mahi:no I’m sorry for troubling u u r right I’m not a kid to be scared and u have more important works to do than wasting ur time on me and I came with u that doesn’t mean u will be with me 24/7 I should understand this
Aayan:no mahi its not like that u r important really I was just angry on someone else and it come out like that I’m sorry
Mahi:its ok aayan saying this she wipe her tears and aayan’s phone start ringing he attend the call and said
Aayan:ok I’m coming saying this he cut the call and turn to mahi and said
Aayan:mahi I have some work so I have to go I’ll be back in half an hour then we’ll have food together saying this he gone out without hearing mahi and she just sat there then time passes its been 2 hours and aayan didn’t came yet mahi was in balcony waiting for aayan she was holding his photo frame tears were rolling down her cheeks and she said

Mahi:u r liar u said you’ll be back in half an hour but its been 2 hours and u haven’t came yet I’m hungry but it doesn’t matter to u right siya always said that I’m not worth of anyone’s love or anyone’s attention but I never listen to her only because of u she said I’m a problem I’m a cause of everyone’s sadness u know the day before she left in night she came and said I’ll never get my love and now I’m feeling that whatever she said is coming true because I’m feeling I’m nothing to u I’m just an burden on u whom u r tolerating because of our parents u know I tried but its so difficult not to love u because u cared and loved and I thought everything will be fine between us I thought to tell u that I love u but I don’t think its of any use now as I’m the one who is not letting u live in peace I don’t think u need me as much as I need u I don’t think u want me as much as I want u I don’t think ur happiness is related to me as my happiness is only u u said I’m important but I think u forgot to tell me that I’m on the last number in ur list u know whenever I said I hate u I never mean it not even when siya said u betrayed me not even when u didn’t come behind me to say that u didn’t betrayed me I loved u so much that I couldn’t hate u and when I said I hate u on the 1st day of our marriage even that time I didn’t mean it I said just to say because I don’t wanted to fall weak in front of u I didn’t want to show u that how much I missed u in these 2 years and how much I love u still I don’t want to show that how much lonely I’m how much scared I’m to be alone u know when siya left maa and papa didn’t talk to me in these 2 years they think because of me siya left and I couldn’t even say anything they used to shout on me since then I’m scared of shouting I can’t handle someone’s anger or hatred and after u left I was so alone that

I felt like I might die because of loneliness because there was no one with me but when the alliance of vyom came maa and papa talked and only for their happiness I agreed to marry vyom but when he left I felt I’ll be alone again but u came and changed my life the love I get from u was something I was dying to get since 2 years i never did anything for u but u were always there for me aayan but today when i couldn’t find u anywhere I was scared of being alone again this was the reason I reacted this way in fear I never said but I’m scared of shouting and when u shout I remembered the passed 2 years which r the most worst time of my life but I promised I will take care of this next time I won’t do anything which disturb u I’m so sorry aayan I really am saying this she closed her eyes and cried even more just then someone put hand on her shoulder and mahi immediately wipe her tears and hide the photo frame and turn and was shocked to see aayan she immediately smile to show aayan and said
Mahi:hey when did u came

Aayan:mahi I’m so sorry
Mahi:no its ok aayan don’t say sorry I understand it must be really important work that’s why u r late she was saying all this while looking down then she said
Mahi:u must be really tired and hungry u get fresh I’ll order food saying this she came inside and was about to call but aayan stop her and said
Aayan:don’t order we’ll go out for dinner

Aayan:fine then u get ready I’ll come after getting fresh n up
Mahi:hmm saying this she came near cupboard and aayan left in washroom he came in and turn on the shower he was standing under shower and then he remembered whatever mahi said in balcony as he heard everything because when he came he heard crying sound and came near balcony and saw mahi crying he was about to say something but stop when he saw his photo in her hand and heard mahi saying “u r liar” and then he heard whatever she said after sometime aayan came out and saw mahi in balcony aayan changed and came to mahi she was staring moon while playing with her mangalsutra then aayan hugged her from behind and she turn she was ready in beautiful Cream And Black Net Designer Embroidered Lehenga Saree aayan was mesmerized by her beauty she look beautiful always but in sarees she is just out of this world and her open hairs were making her even more beautiful then mahi said
Mahi:shall we go now

Aayan came in sense and said
Aayan:yes babe let’s go saying this he hold her hand tightly and mahi looked at him then aayan saw her and said
Aayan:what happened
Mahi nod in nothing and both came in restaurant both sat and order dinner both were waiting for food aayan was staring mahi and she was looking down at her fingers aayan thought something and said
Aayan:I’ll just come in a min from washroom

Aayan came out of restaurant and call someone and said something and then came back he sat on chair and food came both had dinner and then left both were coming to room but aayan stop mahi and said
Aayan:let’s go for a walk na weather is good
Mahi:ok this is all what she was saying for everything both were walking mahi was silent and aayan was thinking how to get mahi’s attention as she was not even looking at him then he saw ice cream cycle and remembered how much mahi used to eat ice cream before both were walking and aayan silently came toward ice cream cycle and ask the man to give 2 ice cream one Chocolate and one mixed then he came and forward the ice cream to mahi and she looked at him and he said
Aayan:mixed ur favorite
Mahi took the ice cream smiled and said

Mahi:thank u saying this both eat ice cream and then came back to hotel mahi entered first and was shocked because the whole room was decorated with candles and roses the lights were off she came little more forward and stare the decoration then she turn and aayan was on his knees holding a 100 red rose bouquet mahi was about to say something but aayan said
Aayan:mahi I’m really very sorry I know I shouldn’t have shouted on u please forgive me I promise I won’t do anything like this ever again and if I ever did then kill me with ur hands but please forgive me for now saying this he forward the bouquet and mahi take it happily a wide smile was on her lips seeing the bouquet and the decorated room aayan smile seeing her innocence and how she forgot everything just in a min by seeing the room and bouquet mahi was busy in seeing the decoration just then aayan came and hug mahi from behind and said
Aayan:am I forgiven
Mahi turn to aayan and said

Mahi:yes and thank u so much it’s beautiful saying this she caresses the rose bouquet then aayan put the bouquet on table and said
Aayan:it is but not more than u saying this he pull her closer and both stare each other lovingly then aayan cupped her face and kiss her forehead and said
Aayan:I love u mahi I love u a lot saying this he kiss her eyes and cheeks and mahi tightly hold his shirt from shoulder then aayan stare at her lips he touch her lips with his thumb and mahi closed her eyes tightly aayan lean down and kiss her on lips softly and when mahi reciprocate aayan deepen the kiss and kiss her harder his right hand moved from her cheek to her neck and then on her waist holding her body close to his body tightly and mahi tighten her hold on his shoulder both were lost then both released each other when it’s become hard to breath and both stare each other and song start (this song is from movie “RamLeela”)

Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

mahi turn to other side because of shyness she was going but aayan hold her hand and came behind her he put his right hand on her bare belly and from left he moved her hairs from right to left shoulder

Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiyaan
Tu jog laga de re

Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re
Ujli kori preet piya
Satrang laga de re

Ang laga de re
Mohey rang laga de re
Main to teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

then he kiss her shoulder and neck passionately and mahi said in a whisper
Aayan:mahi u know how much I have waited for this moment u don’t know how much I wanted this how much I want u saying this he kiss her neck again and then he open her blouse knots and kiss her back

Raat banjar si hai
Kaale khanjar si hai
Raat banjar si hai
Kaale khanjar si hai
Tere seene ki lau
Mere andar bhi hai

Tu hawa de isey
Toh mera tann jale
Jala de re sang jala de re
Mohey ang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

then he suck her neck and mahi hold his hand tightly then he give a love bite on her neck and mahi turn and hug him tightly and aayan hug her back then he lift her in his arms and move toward the bed

Raas hai raat mein
Teri har baat mein
Raas hai raat mein
Teri har baat mein
Bol main kya karun
Aise haalaat mein
Hoon main teri malang
Tu hi mera nasha
Chadha de re bhang chadha de re
Prem ki bhang chadha de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Then he lie her down on bed and came on top of her he kiss her neck and then on lips again

Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re…

then both hug each other and fall in deep sleep peacefully in each others arms

Next Episode:Back To Home And Start Of New Love Story… ???

Hey frds h r u all
Here is the 8th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????????

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