A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 7)


Episode 7
The episode start with Aanoor was in flight mahi was looking out the clouds and Aayan was staring her with a smile on his face then mahi saw him and said
Mahi:what r u staring at
Aayan:at a beautiful creation of god
Mahi shook her head and turn her face again then both reach Paris and in hotel it was aayan’s hotel then both check in and aayan said
Aayan:mahi u go inside I’ll just come I have some work
Mahi:ok saying this she came in room it was big and beautifully decorated then she gone in washroom and get fresh n up after sometime she came out of washroom and saw aayan he was taking his luggage and mahi said
Mahi:where r u going
Aayan looked at mahi and said
Aayan:in room
Mahi:what do u mean u r already in room
Aayan:no i mean in my room
Mahi:ur room
Aayan:yes I have taken another room for myself
Mahi become sad and said
Mahi:u won’t stay here with me
Aayan:u said u hate me and u r staying with me because of my parents so I think u wouldn’t like to share a room with me
Mahi:yes I said that but I didn’t said that I don’t want to share a room with u
Aayan:it means u want to stay with me
Mahi realized what she is saying and then she said
Mahi:no I didn’t mean that I just want to say that what’s the need of wasting money if u rent a room u have to pay for it
Aayan:u r forgetting its my hotel

Mahi bite her lower lips and aayan smile then aayan came toward her and said
Aayan:r u scared alone
Aayan:just nod in yes or no
Mahi nod in yes then said
Mahi:we r so far from our house and this is not our room also saying this she sat on bed and aayan smile hearing “our house our room” then he sit on his knees and said
Aayan:I’m not going anywhere I was just trying to drag it near bed so that I can take my clothes saying this he smile and mahi looked at him angrily and said
Mahi:u saying this she took the pillow and start hitting him and while hitting she said
Mahi:I’ll not leave u saying this she hit him more and aayan run to save himself then aayan took the pillow and hold mahi’s hand and pull her closer and mahi stop altogether as he was really close there was just an inch gap between them slowly slowly aayan came more close and was about to kiss but mahi push him and said
Mahi:I’m hungry
Aayan:me too saying this he came close to her and said
Aayan:but I want to have something else
Aayan came close to her ear and whisper
Aayan:I want to have u
Mahi wide open her mouth in shock and said
Mahi:u r so shameless saying this she push him on bed and said
Mahi:I’m going alone saying this she walk out of the room and aayan laugh and said to himself
Aayan:sorry I had to do it because if I won’t say that I’m going then u would not stop me saying this he smile remembering what she said and gone out behind her both came in restaurant a beautiful music was playing there and then both sat and order food they were waiting for food just then a girl came and said
Girl:hello u r aayan Mr Aayan Kapoor the most handsome, rich and most eligible bachelors right
Mahi looked at the girl angrily and aayan saw mahi and thought to tease her
Aayan:yes yes I’m aayan saying this he forward his hand and shake hand with the girl and mahi stare aayan in anger Aayan was enjoying this and start talking to the girl friendly then the girl asked
Girl:who is this girl is she ur frd
Mahi waited for the answer but aayan was silent mahi couldn’t take it anymore and get up to go as she turn aayan said
Aayan:she is my love my life my wife Mrs Mahnoor Aayan
Mahi turn and stare aayan lovingly and the girl sadly said
Girl:u r married
Aayan:yeah just few days back we r here for honeymoon saying this aayan looked at mahi and wink then the girl left and mahi sat on chair again but was not talking to aayan he tried but she didn’t talk then they had lunch after that ice cream but still mahi didn’t talk then aayan said
Aayan:mahi please say something why r u not talking
Mahi:my wish
Aayan:don’t be angry na I was just teasing u
Mahi:did i said something
Aayan:this is the problem u r not saying anything
Mahi:I’m done I’m going back in room I’m tired saying this she get up and was going she came at the door but suddenly stop hearing aayan’s voice
Aayan:mahi I’m sorry please I was just teasing u u know I can’t even think about anyone else beside u because I LOVE U A LOT MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD and this song is for u saying this he start singing (this song is from movie “Rehne Hai Tere Dil Mein”

Mm hm hm, mm hm hm hm hm
Mm hm hm hm hm, mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Dil ko tumse pyaar hua,
pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua
Main bhi aashiq yaar hua,
pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua
(Chhaayi hai betaabi
Meri jaan,
kaho main kya karoon) – 2

mahi stare aayan lovingly and smile seeing him

Dil ko tumse pyaar hua,
pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua
Main bhi aashiq yaar hua,
pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua

then aayan came toward mahi and start singing while taking rounds around her

Oh, kho gaya main khayaalon mein
Ab neend bhi nahin aankhon mein
Karvatein bas badalta hoon
Ab jaagta hoon main raaton mein
Ab doori na sehni,
har lamha kehta hai
Na jaane haal mera aisa kyoon rehta hai

Main deewana tera ban gaya jaane jaana
Main fasaana tera ban gaya jaane jaana

Haseena gori gori,
churaaya chori chori
Churaaya dil chori chori chori chori chori
Dil ko tumse pyaar hua,
pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua
Main bhi aashiq yaar hua,
pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua

Then aayan came back and give the guitar back and came back to mahi aayan hold mahi and pull her closer and dance with her

Aarzoo hai mere sapnon ki
Baitha rahoon teri baahon mein
Sirf tu mujhe chaahe ab
Itna asar ho meri aahon mein
Tu keh de haske to tod doon main rasmon ko
Marke bhi na bhooloon main teri kasmon ko
Main to aaya hoon yahan pe bas tere liye
Tera tan mann sab hai mere liye
Hai kya haseen nazaara,
sama hai pyaara pyaara
Gale laga le yaara yaara yaara yaara yaara

both were lost in each other forgetting the world around them

Main bhi aashiq yaar hua,
pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua
(Chhaayi hai betaabi
Meri jaan,
kaho main kya karoon) – 2
Kya karoon, kya karoon, kya karoon

Then song end and everyone clap and Aanoor came in their sense then both left for room after sometime both came inside changed and lie down on bed as they were tired they fall asleep

Next Episode:Untold Past
Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 7th episode and sorry for the late update and after this I’m submitting next episode of “An Imperfect Love Story”
So how’s the episode tell me til then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

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