A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 7 Contd.)


Episode 7
The episode start with aayan wake up in night and saw mahi sleeping he took his phone saw the time it was 6:35 then he saw 20 miscalls of tia and msgs on WhatsApp he read msgs and was about to call back but mahi turn and hug him in sleep he put the phone back and hug her back and sleep off again then after sometime mahi wake up and saw aayan sleeping and then realized that she is hugging him that to so tightly she leave him and was about to get up but because of her movement aayan wake up and said
Aayan:hey what happened
Mahi:sorry i was just getting up
Aayan smile seeing her innocent face and said
Aayan:its ok I woke up before but u were sleeping so i slept again saying this he get up and sat on bed then mahi said
Mahi:shall we go for dinner I’m hundry
Aayan:yeah u get ready till then I’ll call mom and dad
Mahi:ok saying this mahi left in washroom and aayan call suman after sometime she pick up and daid
Suman:hello beta
Aayan:hi mom
Suman:how r u and how’s mahnoor
Aayan:she is fine and I’m also fine and what’s going on
Suman:nothing we r just having tea and tia is saying why u didn’t reply and call back to her
Aayan:ooh sorry actually
Suman:wait I’ll put the phone on speaker
Then suman put the phone on speaker and said
Suman: now say
Aayan:I saw but then I fall sleep that’s why I didn’t reply saying this he talk and after sometime mahi came and aayan give phone to her and gone in washroom to get fresh and mahi talk then aayan shout from washroom
Aayan:mahi my towel I forgot to take it its in bag please give me
Mahi was still talking but hearing aayan she said
Mahi:mom just a min I’ll just give towel to aayan
Suman:ok beta
Then mahi get up from bed and took the towel and give it to aayan and aayan said
Aayan:thanks babe saying this he give flying kiss to mahi and suman and tia heard that as the phone was on speaker there then mahi came back and talk to suman then after sometime mahi end the call and both left for dinner after dinner both roam the city and then came back to hotel and sleep off 3 days passed like that then

In Morning
Aayan wake up and saw the time it was 5:48am and saw mahi was not there he get up and look for her but couldn’t find her then he came in balcony and saw her looking sunrise he hug her from behind and said
Aayan:why u woke up this early
Mahi:just like that wasn’t feeling sleepy
Aayan:let go for a walk then
Mahi:don’t u want to sleep
Aayan:when u r awake then how can I sleep
Mahi:r u sure
Aayan:yes come then we’ll have bf also
Mahi:ok saying this both came inside and then left for roaming after sometime both gone to some restaurant and then had bf after that both came back they rest for sometime

In Afternoon
Aayan wake up and saw mahi sleeping peacefully he kiss her forehead and suddenly his phone start ringing he pick up the call and came in balcony and said
Aayan:ok i’m coming saying this aayan cut the call he came inside and stare mahi then left he sat in car and call someone and said
Aayan:did u put the camera I want to know everything what jay is going to tell me about siya and what ever he find out about her whereabout
Boy:yes Sir
Aayan:good saying this he cut the call and reach in front of a house he came inside the gate and knock on door after sometime servant open the door and aayan came inside then a girl came out from the room and aayan was shocked and said
Siya:ooh so u recognize me I thought u must have forgotten me
Aayan:what r u doing here and where is jay
Siya: ooh jay left as he have some work so what if he left I’m here talk to me saying this she came close and aayan jerk her and said
Aayan:stay away siya saying this he was going but siya hold his hand and said
Siya:ooohh god u r engaged
Aayan pull his hand back and said
Aayan:not engaged I’m married now
Siya:to whom to that dumbo
Aayan:mind ur language siya she is my wife and I won’t tolerate her insult just tell me where is jay and what r u doing here
Siya:I’m here because I’m Jay’s gf and he left as he have some work in office but he told me to tell u that soon you’ll reach the girl u r searching but look I’m in front of u so do want u want to do saying this she came close and aayan push her and said
Aayan:stay in ur limits siya don’t force me to do something I shouldn’t do
Siya:when did I stop u in fact I’m saying do what u want to do because I’m sure that mahnoor won’t be fulfilling ur needs
Aayan:just shut up siya and tell me why u did this with me and mahi she is ur own sister
Siya:ooohh so she is that mahi who used to call u huh
Aayan:just give me the dam answer why u did this with ur own sister
Siya:yes I did that because I hate her I hate her since u start ignoring me for her


2 years back
Siya and mahi went in a party and there siya introduced aayan to mahi and aayan was mesmerized seeing her innocence and smile he was lost in her then as time passes Aanoor become frds and then start loving each other no one knows about this then one day siya saw aayan kissing mahi and get shocked as she liked aayan and thought to get him anyhow

One day in evening
Aayan came to siya and told her that he loves mahi and he want to marry her siya shows as she is very happy for them and aayan said that he want to meet mahi to propose her so send her to his farmhouse tonight as he had arranged there everything siya agreed and aayan left in night siya came at aayan’s farmhouse Instead of mahi and msg mahi to come she came inside as it was dark aayan thought it is mahi and hug her from behind and said
Aayan:I love u
Siya:I love u too
Aayan didn’t get the feeling of mahi and he moved backward he open the lights and saw siya and said
Aayan:what r u doing here and where is mahnoor
Siya:leave her aayan I love u
Aayan:siya u know I love mahnoor then how can u do this
Siya:aayan I love u since we met please don’t do this saying this she came close and hug aayan he tried to jerk her and that time mahi came and saw them together and siya said
Siya:mahi what r u doing here
Mahi:aayan u
Aayan run to mahi and said
Aayan:mahi trust me I called u I told siya to send u but I don’t know why she came
Siya:why r u lying aayan u called me only u proposed me and now seeing mahi u r saying like this
Mahi:aayan u how could u do this to me to siya
Aayan:mahi she is lying I love u only u
Siya:how can u do this aayan saying she run from there crying and mahi said
Mahi:I hate u aayan I hate u never ever show me ur face saying this mahi run behind siya and aayan couldn’t understand what to do since than mahi never met aayan and when aayan refuse to marry siya she left from there without telling anyone

Flashback End ) Present Day

Siya:but what happened she married u that blo*dy before siya could say anything aayan get angry and slapped her hard and said
Aayan: don’t u dare say anything to my mahi
Siya:how can u slapped me for her what she have that I don’t have I’m more beautiful than her
Aayan:i don’t love her because she is beautiful I love her because she have a good and pure heart she is loving, caring, helping, understanding she is innocent and her intension are good not like u blo*dy selfish insecure b*t*h now listen to me if u ever say anything to my mahi the result will be bad and trust me I won’t tell her anything because I don’t want to break her but if u tried to do anything to her I will kill u and u know I can because if I can hide ur reality in order to save her heart from breaking then I can go to any extend for her now never ever show me ur face saying this aayan left and siya got scared seeing aayan’s madness for mahi on the other side mahi wake up and look for aayan he was not there she call him but he didn’t pick up the call she was scared and tense after sometime aayan came and mahi start shouting as she was angry
Mahi:where were u I was so tensed and scared and why r u not answering my calls
Aayan:I was just out saying this he was going as he was angry on siya and was not in mood to talk but mahi hold his hand and said
Mahi:just out what do u mean I was so scared
Aayan got angry and shout
Aayan:so what can I do if u r scared u r not a 2 years old kid Mahnoor that u r scared I know we came together but that doesn’t mean that I can’t go anywhere alone can’t u just leave me alone for a second first u said u hate me then why all of a sudden u r behaving like a typical wife now can u please just let me live in peace saying this he left from room and tears roll down her cheeks she don’t know what happened to him why all of a sudden that he start shouting she just sat on bed and remembered their moments which they spend since they get married she don’t remembered anything about past as seeing his love all these days she forget everything and remembered only his love and care but today as he shout on her it hurted her a lot and he never called her by her name he always call her mahi he took her name only in front of other’s she was not used to hear her name from his mouth and the way he said everything so angrily it hurted her she was crying sitting on bed remembering his words then after sometime susma call her she wipe her tears came in balcony and attend the call and said
Mahi:hello maa h r u
Susma:I’m fine beta but u r not sounding fine
Mahi thought about aayan and that moment aayan came back and mahi said
Mahi:no maa I’m fine just little tired na that’s why well leave all that how’s everyone there how’s mom and dad and papa
Susma:everyone is fine and aayan how’s he
Mahi:aayan is perfectly fine maa
Susma:where is he
Mahi:he is out
Susma:u didn’t gone out with him
Susma:why did he didn’t take u
Mahi:no maa actually he asked me to come with him but I was tired in fact he was not going without me but I told him to go as he want to go out that’s why saying this she wipe her tears and said
Mahi:maa I call u later I have to go
Susma:ok beta tc
Mahi:bye maa saying this mahi end the call and wipe her tears which was flowing continuously aayan felt really bad seeing her like this he immediately came toward her and hug her from behind

Next Episode:Aayan’s Hard Work To Get Mahi’s Forgiveness…??
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 7th episode how’s it and how was the twist tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????????

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