A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 6)


Episode 6
The episode start with mahi get up in morning and saw aayan sleeping she get up and took her saree and gone in washroom after sometime she came out wearing yellow and pink lehenga saree that time aayan wake up and saw mahi struggling with blouse knots he get up and help her in tying knots and mahi stare him from mirror and smile and aayan also help her in wearing jewelry then he left saying he’ll take shower and mahi came out for bf after sometime aayan also came and then everyone had bf after bf aayan came to his parents and told them that there a meeting in Paris and its important and he have to go but his father said that he is married and its been only 2 weeks and how can he left mahi like that alone aayan think something and said
Aayan:what if she come with me
Abhi:yeah its a good idea
Suman:yes it will be good for her also
Aayan:ok then we’ll leave tomorrow morning
Suman:ok and please don’t be busy in work all the time give her sometime also
Aayan:yes mom saying this he came in his room and saw mahi arranging her things as her hand is fine now he sat on bed and said
Aayan:I’m going Paris tomorrow
Mahi turn to him and said
Aayan: for a meeting
Mahi:for how many days
Aayan:for a month
Mahi feel sad that he won’t be with her for a month aayan saw her and said
Aayan:what happened
Mahi:nothing saying this she turn and aayan smile then said
Aayan:I was joking we r going for a week only
Mahi turn and said
Mahi: we
Aayan get up and came toward her as he came close mahi move backward and her back hit the cupboard door and aayan block her from his hands and said
Aayan:yes we u and me only saying this he came more close and both stare each other lovingly then mahi said
Mahi:why I’m going with u if its a meeting u should take tia with u as she is ur PS
Aayan:am I mad to took tia with me I’m married now and I should take my wife with me to spend time with her and luckily u r my wife so I will take u with me so pack our bags we r going tomorrow in morning and saying this he came close to her ear and whisper
Aayan: please don’t take sarees only put some beautiful clothes also saying this he looked at mahi and wink and left smilingly because he know mahi got what he meant and mahi felt good after hearing what ever he said and smile then she start packing their bags and aayan booked their tickets then they had lunch tia don’t know anything about Aanoor’s Trip because she had gone to meet her frd

In Evening
Everyone had lunch and Aanoor’s parents decided that they will extend their stay and will stay for another month after that aayan ask mahi to get ready and she said
Aayan:because we r going Paris and for that we r going shopping don’t u want to buy anything I mean don’t u want to buy anything special for there
Mahi:no I don’t need anything
Aayan:but I want to take u out for shopping so go get ready
Mahi:aayan I don’t
Aayan:please saying this he make a cute puppy face and mahi smile and said
Mahi:ok fine saying this gone in washroom to get ready after sometime she came out wearing a beautiful pink saree and then both left for shopping they reach in a mall and was doing shopping Aayan saw a beautiful anarkali dress he liked it so he give that dress to mahi and ask her to try mahi refused that she don’t want anything as she said before but aayan insist so she gone to try after sometime she came out wearing Beautiful Long Floral Anarkali aayan was mesmerized seeing her he came toward her and was staring her and mahi said
Mahi:what is it looking bad on me
Aayan:no actually u r looking really beautiful saying is he smile and then he took some more dresses like that and some kurtis and jeans for mahi even when she try to stop him but he ask her to keep quite and brought all the things he liked for her then both reach home at dinner tia saw them and was shocked seeing aayan carrying so many shopping bags and both were laughing aayan was telling her some jokes then aanoor came in room they keep the bags on bed changed their clothes and came out for dinner and were having dinner aayan was staring mahi smilingly and she was too smiling tia don’t know why both were smiling she intentionally drop her spoon and then bow down to pick up as she look down she saw aayan holding mahi’s hand and this is why both were smiling Aayan was really happy as mahi was getting normal with him and now he just want to keep her happy no matter what happened then both came in their room after dinner and mahi completed the rest of the packing then both lie down and talk for sometime then fall asleep

Next Morning
Mahi wake up and saw Aayan sleeping hugging her she smiled and get up and gone in washroom she came out after sometime wearing Lovely Pink Close Neckline Floor Length Anarkali Dress With Tassels Decked Dupatta that moment aayan wake up and saw mahi and smile seeing she is wearing the dress he buy for her he then get up and gone in washroom to get ready after sometime both came down and suman asked them to have bf as they had to leave for airport then tia heard airport and asked
Tia:airport why
Suman:actually aayan and mahnoor is going Paris for a week as aayan had a meeting there so he is taking Mahnoor with him
Tia cough hearing about their trip and suman give water to her and she excused herself then after dinner both left for their flight after sometime both reach and sat in plane mahi was scared as she never traveled before as plane was about to take off mahi closed her eyes and aayan hold her hand and said
Aayan:don’t worry till I’m here nothing will happen to u promise
Mahi looked at aayan and both stare each other lovingly

Next Episode:Sorry I Had To Do It…
Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 6th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

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