A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 5)

Episode 5
The episode start with everyone came hospital and saw tia sleeping on bench they wake her up and ask about aayan she said he is fine they came toward aayan’s room and saw aanoor sleeping hugging each other and smile then they move toward canteen and took tia with them on the other side mahi wake up and saw aayan sleeping peacefully and smile she was about to get up but aayan was holding her so tightly and she was not able to get up and lie down again and stare aayan after sometime aayan wake up and saw mahi staring him and said
Aayan:don’t test my patient
Aayan:yes if u keep holding me like this and will stare me with such beautiful smile then i might lose my control babe
Mahi:aayan u r to much
Aayan:what to much this is nothing
Mahi:leave me and let me go
Aayan tighten his hold and said
Aayan:no way
Mahi:aayan please
Aayan:ok on one condition
Mahi:what condition
Aayan:if u give me something in return
Mahi:what u want
Aayan: ur attention ur love and u
Mahi was surprised Aayan then came close and mahi close her eyes they were about to kiss but tia came inside and mahi immediately get up from bed and aayan said
Aayan:don’t u think u should knock tia before coming inside
Tia:actually sorry i just came to see if u r awake or not suman aunty send me
Mahi:mom is here
Tia looked at mahi and said in cold tone
Tia:everyone is here when they came u both were sleeping that’s why they didn’t disturb u well how r u feeling now Aayan saying this she came close to aayan and sat on bench Aayan looked at mahi and said
Aayan:never feel better like this before saying this he smile and mahi blush and was going from there saying she’ll go and call everyone but aayan stop her and said
Aayan:tia will go and call everyone right tia
Tia:yeah sure saying this she get up and looked at mahi in anger and left as mahi didn’t saw tia and mahi was going but aayan hold her hand and said
Aayan:we shouldn’t left work in between saying this he pull her closer and hold her tightly from waist and came close and was about to kiss but mahi push him and run in washroom blushing and aayan laugh and said in mind
Aayan:god her smile is so beautiful mahi soon i will find the truth then u will be mine and u will accept me by ur mind also like u had accepted me by ur heart as I can see it clearly then everyone came and meet aayan and mahi after sometime mahi and aayan had bf while everyone gone back home for doing arrangements to welcome aayan as he is coming home then after sometime Aanoor came home their hands were entwined and seeing this tia thought to do something then Aanoor came in their room and mahi get fresh and she gone out to make lunch for everyone as aayan was sleeping she came in kitchen and start making lunch that time tia came and said
Tia:do u need any help
Mahi:no I’ll do it
Tia: ok then I’ll make tea saying this she came forward and put milk on stove she make the tea and pour it in a mug mahi was busy tia came near mahi and stand there and as mahi turn her hand hit the mug and that hot tea fall on mahi’s hand and she scream in pain everyone came along with aayan he saw mahi and run to her he saw her right hand was burned badly aayan hold her hand softly and said
Aayan:god mahi ur hand is burned saying this he looked at tia holding mug and aayan angrily said
Aayan:can’t u see u burned her hand
Tia:I didn’t did anything it was her fault she turn without seeing and hit her hand on mug saying this she left and aayan took mahi in room and everyone feel happy seeing Aanoor’s concern and love for each other then aayan make mahi sit on bed and did first aid then mahi was going and aayan said
Mahi:in kitchen to make lunch
Aayan:r u mad or what ur hand is burned and u want to cook food
Mahi:I’m not mad but
Aayan:but what saying this he look at door and saw suman going and he call her suman came in and said
Suman:what happened beta
Aayan:look at ur noor’s madness she want to cook food and when I’m refusing she is not listening to me
Suman:beta why r u not listening
Mahi:mom he is just overreacting it’s not paining that much I can cook
Aayan:yeah it’s not paining that much she can’t even hold something with her hand but its not paining that much
Mahi:aayan don’t interrupt between me and mom
Aayan:mahi she is my mom also
Mahi:but right now I’m talking
Suman smile seeing their cute fight then she stop them and said
Suman:stop it I’ll cook and no more discussions
Mahi:but mom
Aayan:mom said no more discussions saying this he show her tongue and mahi said
Mahi:u wait I’ll not leave u saying this she run behind him and suman left and both run here and there in room and then both get tired and fall on bed both laugh and aayan was mesmerized seeing mahi laughing then mahi saw him and said
Aayan came close and said
Aayan:u look really beautiful when u smile saying this he touch her hairs softly and mahi was getting up to go but aayan hold her hand and pull her back she fall on bed and he came on top of her and lean closer mahi closed her eyes and mahi don’t know why but she didn’t stop him then aayan whisper
Aayan:I love u mahi saying this he kiss her on lips softly then passionately for a long time both were lost in each other totally then when mahi realize what is happening she move back and both looked at each other with love in their eyes then mahi get up and run out of the room then everyone gather for lunch as mahi was not able to eat aayan make her eat and tia get angry because her plan backfired her then whole day passed like that

In night
Mahi came in room and saw aayan working on laptop she get angry and came toward him she stand in front of him and said
Mahi:what r u doing
Aayan:working babe
Mahi:u r not fine perfectly yet and u r working
Aayan:I’m fine jaan don’t worry
Mahi:first stop calling me babe and jaan and second I’m worrying because
Aayan:because I’m ur hubby
Mahi:no it was out of humanity saying this she close his laptop and out it on table and said
Mahi: did u had ur medicine
Aayan:yes s*xy
Aayan:what what u said don’t call me babe and jaan so I thought why not call u s*xy as u look saying this he wink and smile mahi just turn and walk toward cupboard and took out her saree by mistake it hit her hand and she shout
Aayan immediately run to her and said
Aayan:r u ok can’t u do carefully let me see saying this he hold her hand softly and mahi stare him lovingly then he said
Aayan:come I’ll change ur bandage saying this he make her sit and change her bandage then mahi was going but aayan stop her and said
Aayan:wait saying this he came toward cupboard and take out his shirt he give her his shirt and said
Aayan:wear this it will be easy to wear than saree
Mahi:thanks saying this she took the shirt and keep it on dressing table and start removing her jewelry but her hand was paining aayan saw and said
Aayan:should I call mom she’ll help u in changing
Mahi:no she is sleeping
Aayan think something and came behind her and said
Aayan:I’ll help saying this he remove her necklace and mahi stare him from mirror and closed her eyes feeling his touch then he remove her earrings then bangles then her anklets and at last her waist chain mahi fist her hands and aayan said
Mahi open her eyes and both stare each other from mirror then mahi hold the shirt from her right hand and it was paining aayan saw and said
Aayan:wait saying this he took the shirt and open the buttons and said
Aayan:removed the safety pin from ur pallu
Aayan:I won’t see promise I’m just helping u
Mahi:aayan I’ll do it I’m wearing legging under the shirt and I only have to wear shirt and I’ll do it
Aayan:really u can’t even hold it mahi so please let me help u and I promised I’ll closed my eyes saying this he closed his eyes and mahi said
Mahi:ok saying this she removed the safety pin and the saree fall down aayan ask mahi to give him the corner of saree and stand still she give the corner and didn’t move aayan move around her in a circle and removed her saree then he came behind and hold the knots and opened it then he unhooked her blouse and removed it all the while his eyes were closed he didn’t open even for a second then he make her wear the shirt and then open the zip of skirt then he ask mahi if she can buttoned her shirt and she said yes then she buttoned the shirt and said
Mahi:u can open ur eyes noe
Aayan open his eyes and saw mahi she was looking cute in pink short legging and white shirt then mahi said
Mahi:thank u
Aayan:anything for u saying this he smile and then both lie down on bed after sometime aayan turn in sleep and hug mahi she smile and hug him back and both fall asleep in each others arms peacefully

Next Episode:Aayan’s Business Trip With Mahi ?
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 5th episode how’s it tell me till end bye tc and love u all a lot ???????

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