A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 3)


Episode 3
The episode start with aayan came in his room and saw mahnoor sleeping he came toward her and smile seeing her she was looking cute and innocent he remembered what happened between them before bf and how mahnoor response when he kiss her then he get up and gone outside after sometime mahnoor wake up and saw the time it was 5:49 she thought to get ready and gone in washroom she came out and then someone knock on door and mahnoor said
Suman came inside and said
Suman:beta its me
Mahnoor:please aunty come
Suman:mom not aunty
Mahnoor:yes aunty
Mahnoor:sorry mom
Suman:good well I cane to give u this saree wear this in tonight’s party saying this she give the saree to mahnoor and said
Suman:and yeah I want to say please don’t take sleeping pills from now on
Mahnoor was shocked and said
Mahnoor:how do u know mom

Suman:last night I saw aayan standing out of room when I asked he said u took sleeping pills and u didn’t even changed so I changed ur clothes sorry if u feel bad
Mahnoor:no mom don’t say sorry please and thank u
Suman:ok now u get ready I’m going saying this she gone out and mahnoor said to herself
Mahnoor:that means aayan was lying he just want to irritate me god he can never change saying this she gone in washroom to change then after sometime she came out wearing blouse and skirt and stand in front of mirror and said
Mahnoor:god who made sarees its so difficult to wear then she thought to see how to wear saree she search on net and try to wear it by seeing in video she someone wear the saree had was completed and half was left that time aayan came inside and saw mahnoor trying to wear saree and smile because he know she don’t know how to wear saree he came toward her and by mistake he step on her saree and when mahnoor saw him she immediately try to cover herself and was going in washroom but because aayan’s foot was on her saree and as she take a step forward her whole saree unwrap and fall down on floor mahnoor closed her eyes in embarrassment aayan came close pick up her saree and warp it around her and said
Aayan:sorry I didn’t knew u were changing and by mistake I put my foot on ur saree
Mahnoor turn and looked at aayan and said
Mahnoor:why u lied in morning
Aayan:what i lied saying this he turn and walk toward cupboard and start finding his clothes for party and mahnoor said
Mahnoor:u said that u
Aayan:yeah say what
Mahnoor:u said that u I mean u said u changed my dress last night
Aayan:yeah so
Mahnoor:but u didn’t then why u lied
Aayan:just like that actually didn’t fight with u from so long that’s why Mahnoor don’t know why but a smile came on her lips hearing his answer aayan turn and said
Aayan:u haven’t learnt wearing saree yet
Mahnoor:so what it’s not easy
Aayan:its very easy
Mahnoor:really u r saying as if u know how to wear saree
Aayan:yeah I know
Mahnoor turn to him and said
Aayan:yeah I know let me help u saying thus hr came close to Mahnoor but she stop him and said
Mahnoor:no need I’ll do it

Aayan:yeah I can see how u will do it
Mahnoor: excuse me I was almost ready it was ur fault u put ur foot on my saree
Aayan:by mistake
Mahnoor: yeah yeah saying this she turn and walk toward mirror and pick up her phone and start finding some other video that moment suman knock on door and said
Suman:get ready fast beta guest r coming and come down together
Aayan:ok mom we r coming saying this hr looked at Mahnoor and said
Aayan:let me help u we r getting late
Aayan:no but saying this he came close and whisper in her ear
Aayan:wait r u scared that u might lose urself if I cane close as I think u still feel for me like I do saying this he looked at her and smile romantically mahnoor thought how he know everything about her then aayan said
Aayan:it means I’m right
Mahnoor:no its nothing like that I don’t feel anything
Aayan:then prove it
Mahnoor:what do u mean
Aayan:let me help u if u really don’t feel anything then it won’t affect u but if u r scared then leave it saying this he turn and smile because he know how to make her do what he want Mahnoor think for sometime and thought in mind
Mahnoor:I should take his help what if hr left and I failed to wear saree then after sometime mahnoor said
Mahnoor:ok fine
Aayan:good now watch and learn saying this Aayan smile and turn to her he take her saree and start warping it around her and mahnoor stare aayan lovingly without realizing then after sometime aayan said

Mahnoor looked at herself in mirror and smile because the saree was warp perfectly then aayan came close to her he warp his hands around her waist and whisper
Aayan:sorry I lied that I wanted to fight with u actually I said that I changed ur clothes just to irritate u and u know what there was another reason I didn’t touch u
Mahnoor gather some courage and said
Mahnoor: what reason
Aayan:I want u to feel my touch because I love how u response and how u lose urself in my arms saying this he kiss her neck and then said
Aayan:come out fast after getting ready I’m going in other room to change saying this he left and mahnoor get ready then after sometime both came down and mahnoor’s parents meet them then after sometime Aanoor’s parents gone in other room to talk now there was only youngsters then aayan’s frds came and meet them and ask them to dance aayan agreed before mahnoor can refused then aayan hold her hand and took get in middle he hold her from her waist and mahnoor’s hands were on his shoulder then song start ( this song is not from any movie this song is of ” The Bilz And Kashif”

Raat jaavan mast samaan,
issi mai honton se hont mila
jisme tera aur ye aada,
saaseh sulagti hai hosh kaha…
meri bahuun mein aao zara,
meri dhadkan me samao zara…..
meri ulfat mein bikar jao,
jalne do. behakne do.

Mahnoor felt little uncomfortable and try to make distance between them but aayan pull her more closer and hold her tightly

sun ye machalti ragani,
jaise teri aada…..
jazbaat ki yeh mastiya tera hi hai nasha….
let me love you (down, down down) ,
all night (long long long)
i wanna turn you (on on on) ,
charne do ye nasha……

Aayan spin Mahnoor her back was touching his front

(yehh ohh yeaa)

from your lips to your hips to your fingertips,
I wanna kiss your body all over,

Then with lyrics aayan kiss her shoulder

from the goosebumps on your skin…
baby you dont have to say a word,

Then aayan kiss her neck and was kissing continuously

you saw my imagination
kashif on a mission,
to give you everything that your bodys been missing
i cant wait no more(no more) im gonna explode (explode)
im waiting anticipating tonight its going down

Then he turn her and Mahnoor hug him her head rested on his chest aayan hug her back tightly

sun yeh machalti ragani,
jaise teri aada…
jazbaat ki ye mastiya.
tera hi hai nasha……..
let me love you (down, down down) ,
all night (long long long)
i wanna turn you (on on on) ,
charne do yeh nasha…..

tuje bahu mein bharkar pyar duun..
(so i wanna get them all i want) 
tere pehlu mein raat guzardu
( bcoz im drowinging in your love)
meri jaan meri wafa…..
let me love you (down, down down) ,
all night (long long long)
i wanna turn you (on on on) ,
charne do yeh nasha….

sun yeh machalti ragani,
jaise teri aada…..jaise teri aada
jazbaat ki yeh mastiya
tera hi hai nasha

Then song end and everyone clap and both came in their sense and mahnoor immediately separate herself from him and stand far from him

Next Episode:Aanoor’s long drive
Hey frds h r u all?
here is the 3th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

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