A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 14) Second Last Episode

Episode 14 (Second Last Episode)
The episode start with mahi was crying after knowing the truth and aayan came home and look for mahi he came in room and saw mahi sitting on bed lowering her face he came close and saw her crying he immediately came to mahi and hold her and said
Aayan:babe what’s wrong is everything ok
Mahi saw aayan and hug him tightly and said
Mahi:I’m so sorry aayan I’m really sorry

Aayan:mahi what happened why r u saying sorry again I told u na its not ur fault then why r u
Mahi:no Aayan its my fault I should’ve listen to u u always told me that u didn’t did anything but I never listen I’m so sorry aayan
Aayan:mahi what r u saying babe look at me saying this aayan make mahi look at him and said
Aayan:now tell me what happened did anyone said anything
Mahi:no actually I was seeing videos then I realized it was ur phone I was putting it back but by mistaken my finger touched one video and I saw ur and siya’s video and saying this mahi start crying and aayan was shocked he embrace mahi tightly and said
Aayan:I’m sorry mahi i know I should’ve told u but I didn’t want to break ur heart that’s why I’m so sorry mahi please don’t cry like this mahi please
Mahi:I’m so sorry aayan I should’ve believed u I’m so sorry
Aayan:ssshh don’t cry mahi its ok saying this aayan make mahi look at him and wipe her tears he kiss her forehead and mahi said
Mahi:aayan even tia want to break our relation

Aayan:don’t worry mahi I won’t let anyone separate us promise I’m here na I’ll always be with u
Mahi:but why everyone want to snatch u from me saying this mahi cried and aayan said
Aayan:first stop crying babe and I promised till I’m alive my yours and if anyone try to separate us I won’t let them do it I promise and u promise me if ever again something happens we won’t fight we’ll talk and clear our misunderstanding ok
Mahi:I promise I’ll always trust u and will ask u if anything happens promise
Aayan:good now don’t cry please for me saying this aayan wipe her tears and mahi hug him tightly aayan hug her back and both sat there for sometime then mahi looked at aayan and both stare each other lovingly aayan came close and kiss her forehead and mahi smile then aayan said
Aayan:look I came to tell u we’re going out so get ready
Mahi:where’re we going
Aayan:surprise babe now go get ready

Mahi:please tell me na
Aayan:no sweet heart I won’t u go get ready first
Mahi:ok baba saying this mahi gone near cupboard and aayan call someone and gone out mahi thought what to wear then she gone in washroom to take shower and thought she’ll find clothes after shower when aayan came he saw mahi was in washroom he came in other room to get ready then mahi came out and open the cupboard she took out LEAH OFF-SHOULDER DRESS WHITE and thought in mind
Mahi:he’ll definitely love this saying this she get ready and came out as Aayan was already out waiting for her aayan saw mahi and he was mesmerized he couldn’t take his eyes off of her mahi came and stand in front of him she wave her hand and said
Mahi:stop staring aayan
Aayan:god mahi u r looking so so so

Aayan:s*xy saying this he smile naughtily and mahi blush then aayan open the door and make mahi sit in car and then sat on driver seat and drive to their destination mahi was looking out of window then after a drive of an hour both reach in front of a jungle mahi saw it and said
Mahi:aayan is it a surprise or u want to make me food of animals
Aayan:babe I won’t let any animal eat u because u r mine food saying this Aayan wink and mahi hit on his shoulder and said
Mahi:aayan u r so shameless
Aayan:off course I’m but only for u s*xy well don’t worry there is no animal in this jungle so leta go
Mahi:no I’m not coming
Aayan:don’t be scared I’m here na come saying this he came out and open the door for mahi she came out and aayan lift her in his arms and said

Aayan:don’t be scared I’m here na to keep I save swing this he start walking and mahi stare him lovingly both reach after a walk of 5 min aayan put mahi down and she was shocked there was a island she look behind and there was jungle then she look everywhere it was beautifully decorated with leathern there was a small tent and a table for two also then she looked at aayan and he hit her from behind and said
Aayan:liked it
Mahi:I loved it aayan it’s so beautiful
Aayan:not more than my babe saying this he kiss her shoulder and mahi closed her eyes and hold aayan’s hand tightly he kept kiss her shoulder and neck then aayan stop and mahi turn to him both stare each other and mahi slowly slowly came close and hug aayan tightly and said
Mahi:never leave me aayan
Aayan:I won’t babe because I love u so much
Mahi:I love u too
Aayan:I love u more
Mahi:how can u say this
Aayan:because I’m saying I love u saying this aayan smile and mahi smile back then aayan said
Aayan:let’s have dinner
Mahi:ok saying this both came near the table and had dinner after dinner aayan was sitting taking the support of tent and mahi’s back was touching his front as he was hugging her from behind both were talking then suddenly mahi said

Mahi:u r not angry na
Aayan:ooohh my babe stop asking me this again and again I’m not angry at all now please don’t ask again
Mahi become silent and aayan turn her face to his side and saw her eyes was filled with tears aayan wipe her tears and said
Aayan:what is this mahi why r u crying now I told u na don’t think about that much please
Mahi:but u should be angry I misunderstood u so much
Aayan:now u understand me na that’s enough
Mahi:but before mahi could say anything else Aayan put his finger on her lips and said
Aayan:not a word more u talk so much
Mahi:really I talk so much now see I won’t say anything
Aayan:good saying this he removed his finger and mahi stare him angrily then she get up and start walking on sand aayan to came and start walking with her he hold her hand but mahi jerk his hand and walk forward aayan smile and came to her and said
Aayan:god so much anger huh
Mahi didn’t said anything and keep walking aayan tried but she didn’t said a word then aayan thought something and smile he hold mahi’s hand she turn and he pull her closer both stare each other lovingly then aayan kiss her forehead and mahi closed her eyes then he kiss her eyes and cheeks mahi hold his shirt but didn’t said anything Aayan looked at her lips and mahi open her eyes aayan looked at mahi and then at her lips he came close and mahi closed her eyes again but he didn’t kiss her and left her mahi open her eyes and looked at aayan he turn to go but mahi stop him and said
Mahi:what happened

Aayan turn to her and said
Aayan:umm nothing saying this he look here and there mahi understand that he is still thinking that he might force her if he came close much she smile and came close to aayan she close his eyes with her right hand and softly kiss on his lips as he felt her lips he hold her waist and kiss her back passionately both were lost in their world then after a long passionate kiss both released each other to take breath both stare each other and mahi hug aayan and said
Mahi:don’t think to stay away from me else I’ll not be able to stay alive without u
Aayan:don’t say like this ever again mahi else I’ll won’t leave u
Mahi:then don’t I’m all yours
Aayan make mahi looked at him and mahi smile and aayan cupped her face and mumbled on her lips
Aayan:u mean I can
Mahi nod in yes and Aayan kiss her passionately mahi kiss him back and then aayan lift mahi in his arms and came in tent it was lighted with candles he lie her down on bed which was there he came on top of her and kiss her again and said

Aayan:u don’t have any idea how much I have waited for this for making u mine for loving u for having u in my arms I just love u so much mahi I don’t want to stay away from u anymore
Mahi:even I don’t want u to stay away from me I want to be yours completely please make me yours aayan I love u saying this mahi hug aayan tightly and aayan hug her back then after sometime aayan kiss mahi’s neck and shoulder and mahi tightly hold him by shoulder then aayan gently took off her dress and mahi covered herself from blanket aayan took off his clothes and came under blanket he kiss her from head to toe making her wet from his kiss and mahi closed her eyes tightly feeling his lips on her body aayan then blow the candles and both consummate their marriage

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Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 14th episode how’s it tell me after reading and thanks a lot for all the support and love u guys r really every supportive and loving thank u so so so much guys I can’t tell u how happy I’m to write stories here I’m so glad and overwhelmed I still can’t believed that next episode is the last episode of my 6th story and I’ll be writing 7th story next which intro is already posted “Desires” I really hope u guys will love it and if not love then maybe like I promise I’ll try to make it good so see u soon again till then bye tc and love u all ???

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