A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 12)

Episode 12
The episode start with aayan came home from office he was thinking how to apologized to mahi for his rude behavior and all what he said he came in room and saw mahi pressing his shirts and was talking on phone her phone was on speaker it was aayan’s mom aayan thought to listen what she is saying and suman said
Suman:and how’s aayan
Mahi stop for a second and then said
Mahi:he is perfectly fine mom
Suman:beta is everything ok
Mahi:yeah mom everything is fine
Suman:beta actually I wanted to ask u something
Mahi:yes mom u don’t need to ask me before saying anything
Suman:actually what u guys have thought about making ur family
Mahi suddenly stop altogether all the bitter memories came in mahi’s mind their fight, mahi’s unsuccessful hard work to get aayan’s forgiveness, aayan anger, his harsh words and shouting and tears start flowing from mahi’s eyes when mahi didn’t said anything suman said
Suman:what happened beta did I said something wrong
Mahi came in sense and said
Mahi:no mom u didn’t said anything wrong actually we haven’t thought about it yet
Suman:ooohh I thought something is wrong or u guys had any fight that’s why u didn’t said anything
Mahi:no mom nothing like that
Suman:ok beta now I have to go I’ll talk to u later
Mahi:ok mom bye saying this mahi end the call and tears start flowing from her eyes she start crying she was tired now she can’t tolerate it anymore aayan’s anger and his ignorance and aayan who was standing at door saw the iron it was lying on right side and mahi was about to put her hand on the hot iron he immediately run and stop mahi and mahi immediately turn and saw aayan seeing him she get scared then suddenly she realize his shirt it was burned mahi get scared thinking aayan will shout and said in fear
Mahi:Please Don’t Get Angry I’m Sorry saying this she distance herself from him and aayan was guilty as hell seeing her so much afraid of him he can see the fear in her eyes he didn’t said anything and left from there he came out of the house and sat in car he start the car and left aayan was driving and was remembering whatever he said to mahi and did with her he couldn’t believe how scared she was and all because of him he realize that he lost her again and he said to himself
Aayan: god what I have done to her she is scared of me of her aayan its all because of my anger and shouting I promised her that I won’t shout on her again but I broke it now I had to do something I had to make her like she was and for that first I had finish her fear but how thinking about that he came back to home and saw mahi making dinner he came and asked
Aayan:is dinner ready
Mahi turn and get scared because of sudden voice and said
Mahi:yeah I’ll sat the table saying this she came out and sat the table aayan came and sat on chair mahi serve him and was going but aayan hold her hand softly and mahi turn she was shocked because after so many days he was talking and came near her and aayan said
Aayan:please eat with me
Aayan:yeah please
Mahi felt little happy she sat beside him and aayan serve her mahi was really happy seeing old aayan his caring and love then they start eating mahi was about to take her first bite but mahi was not able to eat the love and care for which she was dying get but now as she was getting she just couldn’t control aayan saw mahi in tears and said
Mahi put the spoon back and immediately run from there in room she came in room and start crying she cried badly aayan also came behind mahi and saw her crying he run and hug her tightly and said
Aayan:I’m so sorry mahi please don’t cry I’m sorry when aayan said this he also had tears in his eyes mahi feel his love and couldn’t control her feelings and hug him back the fear suddenly vanished and the love left

Next Episode:Aayan’s Way To Ask Forgiveness ?
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 12th episode how’s it tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ??

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