A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 11)

Episode 11
The episode start with mahi came back from temple and came in room she saw aayan lost and said
Mahi:what happened aayan
Aayan came in sense and said
Aayan:mahi I need to talk to u its urgent
Mahi:about what
Aayan:about tia
Mahi:what happened is she fine
Aayan:yeah actually when I came home after meeting my frds I heard tia saying before aayan could complete tia knock on door and said
Tia:noor aunty is calling u
Aanoor looked at tia and mahi said
Mahi:u go I’m coming
Tia:ok saying this she left and mahi said
Mahi:yeah tell me
Aayan:not now I don’t want any disturbance so u go first to mom and see what she want say then we’ll talk
Mahi:ok I’ll just come in a min saying this mahi left and aayan get busy in work but he was not able to work thinking about whatever tia said after sometime they had dinner and mahi came in room aayan was in balcony and mahi hug him from behind and said
Mahi:aayan what’s wrong u r lost
Aayan turn to her and said
Aayan:mahi actually
Mahi:what happened u wanted to say something
Aayan:yeah actually mahi tia want to separate us
Mahi:what r u saying aayan
Aayan:yes mahi when I came home today I heard tia talking on phone and she said she want to kill u and she is the one who fail the breaks of ur car
Mahi:aayan but why she will do it
Aayan:because she said she want me
Mahi:I’m sure there is some misunderstanding because she told me she love someone else
Aayan:what who
Mahi:she didn’t tell me his name but said once she will told him end she’ll tell me
Aayan:I don’t know mahi but something is wrong
Mahi:leave it aayan u r thinking too much saying this she hug him and aayan hug her back then both talk for sometime and fall asleep

Next Morning
Aayan wake up and saw mahi sleeping he smile and then think about tia and whatever she said then he came out and saw tia she was talking to someone he came and saw vyom he couldn’t hear anything when tia came inside he hide and then silently follow vyom he came and stop near a house he entered in and vyom was giving medicine to someone an old lady he turn and vyom was shocked to see him as both has seen each other before aayan came toward him and said
Aayan:what r u doing here and how do u know tia
Vyom:she is my frd or u can say she was
Aayan:what do u mean
Vyom:u know who is she saying this he turn to that old lady and said
Vyom:she is my mother and she is paralyzed only because of tia
Aayan was shocked and said
Aayan:what tia what have she done
Vyom:when I run away and refused to marry Mahnoor tia came and told me that u marry Mahnoor and she was angry because she loves u she asked me to go back and ask mahnoor to marry me and when I refused she did this with my mother and now she have that medicine from which my mom can be fine and only she know it no one else and now she want me to kill Mahnoor only then she will tell me the name of that medicine and she also fail the breaks of mahnoor’s car but u saved her and now she want me to kidnap her and kill her please do something I don’t know what to do I don’t want to do anything wrong with noor but I want to save my mom also saying this vyom broke down on floor aayan came and said
Aayan:don’t worry I’ll help u I promise but u have to promise me something
Vyom:I’ll do anything to save my mom
Aayan:just don’t tell anything to tia and do as she want but before doing anything just tell me so that I can save my mahnoor and in that way tia will keep giving u the medicine and I promise I’ll find the name of that midicine soon
Vyom: ok I promise thanks u and mahnoor is very lucky to have such a husband like u
Aayan:thanks now I should go bye saying this aayan left and after sometime he reached home he came in and gone in his room mahi was getting ready she saw aayan and said
Mahi:where were u I was calling u but u didn’t attend
Aayan:actually mahi whatever I said yesterday about tia was right she want to kill u please be careful
Mahi:aayan u r still stuck in that I told u na she can’t do anything like this in fact u know just few mins before I was about to fall from terrace but tia saved me now say if she want to kill me then why she would save me
Aayan:u r not getting it mahi
Mahi:aayan u r thinking wrong about tia and she is good and nice
Aayan was angry now like really angry he hate it when she don’t believe him and in anger he said
Aayan:mahnoor why don’t believe me yaar I don’t get it u know what I just don’t want to say anything now because u never believed me not before and not even now
Mahi:aayan its not like that
Aayan:it is like that mahi u never trusted me never ever u just said to said right
Mahi:no aayan I trust u
Aayan:no Mahnoor u don’t in fact u know u can trust anyone like even a stranger but not me because I’m always wrong and u know what now I know why u never let me take our marriage to next level because u don’t trust me u don’t trust me before u don’t trust me now
Mahi was now crying and while crying said
Mahi:no aayan I trust u and I love u
Aayan:no mahi u don’t neither u trust me nor u love me so what’s the need of talking now right I’m going saying this he left and gone out of the house tia saw him leaving and thought what happened to him then whole day passed like that aayan was out the whole day he didn’t even attend mahi’s call because this time he was really fed up of proving himself right to mahi and now he had decided that he won’t forgive mahi this time easily on the other side mahi cried a lot and was really hurt she never thought that aayan think she don’t love him and this is the reason she never give herself to him completely but it was nothing like that in fact mahi was planing to give surprise to him as she had arranged a date for him and she also want to tell him that she want to be his completely but this happened and all because of her she knew it’s all because of her and she had to work hard for his forgiveness now but she had decided that she will go to any extend to get his love back with this thought mahi wiped her tears and came out of the room she waited the whole day for aayan but he didn’t came

In night
Aayan finally came at dinner and when everyone asked he said he was with frds and he even refused to have dinner saying he had it with frds but but mahi know he was alone because he don’t want to see mahi and he didn’t had dinner because of that even mahi refused saying she is not hungry then after everyone had dinner mahi came in room with dinner but aayan was sleeping she wake him up and said that she want to have dinner with him but he refused and asked her not to disturb him and fall sleep again mahi took the dinner and put it back in kitchen and came back in room she lie down but was not able to sleep she feel like begging aayan but he didn’t want to listen she can tolerate anything but can’t tolerate aayan’s anger and silence then days passed like that its been 2 week but aayan still didn’t talk mahi is trying hard to get his forgiveness but no response from aayan he didn’t even look at her now mahi tried everything but nothing is working she is giving up now she can’t handle his hatred now then the day came when Aanoor’s parent left now aayan, mahi and tia staying in home

One day in evening
Aayan came home from office tia was not at home she was staying with her frd for a day only Aanoor was left at home alone and mahi had decorated the room to surprise aayan she was thinking maybe now after hard work of 2 week he might forgive her she was waiting for aayan in their room aayan came and was shocked to see the whole room decorated mahi turn to him she was ready in beautiful Black Chiffon Off Shoulder Short Loose Casual Dress she came toward him and said
Mahi:r u still angry
Aayan was angry still because he don’t want to get hurt again and in anger he said
Aayan:now I don’t have any right to be angry huh saying this was going but mahi held his hand and said
Mahi:aayan please forgive me na please
Aayan:mahi leave my hand I don’t want to talk about it
Mahi:aayan please look I have decorated the whole room for u
Aayan:so what
Mahi:so I…mean actually u said I didn’t let u take our marriage to next level because I don’t trust u but its nothing like that and that’s why I decorated this room for I mean u know what I mean right
Aayan was so angry on the thing that she think if they get intimate everything will be fine and he will forgive her but no its not like that he won’t even if he want her so badly but no he won’t forgive her it was now his self respect and in this frustration that he can’t have her even when he want her he shouted
Aayan:no mahi I don’t get it and I don’t even want to get it now so please stop doing this I don’t want anything
Mahi:what do u mean aayan
Aayan:if u think that u would do all this u will come wearing this dress and u will say let’s take our relation to the next level I’ll be happy and I’ll forgive u so u r wrong because I’m not a blo*dy toy for u who u can love and hate anytime u want so please stop irritating me and let me live my life like I want saying this he was going but mahi knee down in front of him and said
Mahi:Aayan u r getting me wrong I just want to make u believe that I trust u and I love u Aayan:like this
Mahi:u said that day that I don’t love u or trust u that’s why I didn’t let u take our relation to the next level so I want to make u believe that its not like u think
Aayan:mahi just let me go
Mahi:aayan please I promise I’ll do what u want I’ll be a good wife and I’ll always listen to u but please forgive me don’t go like this please
Aayan was fed up and shouted
Aayan:mahnoor stop it just stop it I’m not a womanizer that I’ll u know what let me just go and live in peace saying this he left from there and mahi was shocked she can’t believe he think about her like this she didn’t mean it like he thought she cried a lot few day passed but now mahi was really scared of aayan now his shouting and his anger make mahi so afraid that she was not even able to look at him he started to do everything carefully so that aayan don’t get angry on her and now aayan started to realize his mistake he shouldn’t have shouted on her this much and thought to say sorry

Next Episode:Please Don’t Get Angry I’m Sorry
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 11th episode I’m so sorry actually was little upset so well anyways leave all that I’m continuing my stories so tell me how’s this I thought to add some twist so tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

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