A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 10)


Episode 10
The episode start with aayan get up in morning and saw mahi sleeping by taking support of bed wall as he was sleeping in her lap he stare her lovingly and then get up he kiss her forehead and gently make her lie on bed as she was in deep sleep she didn’t wake up aayan gone in washroom and get ready he came out and mahi was still sleeping he came toward bed sat beside mahi and caresses her hair and said
Aayan:mahi babe wake up its morning
Mahi open her eyes little and said
Mahi:please 5 more mins
Aayan:ok only 5 saying this he lie down beside her and she hug him after 5mins aayan said
Aayan:ur time is over
Mahi:no its so soon
Aayan:yes because time is over now get up saying this he hold her hand and took her in washroom and said
Aayan:now go else if I’ll come with u then it will take even more time saying this aayan wink and mahi widen her eye on and said
Mahi:aayan u r too much saying this she push him and gone in washroom after sometime she came out ready she was wearing Pink Georgette Floor Length Anarkali Suit (The link is below

after sometime she came down and aayan get mesmerized seeing mahi then she came and sat beside aayan they had bf after that everyone talked and Aanoor give gifts to everyone then mahi came in kitchen and was making tea for everyone that time tia came in and said
Tia:do u want any help
Mahi:no its ok I’m almost done thanks
Tia:well we don’t know each other yet
Tia:so let’s be frds saying this she extend her hand and mahi shake hand and said
Mahi:frds saying this tia help mahi and both talked and become good frds then they had lunch and get busy in work then time passes like that its been a month now and aayan and mahi haven’t spend much time together and aayan is angry with mahi as she spend most of the time with family and now as mahi and tia r frds they work together in house and because of that aayan is not getting much time with mahi

One Day In Night
Mahi came in room and saw aayan working she locked the door and walk to cupboard she was thinking how to say sorry to aayan as he is angry because she is not spending much time with him she changed in Yellow Colored Semi Georgette Plain Fancy Saree and sat beside aayan but he didn’t look at her she came more close and said
Aayan still didn’t looked at her and continued his work mahi didn’t understand what to do but then she again said
Mahi:Aayan sorry na please
Aayan looked at mahi and said
Aayan:ooh so finally u got sometime for ur husband huh or is there anything u want to say or ask saying this he get up from bed and put the files on table and gone in balcony mahi followed him and came in balcony she hug him from behind and said
Mahi:sorry baba I won’t do anything like this again actually after 3 week mom, dad, papa and maa is leaving na so that’s why but I promise I will spend time with u
Aayan:no need I got to see ur face once a day it’s enough na because I’m nothing I’m not important na so leave it saying this he jerk her and came inside lie down on bed and pull blanket over mahi thought what to do and then an idea came in her mind and mahi near bed she lie down and came under the blanket and hug aayan from behind but he jerk her again and get up from bed and stand near window mahi too get up and came behind him and put her hand on his shoulder and aayan turn to her and said
Aayan:what now why r u before he could say anything else mahi kiss him and aayan become shocked but then he kiss her back he hold her from waist tightly and mahi put her hands around his neck and both kiss passionately then both released and stare each other mahi turn to go but aayan hold her hand and pull her closer and said
Aayan:hmmm someone is blushing saying this he kiss on mahi’s cheek and mahi closed her eyes then aayan moved his lips from cheek to her lips he touch her lips with his lightly and then moved his lips on her neck and kiss her neck passionately mahi hold his shirt tightly and said
Mahi:I love u aayan
Aayan:I love u too mahi he said this while kissing which made it more lovingly then aayan lift her in his arms and moved to bed he lie her down and came on top of her and said
Aayan:now I’ll see how u run away from me
Mahi:I won’t run away
Aayan:so I can I mean u don’t have any problem now
Mahi:this is ur right aayan but because of me I mean I’m sorry saying this mahi hug aayan and he said
Aayan:no mahi its not ur fault u have every right to take time if u r not ready for this and I understand
Mahi:no aayan i’m sorry I’m not giving u ur rights but I promise I will
Aayan:mahi stop thinking about this ok it just been a month to our marriage not hundred years so please and don’t think that I’m upset and u r not a good wife because u r a brilliant wife and just love making is not everything na so forget it and let’s sleep na I’m sleepy saying this aayan switch off the lights and both fall asleep in each others arms
1 Week Later

Aayan came home as he was out with frds no one was in home as everyone was in temple aayan came and was going in his room but stop in mid when he heard tia talking on phone
Tia:what money for what u want more money mahi is alive nothing happen to her instead aayan met with an accident I want aayan and I will do anything to make him mine I just want to separate aayan and mahi and for that if I have to kill mahi I’ll do it by myself now don’t call me again and get lost saying this she cut the call and aayan run in his room silently he came inside and locked the door aayan couldn’t believe tia did everything to separate him from mahi he think whatever wrong happened with mahi and realized that tia was behind everything then he said to himself
Aayan:I have to tell mahi about this

Next Episode:U Never Believed Me
Hey frds h r u all?
Here Is the 10th episode how’s it well I’m not much happy with all of u as I’m feeling like no one is liking my stories because I’m not getting much comment like before so please tell me if u don’t like it I’ll end them all ??

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  1. Sorry 4 not commenting before dear I’m really busy with collage n studies but any ways ur stories r really really good as always I love it n once again sorry 4 not commenting before

    1. awww its ok actually was little upset ?

  2. I love the episode

  3. No yaar its not like that that noone is reading . I am reading daily but because of exams I get less time and so I avoid commenting . But you don’t worry I will regularly comment after my exams that is after 18 th march just 3 more days. I am a silent reader but have read all your 6 story and I want you not to stop writing please You are a good writer . You will be having many readers also silent reader . Please all silent readers like me comment . -:’

    1. awww thanks a lot dear ??

  4. Mahi didnt believe him? But why he is her love na

    1. you’ll know in next episode ?

  5. don’t say angel your story is not liking, u are wonderful writer and your all story r amazing all are little busy in studies this month so don’t lose hope.ok my princess.

    1. thanks a lot swara means a lot to me I really needed to hear this love u ??

  6. Nice one

  7. Awesome Angel..

  8. Angel….dear I can’t see u with that sad face…u look good with smiling face…so keep smiling. All ur stories r amazing n fantastic yaar so don’t feel sad ..k,..superb episode dear… Wow Now arjun knew about tia…
    Luv u…tc…???

    1. thanks a lot lakshmi u always make me smile with ur comment love u dear tc???

  9. It was a cute episode!! Mahi said it finally… Finally he found out that Tia is behind it all… What does the precap mean?! Please don’t so something that’ll hurt them both..

    Post soon… Love you ??

    1. thanks a lot love u too ??

  10. its really good dear please continue

  11. Ur stories are really very gud. I just love them. Sry for not commenting, am busy with some assignments.. But am reading every episode daily.

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  12. No… U should not stop.. U write really well…??

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  13. Darling,
    Please don’t stop…..u are brilliant and great going….as i said wifi problem…dear…
    i was almost death without these stories…..please continue….and write more and more

    1. thanks a lot dear means a lot to me really love u ??

  14. Awesome episode angel my sweeeeeet princess. …it’s really superbbbb epiits …loved the way Mahi convinced Ayaan…Tia the vamp, so dirty mind…glad Ayaan knows her true face now…loving this story very very muchhhhhh. …keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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