A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 1)

Episode 1
The episode start with a girl who is sitting in front of the mirror in bridal dress surrounded by 3 to 4 girls who r helping her in getting ready but the bride is not looking happy after the girl is ready 2 lady’s entered in room and the girls run out both lady’s came and stand behind the bride and 1st lady said
Lady:my mahnoor is looking so beautiful
Girl:thank u maa
(So the lady is the mother of our heroin and the bride is heroin) then the 2nd lady came and said
2nd Lady:susma (heroine’s mother name) she always look beautiful
Mahnoor: thank u suman aunty
Suman:where is Aayan

Susma:I don’t know where is he
Suman:u don’t know then no one knows
Suman: off course I’m his real mother but he always listen to u and u always know about his whereabout
(So suman is aayan’s mother who is our hero)
Susma: like Mahnoor listen to u
Suman: yes she is my daughter saying this they laugh they were just talking when someone from down throw something in room it was a paper warp with stone everyone get scared because of sudden sound then suman pick the paper and remove the stone and read it and was shocked seeing this Mahnoor took the paper and read and this is what was written
“Dear Mahnoor I’m sorry but I can’t marry u I love someone else and I’m running away from here bye vyom” mahnoor get shocked and susma also read the latter and start crying mahnoor was froze in her place even though she don’t want to marry but it will happen like this was not expected listening crying sound 2 man came in room 1st one came toward susma and said
Man:what happened susma what’s going on
2nd man came toward suman and said

2nd man:what happened sumo (suman)
Suman:ji vyom refused to marry mahnoor saying this she show the latter and he read it and tell the 1st man and he broke down and 2nd man said
2nd man:raj don’t cry please control urself if u will do this then who will handle bhabhi and mahnoor
(Raj is mahnoor’s dad )
Raj:abhi how can I control myself he cheated my daughter
(Abhi is aayan’s dad)
Mahnoor seeing her parents crying couldn’t control they were tense because of her for her thinking who will marry her now she become upset and then suddenly Mahnoor fainted abhi saw her and shout
Abhi:mahnoor saying this he came toward her and everyone get shocked suman came to check her as she is doctor she check mahnoor and said
Suman:because of worry she fainted don’t worry susma sit beside mahnoor and suman said
Suman: abhi please come here saying this she drag abhi to a corner and said
Suman:abhi now what guest r already here everything is done and now this what will happen if everyone get to know about this everyone will blame Mahnoor
Abhi:no will know anything this wedding will happen
Suman:but how
Abhi:where is aayan
Suman:he didn’t came yet
Abhi:call him and ask him to come fast
Suman:ok saying this she call aayan on the other side its shown that a boy and a girl is in car and the boy said

Boy:u took to long to get ready
Girl:aayan please girls took time to get ready
(So the boy is none other than our hero)
Aayan:ok baba both were talking when suddenly aayan’s phone ring he saw and said
Aayan:tia mom is calling pick up and put on speaker
(So the girl is tia aayan’s best friend)
Tia:ok saying this she attend the call and put on speaker and aayan said
Aayan:yes mom
Suman:aayan where r u
Aayan:on my way mom what happened
Suman:come fast
Aayan:is everything alright
Suman:u just come fast and listen come from back door

Aayan:ok mom bye saying this he cut the call and after sometime they reach and aayan ask tia go to and told her the way and said he’ll come after parking the car tia then came out and left and aayan after parking the car came out he was going but then he saw the broad wedding broad on which the name of bride and groom was written he saw it and his eyes become red because of anger he came toward the broad and remove the groom name and throw it on floor then left and came inside as he came inside suman and abhi took him in room tia was also coming but aayan stop her and said
Aayan:u wait here saying this aayan came inside and suman lock the door and abhi tell everything to aayan he was shocked then he said he want to meet raj and susma they came in room and Aayan saw mahnoor she was lying on bed unconscious he came toward susma and said
Aayan:maa (aayan call mahnoor’s mom )

Susma looked at aayan and hug him crying and said
Susma:look what he did to my noor(mahnoor’s nick name)
Aayan:don’t cry maa everything will be fine
Raj:how beta nothing will be fine
Susma:who will marry her vyom ruined my daughter’s life what will happen if baraat will not come what will people say everyone will point finger on my noor
Aayan looked at mahnoor she was in bridal dress then he looked at suman and she said
Suman:because of worry she fainted

Aayan think something then he hold susma’s hand and said
Aayan:maa baraat will come
Everyone looked at aayan and abhi said
Abhi:son r u serious
Raj:what r u saying beta
Susma:r u saying truth
Aayan:yes I will marry her and I promise I will keep her happy and no one will know anything saying this he looked at mahnoor and recall something and smile then aayan came out and gone in other room suman and abhi came and said
Abhi:we r proud of u son

Suman:I’m really happy
Aayan just smiled and then suman give aayan wedding clothes which she ordered for him in emergency and said
Suman:get ready

Aayan:ok mom saint this he took the dress and abhi & suman came out aayan lock the door and turn he take out a box in which there was a ring he stare at ring and then he changed and put that ring back in his pocket and then came out abhi took aayan in mandap that time tia was not there after sometime susma and suman came down with Mahnoor Aayan saw her and was lost in her beauty she was looking a perfect bride in White Lehenga With Beautiful Heavy Embroidery And Green Shirt With Red Chffon Dupatta then susma make mahnoor sit beside aayan and the rituals start then the pandit ask them to get up for pheras and then they start pheras mahnoor was feeling weak then after 4 pheras mahnoor feel dizzy suman saw her and called her name because of which aayan look behind at mahnoor as she was about to fall aayan hold her and said in whisper which only mahnoor can hear
Aayan:careful mahi his voice was filled with love and concern mahnoor looked at aayan and both stare each other and seeing them their parents smile then they start taking pheras again aayan was holding mahnoor her left hand was in his left hand and his right hand was on her right shoulder and while taking pheras both stare each other after pheras both sit down and then aayan make her wear mangalsutra and then he fill her headline with sindoor and at the same time tia came and saw aayan filling mahnoor’s headline with sindoor and get shocked then pandit declare them husband and wife and everyone smile and aayan looked at mahnoor who was looking down then after wedding its time for bidaai anf then mahnoor and aayan sit in car and left for home

Next Episode:U Were Mine U R Mine And U Will Always Be Mine…

Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 1st episode how’s it and yeah thanks a lot for all ur lovely comments on its intro I didn’t expected that u guys will immediately recognize me well thanks once again and tell me how’s it till then bye take care and love u all a lot ???

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