A beautiful relationship [Teaser]

Hello everyone sorry for the delay as I was busy with my exams I couldnt concentrate on the story but stil I am giving you some detail about this story. Every Saturday or Sunday I will post the story if not may be in the weekdays to compensate and for now just a trailer for the upcoming track. REALIZATION TRACK.

As the party started everyone were enjoying the drinks and somewhere into eachother eyes. Guess who………its Rago and Lucky. They were so much indulged into eachother that Laksh forgot about Sanskar who is continuously poking him.
“Lucky yaar….Plz spare a minute for me that chatpata will not go anywhere” Sanskar said making faces. Laksh shaked his head in disbelief.
“Bhai come on yaar what is your problem tell me”
“That….That is…..” Sanskar was trying to find words when his breathe got hitched in his throat. Everyone in the party were mesmerized seeing an angel wearing a beautiful white maxi with blue scattered around which matched Sanskar’s Blue Tux.

In the college………
“Hey Unlucky Boy mark my words today I will tell uncle about secret affairs with these stupid lunatic college girls” Ragini fumed in anger.
“Try your Luck Rago” Laksh said and winked at her.
Way to Library……….
Swara and Sanskar are siting on the bench way far from eachother.Their heart is beating fast that they couldnt control their freaking smile on their face. Swara took a glance of Sanskar from the corner of her eyes when she felt his gaze she turned her gaze to the book.

Precap:Swara and Sanskar close and sizziling ROMANCE.

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