A Beautiful Relationship (Part 9)


Part 9…….

Sanslakrag got Swara to Garodia house. Ragini was crying all the way seeing Swara. Sumi Shekar Dadi and Dada all were shocked when Ragini narrated the incident. Sumi thanked Sanskar for rescuing Swara. Dadi and Dada blessed him. Sanskar is confused to see their care for Swara. Laksh saw this and thought to tell Sanskar the truth.
“Bhai I know that you are confused to see their care for Shona na” Laksh said.
“Shona who is that” Sanskar asked.
“Swara’s nickname Shona and I want to tell you something” Laksh said and explained him everything. A guilt formed around Sanskar. The morning incident came like a flash in front of him.
“How could you Sanskar If you had stopped that blo*dy Raj Swara would have not be like this” He thought.

Laksh went from there because he got a call. Sanskar saw Swara sleeping in the room and went to her.
He saw her face is pale because of continuous crying and marks which are covering her beautiful skin.
“I am sorry Swara because of me only you are in this state if I had stopped that bastard means you would not be in this place” Sanskar said with tears. He wiped them and turned to see Raglak standing with angry face.
“Chi I don’t believe that you could stoop this much low to keep us away” Ragini said and sat beside Swara.
“Bhai I can’t believe this how could you do this” Laksh shouted. Sanskar couldn’t believe his ears.

Laksh dragged him towards Swara who is sleeping. “Look at her face Bhai even after seeing her innocence how could you……. Listen Bhai don’t talk to me till Shona forgives you” Laksh said and left from there.
Sanskar stood there not knowing what is happening around him. He went to his house and sat on the bed running his fingers through hair.
“Swara……. Swara its all because of you, how dare you to knock down the walls around me, how dare you to bring the Sanskar who died 8 years ago, how dare you” Sanskar shouted and started to throw the things.

In MM………

Laksh enters and sat on the couch closing his eyes. Ap and Sujata saw this and got worried.
“Jiji look at Laksh he is so stressed” Sujata said. Ap and Sujata went to him. Laksh opened his eyes and saw them.

“Laksh what happened beta” Ap asked.
“Kuch nahi Maa just I am stressed” Laksh said.
“Laksh did you fought with Sanskar” Sujata asked. Laksh left from there without answering which made the duo worry.
After two days…….
Swara recovered quickly because of Dadi and Sumi’s care. Laksh totally avoided Sanskar and Sanskar got frustrated seeing Laksh ignorance.
Ragini told everything about Sanskar how he got her out of her so called house. Swara is desperate to thank him but his doings make her little afraid. Shekar and Dada went to Swara’s house and got to know they all went to their native place.

Precap: Swara advice Laksh and Laksh missing Ragini

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