A Beautiful Relationship (Part 8)

Part 8………
Laksh looked at Ragini who is lifeless. He shook her.
“Rago what happened”
“Lucky Shona didn’t come till now means something is wrong come lets go to her house” Ragini said both rode to Swara’s house.
Swara got up with much difficulty and slowly moved to the washroom limping.
She opened the shower and got herself fresh. The morning incident made her cry how Sanskar pushed her towards Raj.
“Why did he do like that if not means I would have gone to college now what will I do” She cried and came out wearing the dress Sumi gave her.
Chachi saw her and again her blood boils.
“Raj come here” Chachi called and he came. Swara is afraid thinking what will happen.
“Yes Mom”
“Beta how did that Ragini slapped you in the same way slap this Swara now”
“Suji are you out of your mind” Chacha asked. But she ignored him.
Raj is about to slap Swara but Lucky held his hands and twisted it.
“How dare you to touch my sisters” Lucky asked with blood shot eyes. For a second Ragini saw another person standing in the place of Laksh.
“Hey who are you leave me son” Chachi shouted.
“Who the hell you are to shout at me do you know who I am Sanskar Maheswari ka Bhai hai hum samje” Laksh shouted.
Hearing Sanskar’s name all shut their mouth.
“Hey bro relax see she is my sweet sister how will I slap her” Raj said.
“Is it then how did Shona got these marks” Laksh asked and pushed Raj. Chachi signed the servants and they got hold of Raglak.
“Throw these two out and Raj lock this Shona inside and beat her not even a month and got two men in her hold” Chachi said.

Servants threw Raglak out and Raj pushed Swara inside and started to beat her. Raglak can hear her scream.
“ Lucky do something my poor Shona” Ragini said while crying. Laksh called Sanskar and asked him to come immediately. As our Sanskar cant deny his charm and came to meet Laksh where he told.
“Lucky why did you called me here” Sanskar asked and then saw Ragini who is crying looking at the house. He can hear the screaming sound.
“Bhai Shona is stuck her Chachi and Bhai are torturing her plz Bhai plz” Laksh pleaded him.
Sanskar is shocked to see his charm pleading he can see how much he is desperate.
“Bhai they thrown us out and not letting anyone inside” Laksh said. Sanskar saw the backside wall and thought something.
“Where is her room”Sanskar asked.
“That window which is near the garden is her room”Ragini said pointing out.
Sanskar nodded and jumped the wall and got inside. He slowly went near her room window without anyones notice and jumped inside. The scene which he saw made him froze at his place.
The girl who was tender had been treated like ab animal. Her dress is torn and blood is oozing out from her head and lips.
He immediately took her in his lap and slightly shook her but she didn’t wake up.
Sanskar removed his coat and covered her. He gently carried her and went out.

In the hall…..
Raj came to Chachi. “She is unconscious I think she will not get up for three weeks”
“I want that only how dare she to get happiness her Maa Papa got all the luxury in life but what about me” Chachi said.
“That’s why we took her custody if the property is not in her name means we would have thrown her out”Raj said and locked Swara’s room outside.

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