A Beautiful Relationship (Part 7)


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Part 7……
Ragini is waiting for Swara more than 2 hours. Her heart was restless since yester night. The words of Sanskar makes her blood boil.
“How dare he to speak like that I will never ever forgive him” She said and looking at the entrance with hope.
She felt a hand on her shoulder. She thought its Swara and turned with a smile but it got vanished seeing Laksh.
Ragini tried to leave but Laksh stopped her.

“Rago plz listen to me” Laksh pleaded.
“Why to get insult by your so called Bhai again” Ragini said with venom thinking about Sanskar.
“Rago its not what you think Bhai said he saw Swara with many….” Before he could finish Ragini slapped him hard.
“Not a word against my Shona what you think huh do you who she is a girl who was once princess of her Bhai Pride of her Parents is now…….” Ragini said and started to cry.
Laksh couldn’t see her broken and took her in his embrace. The girl who knows only to make others laugh is only now shedding painful tears.
Both sat down on nearby bench.

“You know what Lucky Shona is not my sister” Ragini said. Laksh looked at her in shock.
“Shona’s Maa and My Maa were college Bestie they are more than sisters both got married to their loved ones. Shona’s Maa first gave birth to a boy and after an year I was born. After two years Shona born. She is the little Princess of both the family. We pampered her a lot and Bhai….” Ragini said with a smile.

“Rahul Bhai……. you know Lucky when Shona was born he gave chocolates to his whole he always call Shona Gudiya. Shona was attached with Bhai than with us but one day our life turned down. When Shona was 12 years her Maa Papa Bhai all died in a car accident. We all were shattered the more was Shona then I told Maa to get Shona to our house but then her Chacha,Chachi came with a lawyer and told that Swara will stay with them till 18 as she is under age the court gave her custody to them. We thought Swara is happy but one day We all went to meet her but the thing which we saw l……. Swara was working like a maid and there are so many slap marks on her face and belt marks on her body. Maa fought with her Chachi even we told police but they bribed them” Ragini finished the story.

Laksh had tears in his eyes thinking about Swara’s suffering. He thought his Bhai only gone through the most cruel pain but this girl lost all her innocence and happiness in little age.
“Rago I am sorry I don’t know that Shona would have gone through this much I am really sorry on Bhai’s behalf” Laksh said holding his ears.
Ragini smiled seeing his cute face.
“Ok I forgive you but not your bro if I ever see him I leave surely kill him” Ragini said and Laksh nodded. Both of them sat in silence.
“So you are two years older than Shona then why you are studying with her if I am not wrong she is 17 right” Laksh started the conversation.

“Haan actually Shona is too sensitive she gets scared easily because of her Chachi doings so to make her feel free I accompany her now also you see she is little reserved so….” Ragini said shrugging her shoulder. Then only Ragini mind popped a question.

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