A Beautiful Relationship (Part 6)


Swara woke up and went to the lake. She started to sing thinking about Sanskar. She don’t know why but whenever she meets his eyes it had pain which is hidden behind his arrogant behaviour. The words he said hurts her deeply but it shows that he is deeply wounded than this. She slowly opened her eyes and met a dark blue eyes having fear which is covered by anger.
Sanskar felt sad. He don’t know why but he couldn’t get rid of Swara’s eyes which had tears. He got disturbed so he made his way to the lake. He sat their for a long time. Then again he heard her melodious voice. Sanskar is shocked but more than that he get feared. The song tells every emotion he is facing in his life.

“How could she break the walls of my heart” he thought. Anger raised up in him. He saw that she is sitting in the sane place went towards her.
After singing when she opened her eyes he forgot himself in her innocent black eyes. But soon he composed himself.
Sanskar dragged Swara towards him. He held her tightly by shoulder pressing his nails into her. Swara winced in pain and looked at him. Her body is shivering in pain.
“I warned you not to cone in front of me what you sisters are trying to do” Sanskar asked with venom.

Swara tried to free herself. “Leave me Plz I didn’t do anything Plz” she begged him crying.
That time Raj came there and saw them in this position. “Wow Swara looks like you are romancing with your boyfriend” Raj asked.
Seeing him Sanskar raged and left her.
“Look Mr however you are I am not her boyfriend and plz take her with you” saying this Sanskar pushed Swara towards Raj and left the place.

Raj dragged Swara towards his home. Chachi was already waiting for them.
Both pushed Swara into her room and locked it from inside.
“Chachi Bhai leave me plz” Swara cried.
Chachi slapped her. “How dare you to open your open huh Shut up” Chachi shouted and Swara hold back her tears.

Raj took a belt and started to beat Swara. Swara cried in pain but no one was there with her.
“From tomorrow you are not going to college” Chachi and left from there with Raj. Swara cried till there is no tears to flow.

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