A Beautiful Relationship (Part 5)

Guy one super idea Laksh said and called Sanskar.
Bhai r u free Laksh asked.
Yes my champ but I think you have classes Sanskar said in teasing tone.
Bhai I want you to meet my friends plz Bhai Laksh pleaded.
Hearing Sanskar straightened himself.
It’s the right time I will warn them to stay away from Lucky.
Ok Lucky get them to CCD for in 10 minutes Sanskar said and got ready to meet them.

In CCD……

Swaraglak are waiting for Sanskar.
“Hey unlucky boy will your Bhai will come or not” Ragini asked.
“Rago plz yaar there he is” Laksh said and pointed towards Sanskar who entered the shop.
Sanskar is frozed to see Swara with Laksh. He don’t know but his heart is pained to see her.
“So my thought is right all girls are same I will not let them ruin Laksh” Sanskar thought and went towards them.
So my Rago and Shona this is my sweet Bhai Sanskar Laksh said while Swaragini smiled at his happiness.
Nice meeting you Ragini said but his concentration is on Swara who is hiding behind Ragini.
Uff Shona see he is my bro only come out Laksh said and dragged Swara.
All settled and Laksh went to get order.
Ok you both can I have with you Sanskar asked. Ragini didn’t like his attitude but she kept quite for Laksh.

Yes you can Ragini said.
See I know you girls are behind Laksh for his money so its my warning Sanskar said.
Excuse me Mr whoever you are I gave you respect because of Laksh be in your limit Ragini warned him.
Oh…… Come on I know its all your trick and you (pointing Swara) stay away from my bro I know about you very well Ok Sanskar shouted and Swara winced in fear.
Ragini’s anger gone to peak and she slapped Sanskar. Laksh who came saw this.
Ragini how dare you to slap my Bhai Laksh shouted.

Ask your this brother what he did and you Laksh our friendship is over don’t you ever show your face Ragini said and went with Swara.
Sanskar’s face turned red. How dare she to slap me I will show her, her status Sanskar thought and went fron there.

Laksh stood there don’t know what is happening.

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  1. nice…tell me who r the pairs

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    Isn’t this ff already posted few months back and was left incomplete?

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    Nice but too short

  5. Nice who r da pairs

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