A Beautiful Relationship (Part 4)


Part 3
Sanskar is smoking in his balcony thinking about Swara.
No its all my wrong perception all girls are same they will try to trap men with their innocence but it will not work on me whoever you maybe girl I will not fall for you Sanskar said and dropped the cigarette. He got ready to meet Laksh and rode to the park.
In Swara’s house Raj drags Swara and throws her on the floor.
Swara I think you should learn a lesson that you should not rise voice against me Raj said and took a hunter. Swara got afraid and pleads him.
Bhai please leave I will not go to the lake she said. Raj is about to hit her when Ragini holds his hand.
Swara felt relief seeing Ragini. Ragini is boiling in rage seeing Swara in this condition.
How dare you Raj roared but Ragini slaps him hard.
How dare you to hurt my Shona huh Who gave you the right to raise your hand on her Mr. Raj Malhotra Ragini roared back.
She is my sister I will do whatever I want do you get that Miss. Ragini Garodia Raj shouted.
Oh then for your information the one raise his hand on a women is not considered as a man do you get that Ragini said and went past him. She saw Swara’s Chacha standing seeing all this. She went towards him.
Uncle I know who is Swara and you all don’t care about her but for humanity sake you can stop your son na but no I don’t how can you be calm like this she ranted and helps to Swara to get up and took her to room.

In a Park…….
Sanskar is waiting for Laksh and then comes Laksh.
Sorry Bhai that Uttara na she didn’t let me out to sse you with great difficulty I escaped from that devil Laksh said and sat beside him.
Lucky don’t call her like that she is my princess Sanskar warned for which Laksh made faces.
Achaa Bhai today I got two friends really they both are like magnets one is like cracker and the other one is so calm Laksh said.
Who are they Lucky Sanskar asked caressing his head.
Swaragini Bhai Laksh said.
Hearing girls name Sanskar face turned into serious one all the bad things happened to him came a flash for him. He looked Laksh who is talking about them happily.
Bhai you know what that Ragini na she is just like me and her talk is like I can hear it for whole day and Swara she is so cute and talks so sweetly Laksh said.
God what if that girls are behind Lucky for money I through this situation which worst than hell and I cant let to be like me Sanskar thought. Laksh shakes him and raised his eyebrow.
Achaa Lucky I got work so we will see tomorrow and don’t irritate Uttara Sanskar said and left fromthere bidding bye to Laksh.

Next day…………
Again a new fresh day for Swaragini. Swara wears a pink blouse and blue skirt while Ragini wears green anarkali. Laksh comes there wearing some formals yet trendy one.
So beautiful ladies what your plan Laksh asked joining them.
Nothing Laksh I have to go to library and then to meet Prof for project work Swara said and saw Raglak making weird faces.
Rago from where did you got her always blabbering about project and library Laksh asked looking at Ragini.
I am also thinking about it only Unlucky Boy I think I got her from booth of Hermoine Ragini said.
Hermoine who is that Laksh asked.
Arre Harry Potter in that Hermoine always talk like Swara said Ragini and both laughed on her but our poor didn’t understand what they are speaking.
Rago what is Harry Potter she asked sweetly.
Shona don’t say you didn’t watched that series Laksh said and Swara nodded no.

Hello we are here to enjoy not to debate about Harry Potter Ragini said in furstrates tone.
Guys one idea Laksh said with a grin while Swaragini looked at eachother with question mark.
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