A Beautiful Relationship (Part 3)


Swaraglak comes out of their class. Swara is stopped by Laksh. In fear Swara goes and hide behind Ragini. Laksh gets confused seeing her behaviour.
What you want Laksh sir Ragini asked in cold tone as he made Swara feared.
Plz yaar here all see me like an alien and I feel lonely because no one is talking to me plz accept my friendship Laksh asked in childish tone.

Swara from back assured Ragini to accept to his friendship.
Ok Cool so from now on we are friends welcome Ragini said and shake hand with. Laksh. He looks at Swara who is still hiding behind Ragini. Ragini saw this dragged Swara to front.
Actually Laksh she feel scared to talk with new people so thats y Ragini said and Laksh smiles back understandingly.
Swara you dont be afraid of me you are like my little sister but dont call me Bhai else girls will think I am old Laksh said in a funny way. Swara laughed at his antics and hand shaked with him.
Sorry and dont worry I will not call you Bhai Swara said. Soon the trio mingled with eachother.
So Mr Unlucky Boy tell us about your family Ragini asked and give hifi to Swara.
Oh Rago mine is a very big family Papa Maa Chacha Chachi my Behen Uttara and last My Bhai whom I love the most in the world Laksh said with huge smile. Swara smiled with teary eye seeing his love for his brother. She watched the time and got tensed.

Rago I have to leave soon Raj Bhai wilk come in an hour I will see you later bye and bye Laksh Swara said and went from there.
Laksh felt unusual in Swara but she brushed off thise thoughts. Soon they also left.
Sanskar is on the way to his house but stopped beside a lake. Its his daily routine to sit infront of this calm lake and thinks about his past.
He sat under tree and gazed the lake without hope.

Is this me why the happiness which I experienced is now far away from me Why God why it happebed to me Sanskar thought and leaned his head on the tree closing his eyes.
He heard a sweet melodious voice and opened his eyes. Atomatically his lips curved seeing her. He dont know who is she but whenever he hear her voice it gives him peace which he always wanted. But whenever he meets her eyes it tells how much fear and pain she went through.
Who are you why you are breaking my walls I dont want that to happen Sanskar said. A little girl went to her and said Swara Di. Yes its Swara.
Di Raj Bhai came to know that you are here the girl said and Swara nodded.
Swara sat there for more than an hour. Singing is the only thing which ease her. Here Sanskar also watching her every move. He then saw a guy coming towards her and slapped her.
Sanskar gets shocked and move towards them to hear them speaking.
You fool I have told you many times to be with me whenever I am in the house Raj said and touched her in wrong way.
Bhai I am your sister plz leave me I cant bear anymore plz Swara said and tried to free herself.
Oh I think you got courage to speak against me I teach you a lesson Raj said and dragged her from there.
Sanskar dont know what to do the girl who give him peace is in so much pain.
What will I do should I follow my heart or my mind Sanskar thought and left from there.

Precap: Laksh tells about Swaragini and Swasan second meet.

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