A Beautiful Relationship (Part 22)

Part 22……

The night getting difficult for Sanskar. He is just puffing his slow poison but today the slow poison is also not giving him the peace.
He decided and got down to his car without anyone’s notice.
He started his car and drove to GM.
Here Swara is also crying by sitting near the window. She sees Sanskar looking at her from down. Her phone rings and she picks it up.
Come down Shona now Sanskar said and cuts the call.
Swara slowly comes down and walks out to meet Sanskar.
Ji you….here…… Swara said.
Haan I am here because I want a answer from you Sanskar said.
Ji what is that Swara asked.

Will come with me far from here only me and you Sanskar asked. Swara looked at him with a shocked expression.
Haan Badepapa fixed my marriage but you know that I love you I don’t want to live the life which I lived these 8 years I can live without my family Shona but not without you will you come with me Sanskar asked.
Swara don’t know what to tell she wanted to hold his hand and go with him but she don’t want her family to bow their head.
Nahi Ji I will not baba got my marriage fixed I don’t want to disappoint them plz you also marry the girl whom your family want Swara said.
Anger rose in Sanskar and he pinned her harshly on the car.
What you think am I a mad person Haan Sanskar roared in anger. His fingers pierced her skin.
Never think that I will let you live peacefully till now you saw my love from now you will see my hatred Sanskar said and left from there.
Not able to bare his words Swara ran to the in-house temple.
Why God Why you always snatch the person whom I love today I was so happy but now the person whom I love the most told the he hate me Swara cried hard in the feet of the Lord.

Next Morning……
Swara got ready in a beautiful blue Saree and got down. Ap and Sujata are waiting for her.
How beautiful she is jiji no ones eyes should fall on you Sujata said.
They made her sit and made her wear jasmine flower. Swara doesn’t know about any ritual so she just sat thinking about Sanskar.
Ragini take Swara inside and listen after this ritual Swara should not go out always be with her OK Sumi said and Ragini took her inside.
Ap Ji Sujata Ji we are always grateful to you both today I am really happy that my Shona is going to be with safer hands Sumi said with tears.
Sumi what are you talking Shona is our daughter if this marriage and all are not needed means I would have took Shona from you long ago Sujata said and all laughed.

In MM……
Sanskar is getting ready with his arrogant face. That time his phone rings.
Hello Shri Did you got the details Sanskar asked.
Sir we don’t know anything about the guy but he is really a close friend’s son of Shekar Sir Shri said and Sanskar threw his phone in frustration.
Close friend means who would be Sanskar said that’s when Yudh’s image comes in front of him.
Yudh how can I forget him he was behind Swara and his father is Shekar uncle friend Sanskar said and the party images slowly played in his mind.
Laksh came inside and saw Sanskar’s angry face.
Bhai… He called Sanskar slowly.
Lucky plz before I do something Sanskar said in dangerous voice. Laksh gulped hearing his voice.
Bhai Maa told me to tie this thread to your hand after tieing this you should not meet the bride Laksh said while tieing it to his hand.
But Sanskar had other plans. He immediately left to GM.
He entered Swara’s room through the window and saw getting ready in a beautiful pink and dark blue lehenga with white stone jewels.

Swara felt Sanskar’s presence behind her. His breath tinkling her necks hairs making her breath heavy.
Sanskar saw her face through the mirror he turned her towards him griping her waist.
Ji what are you doing leave me Swara said struggling.
Why are you to desperate to meet that Yudh Sanskar asked being too close to her.
Yudh….what are you talking about Swara asked.
He is your groom right whom your papa fixed I thought of taking you from here because I know you are doing this for your papa that you love me I also had some concern for you but now I am telling Swara I hate you from the core of my Heart Sanskar said shattering Swara’s heart totally.
Sanskar pushed Swara making her stumble. The eyes which had the promise of holding her in his protecting embrace loving her till the world ends but now it only showed the hatred the hatred which burns her soul from inside eating her heart slowly. Sanskar left from there and Swara broke down totally not able to bear his hate.

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