A Beautiful Relationship (Part 21)

After their blissful moment Sanskar dropped Swara in GM. The moment she entered Ragini jumped on her. Swara for a second startled by her actions. Then she looked at the family members who are having Happy Tears in their eyes.
Maa, Papa what happened Swara asked.
That I will tell you my dear Shona you are going to get married Ragini squilled in happiness.
Shona we all want to know your opinion Shear said caressing her head.

In MM…..
Sanskar walked in and saw Dp and all others waiting.

Sanskar we are waiting for you only Do said and Sanskar nodded.
Hi Badepapa he said.
We all fixed your marriage with the girl we like and that is going to happen next week I want to know if there is anything you want to say Dp asked.
Both Swara and Sanskar looked their family who is having the hope and happiness about this.
I don’t have any objection Papa/Badepapa Swara and Sanskar said.
Both left to their respective rooms in their house.

It became night and Ragini Laksh are very tensed regarding Swara and Sanskar.

In MM……
Laksh gathered some courage and walked in Sanskar’s room only to see the whole room messed in the worst way.
All the things are broken the curtains are hanging half broken. The plasma TV is now on the ground broken into million pieces.
But the worst site is that Sanskar is still punching the wall with his bleeding hand.
Bhai stop it I said stop it Laksh said and turned Sanskar.
Sanskar’s eyes are red due to suppression of his tears. Laksh dragged him to bed and called servant silently to clean the room. After that Laksh slowly asked Sanskar.

Bhai what happened that you behaved like this Laksh asked him.
Don’t talk to me Laksh I will become like a psycho….. I don’t know Laksh whether I should be happy or sad one side I don’t to go into the life I have lived 8 years ago and on the other my love whom I want cherish my whole life between this me God always plays with my life it’s my fate Sanskar said and got up.

Then I will tell papa to stop this marriage Laksh said.
If you do that Lucky I swear on you I will kill myself Sanskar said making Laksh shock.
Bhai….. Laksh whispered.
I don’t want to upset Badepapa better you keep quite and do the work Sanskar said.

In GM……..

Ragini enters and saw Swara sleeping but actually crying closing her mouth. Ragini could feel her body shaking terribly.
I am sorry Sanskar Ji but I can’t oppose Papa for my happiness Swara thought and slowly slept.

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