A Beautiful Relationship (Part 2)

A room is seen which is really untidy. All the dresses are thrown here and there. A boy is sleeping in an abnormal way. The boy’s sleep gets disturbed hearing the ringtone. He picks up the phone.
Hello my Charm Lucky thr person said. Yes its Laksh.
Haan Sanskar Bhai Laksh said .
Yes its Sanskar who is getting ready in a blue blazer white tee and black jean.
Lucky boy get up fast today is ur college Sanskar said.
Laksh gets up hearing it and rubs his eyes.
Thank God Bhai you called or else… Laksh said.
Lucky its your third degree man instead of joining company why are wasting time Sanskar asked.
Bhai you know na I am allergic to go to office and moreover my Bhai is not with me na Laksh said and hearing it Sanskar’s face falls down.
Ok Lucky I got to go meet you in the evening Ok Sanskar said and cuts the call.
8 years Bhai till when you are going to hurt yourself Laksh said and went to fresh up.

Dp is sitting on the couch and Ap came there.
Where is this idiot already its late for his college Dp said.
There he comes Ap said. Dp saw Laksh coming wearing casuals.
Laksh you are going college not for party Dp said.
Dad its already late from tomorrow I will wear formals Laksh said.
Ap says plz just for today and Dp nods.
Alright now come today I am going to drop you Dp said and left.
Oh God this hitler will defintely spoil my first day Bhai where are you Laksh said and went behind Dp.

On the other hand
A big firm is shown. A black prado car stops infront of the firm. Sanskar gets down with an angry face and walks inside the firm.
All the staff gets afraid seeing his anger. He gets into his cabin and asked all the staffs to meet him. All came to his cabin.
I think you all are enjoying here rather than working Sanskar said mocking them.
Sorry sir plz give us one chance an employee said in fear.
Ok till 4 evening is your dead line and for not finishing the project on time your bonus is cutted Sanskar and all gets shocked.
Now you all may leave he said and all left cursing him. But he didnt cared about it and starts to work.

In the college……
Dp and Laksh entered the college. Dp starts to give lectures and Laksh shakes his head for it.
Now where will I meet the Principal Dp said stopped a girl and its Ragini beside her is Swara.
Beta do you know where is the principal room Dp asked.
Uncle we are also going there you can join us Ragini said and all goes towards the Princi room. After meeting the Princi all came out.
Laksh be careful and beta plz take care of him he is a kid Dp said. Swaragini controls there laugh hearing it.
Dad I am big boy and already I have two degree so plz…. Laksh said with pleading eyes. Dp nodded and left.
So beautiful ladies how come you join for a coffee Laksh asked in flirting tone.
Ji Laksh sir but we will join only the people of our age not any olddy so sad na sir Bye see u later Ragini said and left with Swara waving him bye.
Laksh stood there shocked looking at him self.

Precap: Swasan first meet or a distant sight.

Hello friends dont worry I just took the knot of Anokha bandhan may be one or two scenes will be similar but dont worry my touch will always be there. And many of you asked for Unexpected Relation sequel and I am working on it soon will be posted.

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