A Beautiful Relationship (Part 19)

Part 19……
Suju smiled naughtily and hits Ap. Ap asked her what raising her eyebrows. Suju signed her to watch Sanskar. Ap saw Sanskar smiling and watching Swara working. Ap got the idea and smiled widely.
“Jiji don’t you think it’s time for the good news to play in this house” Suju asked grinning.
“Haan it is but let’s see for sometime what these both are doing” Ap said. Laksh came with loads of things and saw Sanskar.

“Bhai help me plz” he shouts and Sanskar turns to him making faces.
“Can’t he let me see her always becoming bone in my love” Sanskar said in his mind and took few things.
Both gave the things to Swara who is placing some food in the bowl.
“Maa these food are for you all call uncle and serve them” Swara said and Suju Ap called all for breakfast.
Dp and Ram came down and all settled down except Sanskar and Ragini. Swara saw Sanskar drinking juice only and asked Ap who came there to take food.
“Maa Vo….. Why ji is not eating” Swara asked hesitatingly.
Ap got that she is asking about Sanskar but thought to tease her.

“And who is that JI… you are talking Shona”
“Vo… Vo… Sanskar ji” Swara asked looking down.
“Oh your Sanskar ji doesn’t eat breakfast”
“Why Maa is the food is not good” She asked worriedly.
“Jiji enough of teasing her Shona Sanskar doesn’t like salted food and dal, sabji he hate it most, Rice he looks at it like his enemy, he eats Chapattis without salt with panner that to spicy” Suju said and left with Ap.

Swara saw the time it’s only 30 minutes left. She hurriedly started to make food for the kids and did it successfully.
“Thank God 5 minutes is left I will make something for Sanskar ji” She said and started to make Panner and after that she kneed the chapatis while toasting it by mistake she burns her hand.
“Aww.. Maa” She shouted lowly. Outside Sanskar, Ap and Suju heard her shout. Sanskar got up and went inside the kitchen. Suju and Ap slowly peeked inside.
“Swara what is this come here” Sanskar held her hand and showed it in the running water.

“Where was your mind while working see how it got burnt” Sanskar scolded her and Swara smiles seeing his care. Sanskar felt her gaze and looked at her. He left her hand and saw about to go but she stopped him.
“Wait a minute” Swara said and gave him food.
“Your breakfast” Sanskar looked at the plate and took it thanking her. Suju and Ap smiled thinking about their thought.
Jiji I cant wait any more lets talk about this to Bhaisa Sujata said but Ap stopped her.
Sujata not now lets make one thing we will send them both out and will talk Ap said.
After food all settled down to talk that time Garodia family entered. Dad, Mom you all are here Ragini asked in confusion.

Haa Swara Sanskar why don’t you both go and food in the orphanage Ap said and Sanskar who wanted to talk immediately agreed. Both went outside.
Annapurna why you called Shekar Dp asked.
Actually Ji we wanted to talk something very important Ap said.
Haan batao Dp said.
Me and Sujatha thought why don’t we get Sanskar and Swara married Ap said and looked shocked especially Raglak.

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